Tonde Buurin UFO catcher dolls

The Tonde Buurin UFO catcher dolls have come out!

There are 6 dolls in the Tonde Buurin set: Buurin flying, Buurin standing, Karin dressed as Buurin (with removable hood and nose!), Ton-chan, the three little pigs, and a Buurin bag.

The individual dolls from the Buurin set can be seen in the Buurin nuigurumi page.

There is also a keychain set of small dolls. In the keychain set, there are 5 dolls: Karin in school uniform holding Ton-chan, Kouichi in soccer uniform holding a soccer ball, Ton-chan holding an apple, Buurin flying, and Buurin standing.

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