Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 13

Digi Charat Nyo episode 13
Princess shugyou ha ii choushi nyo
Homesick ka nyo?
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.24

Princess shugyou ha ii choushi nyo

Digiko was sleeping late again. Gema tried waking her up, and Digiko got mad, so she grabbed him and held him at point-blank range and blasted him with her eye-beams. Gema made a hole in the ceiling and flew away. A mysterious person watched this.

Later, Yasushi left to go somewhere. Digiko was half-asleep at the counter. The mysterious person came into the store. Gema said that a customer had come in and so she should straighten up. But Digiko didn't bother. The mysterious man kept watching them from behind the shelf. Digiko just complained that she was bored silly and started fooling around instead. She tried sleeping on the cash register, but then the drawer shot out and hit her face. The mysterious man then took some notes in his notebook.

Digiko was riding on Gema, looking for the customer that entered the store. But they couldn't see anybody. There was a mysterious "stuffed animal" of a sheep-faced man that was wearing a sheep kiragumi, however. The man was grateful that he wasn't spotted yet.

Digiko decided to use her "princess power up" to pull out her cell phone and call Puchiko. She invited Puchiko to come over to visit. Gema was angry, saying that Digiko should be cleaning the store instead. But Puchiko came in the store shortly afterwards and Digiko seemed to be pleased.

However, Puchiko began sniffing the air, saying that something smelled like something from home (i.e., Planet Di Gi Charat). Then both Digiko and Puchiko began sniffing around the store trying to find the source. They only ended up back at the sheep kiragumi person, who remained very still. Digiko and Puchiko couldn't figure out why this "stuffed animal" smelled like something from back home. Gema said something that made Digiko mad, so Digiko shot out a super-version of her eye-beams.

The kiragumi person flew out of the store in the explosion, and his suit fell off when you landed on the ground. He had a head of a sheep, but everything else was human-like. He wore a tuxedo and the maid cat-ears, indicating that he was one of the butlers of the royal family. He then remembered all the times that he took care of Digiko before she came to Earth. He had many flashbacks of Digiko doing all kinds of bad things. Meanwhile, Digiko continued to shoot Gema with her eye-beams.

Digiko and Puchiko left the store to walk around the street. They saw Rabi en Rose helping out an old woman. Digiko went up to to Rabi and called her "Usada", and Rabi got mad because Digiko wouldn't use her stage name. Rabi told them to go away, shooing them away with a wave of her hand. But Digiko and Puchiko wouldn't go away. Digiko continued teasing her, calling her "Usada". Rabi got very mad with all of this, but couldn't do anything. Finally, Digiko and Puchiko left, and Rabi just steamed in fury.

Then the butler tapped "Usada" on the shoulder. Rabi was going to scream at him for calling her that, but then she realized that it was some adult man. She quickly became nice. The man gave her a meishi and said that he was trying to find out more information about Digiko. Rabi got furious and vented all of her frustrations, as the butler took down notes. The butler asked her a question which she didn't know. Then he thanked her and left, but he kept calling her "Usada". Rabi screamed at him to call her Rabi en Rose. Rabi was confused and looked at the business card. It said that his name was Hitsujii.

Digiko and Puchiko were continuing their walk down the street. There was a voice from the sky that said, "Digiko!" Then Gema came down at lightning speed, and head-butted Digiko, knocking her over. Gema was furious, and he had the look of somebody that had gotten blasted with many eye-beams. They decided to have a showdown.

Digiko shot a spray of eye-beams at Gema. But Gema was moving so fast (like the agents in The Matrix) so Digiko couldn't hit him. Then Gema showed off his weapon. He took a bite out of watermelon, and began spitting dozens of seeds rapid-fire at Digiko, and Digiko danced around to avoid getting hit. Digiko shot more beams, and Gema got some persimmons and shot more seeds. It was mostly a stalemate.

Gema was standing by a stack of firewood, and Digiko hit it with her eye-beams. The wood flew up in the air, and Gema screamed that it was dangerous. Then Digiko shot as many of the logs as possible, but eventually they all fell down, leaving a big pile of dust and dirt in the air. Puchiko rang a bell saying that it was a draw. Hitsujii-san took more notes of this.

