Aida Rikako x The Television Aitai! 4

title Aida Rikako x The Television "Aitai!" 4
date/time 2021.05.06
broadcast niconico
archive members only
seiyuu Aida Rikako ()

This was the 4th live broadcast by Aida Rikako for her new program Aitai!

There was supposed to be a broadcast on 4/14, but Rikako was sick that day. She said she is fine now, and they will have two broadcasts this month. The next broadcast will be 5/27.

Rikako said there was an article in the magazine "My Girl vol 32" about this show.

Rikako was wearing a bathrobe over her outfit for the members only part. She said she couldn't show the outfit yet. Rikako said there will be a photo session, and they will take new photos for this show.

During the first half of the show, Rikako read comments on what kind of photos they should take.

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