Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 12

Digi Charat Nyo episode 12
Shoutengai ni terebi ga kita nyo
Puchiko ranking happyou nyu
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.23

Shoutengai ni terebi ga kita nyo

Yasushi and Kiyoshi were cleaning up the toy store. They said that Digiko was to be touring with a camera crew in their town that day. Yasushi was excited because he thought that this could bring business to the store. But I think that whenever he got nervous, he had to go to the bathroom.

Digiko was inside practicing saying tongue-twisters so she wouldn't say anything silly on TV. Yasushi was babbling about something. Then the camera crew appeared, and Yasushi had to go to the bathroom again.

The interviewer appeared and introduced the crew. He asked if it was okay if they could film this. Digiko said that it was no problem and was very excited. Then the camera started to roll.

Digiko introduced herself and talked about the Neko Maneki (Welcome Cat) Shopping Center. She then started talking about the toy store where she lived. Then Yasushi jumped in front of the camera and started to plug it even further. Digiko then showed her keychain, which she said was the toy store's mascot, which she designed. Then Yasushi butted in again, infuriating Digiko.

As Digiko was talking, Gema appeared and tried to get on camera. Yasushi was behind Digiko and was trying to show that you could buy the store mascots as well. Then Digiko shot both of them with her eye-beams. Digiko asked the cameraman to edit out that part later. Then Digiko said that they were going to visit somewhere else. Kiyoshi waved goodbye from the behind the front door.

Digiko then went to the onsen. Digiko introduced the owner as a stupid old man, who didn't believe her. The owner was very nervous, but he tried to act very nice on camera, and did some fast talking. Then Digiko pulled the shy cashier on camera. The guy was very nervous but said hello. Then Digiko went inside and showed the bath area.

Later, Digiko went to the bakery. Puchiko introduced herself and said that they made a lot of delicious foods there. Then she introduced Kinako and Daifuku. Kinako showed off their best seller, the Puchiko cakes. Puchiko explained that the cakes were very good.

Then the camera cut for a break. Digiko and Gema were eating all the Puchiko cakes.

They went to the convenience store run by the jack-o'lantern person. I think that they were saying that you could get almost anything in the store. Then one of the bags was moving around by itself. It then attacked the store owner.

Digiko and Puchiko and the crew went by the house of the concert promoter. Digiko said that they didn't want to talk to him, and they walked very quietly past his place.

Then Digiko took the crew to the beauty salon that was run by Hikaru's parents. The parents then introduced themselves. Michelle was wearing something very strange, saying that she had designed it herself. Digiko was going to leave while they were talking, but then Rabi en Rose stopped her. Rabi began talking about herself, but Digiko got tired and started to leave again. Rabi begged her to stay so she could be on camera more. Then Francois dropped a steel security door in front of the entrance so nobody could leave. Then they forced Digiko and the crew to give them their crazy interview. Eventually they got to leave, and the camera crew, Digiko, and Puchiko seemed to be pleased.

Rabi then said that she would take them to the next stop, the local shrine. She began leading the way. Digiko got mad because this was her show. At the shrine, Rabi was flying around like a helicopter while Digiko talked to the camera. The Amaenbo lurked in the background behind the torii. Digiko and Puchiko warned others to be careful around him. They went into the shrine and showed off the weird gods. Then Rabi showed off her best friend Majingappo, and said that he was very "suteki".

Then Digiko and Rabi introduced the mayor of the city. Then the mayor began hogging the camera and got very excited talking to it.

Finally, the director of the crew said that they were finished. They left saying that they would edit and show the film on TV. Everybody seemed to have a different reaction to the crew leaving. But everybody seemed to like the idea of being on TV.

Two weeks later (I think), Digiko and the usual cast were watching TV. Their show was coming up. But then the announcer mentioned that some celebrity had gotten married, so they were cutting the program to show this special feature. Digiko was horrified, but Rabi seemed to be interested in the wedding.

Digiko got very mad and said that she wouldn't forgive them. Then she shot out her eye beams and blew up the entire inside of the toy store.

Meanwhile, the mayor was watching the show in a dark room, and he had his face pressed up next to the TV, as he was disappointed that his town didn't get featured. Then they displayed a warning that reminded kids that you should watch anime in a bright room and sit at a distance from the TV.

