Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 6

Digi Charat Nyo episode 6
Title Ayatori Meijinsen nyo
Amaenbou da nyo
aired 2003.05.11
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.12

Ayatori Meijinsen nyo

The TV was showing some crazy commercial about some two strong guys eating nattou (fermented soybeans, which are ultra-gross in Kev's opinion). They were saying how great it was. The nattou was extra stretchy, and it flapped in the wind.

Puchiko woke up. Kinako and Daifuku had filled the entire breakfast area with several dozen, different dishes. They told her to eat whatever she liked. But Puchiko sat down and said that there wasn't any nattou. The old couple said that they knew that she liked it. Kinako tried to go to the store for the brand advertised on TV, but all the people fought for it, and they ran out in a matter of seconds. Then Kinako started to cry thinking about it.

Then Puchiko left the house, saying that she was going to find some nattou. Kinako and Daifuku said that they had to try again to find it. They left on their crazy mission.

Meanwhile, at the toy store, Gema screamed that somebody was sneaking up behind Digiko. Digiko turned around and blasted him with eye-beams. Everybody saw the explosion outside and thought that they were fireworks.

It turned out that it was Yasushi trying to test out one of his new products. Kiyoshi was also upset because shooting Yasushi out of the wall made a big hole in it. Digiko denied any fault and began eating breakfast as if nothing happened.

Yasushi said that his new toy, when dropped down somebody's shirt, would inflate and you'd float in the air. He was going to "test" it on Digiko. Digiko figured out that she was going to be used as a victim. But Yasushi said that it wasn't anything bad. Then Digiko said that if that was the case, then he could try it. She stuffed three of the toys down Yasushi's shirt. He immediately started screaming trying to fish them out, but the others were watching. He then acted calm, and said that it wasn't a big deal and they weren't dangerous at all. Then there were some explosions and his shirt began to swell up. Yasushi remained (unconvincingly) cool about it.

Digiko heard her bracelet meowing. She knew that Puchiko was nearby. Puchiko came in through the hole in the wall and asked if they had any nattou, like the kind on TV. Yasushi saw Puchiko and got very excited, even though he was now a giant balloon on the ceiling.

Then Puchiko showed off her ayatori (string tricks). She made a string version of the nattou package and what it looked like inside, and how she wanted to eat it on rice. The others seemed impressed with her tricks.

Meanwhile, Daifuku and Kinako were in the desert, having found the last package of nattou.

Gema said that he could do ayatori even better. He made string versions of Puchiko and Digiko. Then he made the Statue of Liberty.

Daifuku went into the toy store carrying the package of nattou. But then he saw Gema and his string tricks. Daifuku couldn't stand it, and said that he had found a worthy opponent. He challenged Gema to a ayatori competition to see who was the best. Kinako thought that his macho behavior was very cool.

In an empty wasteland, Gema and Daifuku squared off to each other. The others watched them fight. (Yasushi had to be tethered to a string like a balloon, but Kiyoshi could barely hold onto him).

Daifuku pulled out his secret string that he kept in a special bag. Then Gema flipped a coin. They both held their strings, ready to start when the coin hit the ground. When it finally landed, they both were doing crazy things with their hands. Daifuku made a life-sized castle. The others were impressed. Then Gema showed his trick, which he somehow made a taiko drum player. The drum player threw his drum at Daifuku, and it exploded like a bomb. Everybody went flying in the air.

But Puchiko saw a package of nattou fly in the air, and it landed behind Yasushi's head. She stepped on Kiyoshi so she could run up the rope and grab it. Kiyoshi let go of the rope as a result. She got the nattou and jumped off the rope. Yasushi was floating away, but then Rabi en Rose appeared flying on her helicopter ears. Digiko didn't like Rabi so she shot at her with her eyebeams. But the beams hit Yasushi, and he exploded like a bomb. Both he and Rabi were caught in the explosion and fell to the ground. Puchiko was caught by the old couple so she didn't get hurt.

Puchiko got to eat her nattou in the end.

Amaenbou da nyo

There was a little boy with "Ama" on his shirt was traveling with a little mouse. He passed out in the street.

Digiko and Puchiko had bought some odango, and were very happy. But the odango vanished before they ate any of it. She accused Gema of eating it. But it turned out that Amaenbou and his pet had eaten all of it. Digiko was pulling on his face, and Puchiko used her "psychic power", saying that she wanted him to give it back. But instead the Amae Boy clung onto Digiko as if she were his mom. Digiko freaked out and wanted him off of her. She pulled him off of her, and said that they were going home.

As Digiko and the others were going home, Amaenbou followed them. He saw Digiko's swishing tail and grabbed it thinking it was a toy. She fell flat on her face and yanked the tail out of his hands. She left him there, hoping to go to Puchiko's bakery to get some sweets. Puchiko followed, but didn't notice that she had a lot of trouble walking home.

Digiko got to the store. Then Digiko and Gema told Puchiko that the Amaenbou had grabbed her tail, and she had dragged him on the ground all the way home. Puchiko didn't notice him until she looked. They went in the store anyway. Kinako said that they were going to have snacks. Digiko and Puchiko got excited. So did Amaenbou, who had followed them inside, much to their dismay.

Digiko and Puchiko began eating the sweets. They noticed that Amaenbou would only eat sweet things, and he REALLY liked them. They began throwing sweet buns in the air, and Amaenbou jumped in the air and ate them like a dolphin. Digiko--perhaps out of jealousy?--began jumping in the air, too, but the Amaenbou was too fast for her.

Then Amaenbou left for no reason. He was at the bakery counter looking at the cream-filled manjuu. Daifuku gave him one, and he got happy. Daifuku kept giving him different sweet foods, and he was dancing in happiness. Both Daifuku and Kinako were happy to see somebody enjoy it so much. Then many customers came in the store to try out their food, perhaps because they saw the Amaenbou dancing around so much. Digiko, Puchiko, Gema, and the Amaenbou left.

As they were walking around the street, the Amaenbou was dragging behind Puchiko as he was holding her tail. He saw some balloons, and he forced Puchiko to stop. Digiko tried talking to him, but he wouldn't listen. They said that he already had a pet, and they didn't know its name. Then the rat gave them a business card that said "Amenbo". So they let Amaenbou walk Gema around. But eventually he got tired of it, and threw Gema on the ground.

Later, they passed a cotton candy store and he wanted some. But then he saw Rabi en Rose's cotton tail. He yanked on Rabi's tail instead. Rabi freaked out and yelled at Digiko and Puchiko about fooling around with her costume. But Amaenbou started to cry. Rabi immediately felt bad and tried to make him stop. Then she asked who he was, and Digiko told her. Digiko said that she made little boys cry, and Rabi denied it. She tried playing some games with the boy to make him stop crying. But he only cried even harder after seeing it. Rabi, in frustration said, "Please stop crying!" But he only wailed even harder.

(Oscar showed up in this episode again).

Rabi finally got the Amaenbou to stop crying by buying him cotton candy. Rabi then went home afterwards.

The rest of them went to the park and watched the sunset. Amaenbou had fallen asleep on Digiko. Digiko thought that it was cute, but then she saw that Amaenbou had drooled all over her.

Back at the bakery, I believe that the Kinako and Daifuku had sold out of food.

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