Puchiko ranking happyou nyu

Puchiko sat down with Kinako and Daifuku for breakfast. But Puchiko ate all of her food in three seconds and left to go somewhere. The old couple was disappointed for a bit but they went on eating anyway.

As Puchiko went down the street, Yasushi saw her and got very excited. He wanted something from her, and they talked for a bit. But Puchiko turned him down and left.

At the toy store, Digiko was saying that she really liked her futon. Then she went to sleep again, even though it was already daytime. Gema said that there was nothing that he could do so he fell asleep too.

Digiko was dreaming that a crowd of people were cheering for her on stage. But she had a nightmare that they were making a lot of noise, and then she was somehow pulled away to a dark place. Digiko woke up with Gema. They then realized that somebody had removed everything in the entire building except for the corner of their room (where they were sleeping). Kiyoshi came back from school, but was shocked at the changes.

Yasushi was saying that he was doing some changes to the store. Kiyoshi and Digiko didn't like how they got rid of everything. But Yasushi said that they had to make room so they could hold a party for Puchiko. But the others didn't seem to get why it was so special. They sat down at a table and talked about it some more. Yasushi said that he was Puchiko's #4 most favorite person but he was worried about slipping to #5. The others thought that this was a stupid idea. But Yasushi didn't care and he was all excited about having a party.

Then Digiko used her "princess power up" to pull out her cell phone. She talked to Puchiko to see what she thought about this. I think that in the end, they all reluctantly agreed on having a party.

Meanwhile, Kinako and Daifuku saw what was happening. So did the concert promoter guy.

Puchiko had gone to an abandoned alley. There was a cardboard box at the end of it, and a cat was inside it. Puchiko seemed to be very happy to see it.

Meanwhile, Digiko had collected a lot of outrageous decorations for the upcoming party.

Then Daifuku and Kinako rolled in a big cart. They were planning to open up a small shop that sold Puchiko cakes during the party. Yasushi was going to complain, but Kinako said that they already got a permit. Yasushi didn't know what he meant by a permit. Then the concert guy grabbed the permit and began putting tape lines on the ground marking off all the spots for the "dealers" in the upcoming party. Apparently he had not discussed this with anybody at the toy store, but he had already promoted this as a major event.

Digiko was very upset with this. However, all the advertisment for this had gotten around town and there was a huge line of dealers waiting to get a permit for a booth.

Everybody brought a lot of their junk. Then the promotion guy kicked over Digiko's stuff, saying that there wasn't any room for it. Meanwhile, Yasushi was setting up his own booth. Daifuku and Kinako were also busy cooking. Kiyoshi even had a stand for himself. Digiko went totally ballistic.

Meanwhile Puchiko said that she would see meet again tomorrow to the cat and bid her farewell. As she walked out in the street, she saw a huge explosion and some black smoke. Puchiko said, "It must be Digiko."

Black smoke was pouring out of the toy store. Puchiko went to the door, which sort of slid over and fell down instead of sliding normally. Inside were a collection of people passed out and a lot junk that had been destroyed in the explosion. Puchiko asked what was happening, and Digiko said that they were holding some kind of celebration.

They decided to have the party anyway, but much more scaled down. Puchiko was the guest of honor and Rabi en Rose was hosting. Rabi said that they would do a countdown of who she liked.

The number one person that Puchiko liked the most was... herself.

The number two person was Digiko. Digiko was very proud about this.

The number three people were Kinako and Daifuku. The old couple raised their hands in victory.

Then Yasushi became very nervous about who was next.

The number four person was... the cat in the box. The cat danced around the stage on its hind legs (just like in the original series). The cat's name was Hokkemirin. Puchiko recalled how she met it. She was walking home in the rain when she saw a cat in a box in the alley. The cat was so hungry that it passed out. Puchiko gave it one of her signature cakes, and she become attached to it.

Yasushi was very upset about this. However, Daifuku and Kinako thought that it was a nice of her, and now they knew where she went so early in the morning.

Then the cat bowed to Digiko. Digiko, Puchiko, Hokkemirin, Daifuku, and Kinako decided to go out and they were going to leave their own party. But before they left, Yasushi wanted to know who was number 5. But I think that Puchiko said that there wasn't anybody else. Everybody got a stupid look on their face. Then everybody left.

Yasushi was saying that they would hold another party. But the director of the Di Gi Charat Nyo anime cut in and said that they wouldn't have any more of that.

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