Rabi was walking down the street. She was trying to think what the butler wanted. She was going to fly off and find out. However, as she used her helicopter ears, Kiyoshi got caught in the blades and she started whirling him around. Rabi quickly apologized to Kiyoshi. She told him that she was looking for one of Digiko's servants and she grabbed him and ran off to find him.

Hitsujii-san was wondering if Digiko had any good points. Then the old man from the onsen/bath house came out and straightened out the wood again. However, he was wondering who could have split all the logs for him. Digiko ran up to him and quickly explained that it was her eye-beams. But the old man didn't believe her. But Digiko said that she really did it with her "sugoi" eye-beams. Then the old man got pulled in by the cashier. The cashier gave Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema some milk as a reward for their help.

Hitsujii-san saw this.

Digiko walked down the street, and everybody called out to her. Apparently she had a lot of friends/fans. Hitsujii-san continued to follow them from a distance.

Rabi en Rose and Kiyoshi finally caught up to Hitsujii-san. Rabi asked why was he here. He explained that he was sent by the queen to go check on Digiko's progress. I think that he said that until Digiko had all the qualities of a real princess, she could return to her home planet. Rabi en Rose and Kiyoshi passed out.

That night, Hitsujii-san snuck into Digiko's room and left her a note and a present. He was bidding her goodbye, as he was about to step into a portal that would return him to planet Di Gi Charat. But then Digiko began saying some selfish things as he left, ruining the moment. But he went through the portal and vanished.

Homesick ka nyo?

Digiko was having a dream about when she was younger.

She remembered going to the beach, grabbing seashells for her mom. But then the shells still had the snails inside, and they started to move around and they scared Digiko. The queen was watching this from a distance. Digiko's father was in a cardboard box and you couldn't see him.

Later, Digiko had a birthday party. (You could see Hitsujii-san in the background). There was a huge cake with many candles on it. The queen asked Digiko to blow out the candles. Her father was just a generic silhouette in the background.

One day, Digiko fell down. The queen came up to her and told her not to cry.

Digiko woke up and saw that there was a note and present under her pillow.

In the morning, Digiko explained that she got something from her mother to Gema, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi. Digiko read the letter. You couldn't see her father by the way. She basically wanted to know if she was doing okay and such and gave a status of the family. Her mom wrote that she gave her a compact as a present.

Yasushi got very excited and wanted to see the compact very badly. He then began playing with it thinking that it was very cool.

Digiko began talking to herself about what the letter meant and all. Kiyoshi admitted that he had talked to somebody from her homeworld the other day. Gema drew a picture and asked if it was this guy. Kiyoshi said it was. Then they told him that was Hitsujii. Digiko acted very sad, and Gema asked why she wasn't her "genki" self. Digiko said that she was homesick.

Then Gema and Kiyoshi began freaking out for some reason. Maybe it was because they couldn't do anything about it. Yasushi was still all excited about seeing a new "toy".

Puchiko and Hikaru came over to visit sometime later. Digiko said that she missed her mom and dad. They all began discussing solutions. Suddenly, Yasushi said that he could build something to help her. Kiyoshi got very scared when he mentioned this.

Everybody went outside and Digiko released the UFO from her bell. Yasushi had trouble hiding his excitement at seeing the thing. The UFO looked very beat up since it had crash landed on Earth. Then John and Paul showed up. Then Yasushi, John, and Paul began crawling all over the UFO like it was something really cool. But they didn't really do anything to help fix it. Digiko wondered if everything was really going to turn out okay in their hands.

By evening, Yasushi asked what was this mysterious box that was beeping. Puchiko said that it was a recorder. When she pressed a button, it began playing the message from her mom. Once again, the message ended when her mom sneezed, ending before she could say something important.

John and Paul were just resting underneath the ship, when they said something. Hikaru got mad at them and got Digiko riled up at them. Digiko began screaming at them, and Hikaru thought to herself that she was behaving like her old self again.

That evening, they had sukiyaki for dinner. (Kev's Note: Sukiyaki is eaten only in special occasions usually, so they must be feeling sorry for Digiko).

Yasushi came in and interrupted, saying that he fixed the recorder box. Then while everybody was staring at it, he said, "Oh, we have sukiyaki?" Then he pressed the button and then he began eating like a hog. Everybody else was transfixed on the video.

Digiko's mom appeared and gave the rest of the message. She mentioned something like whenever she was feeling blue, then she would sing this song. She began chanting, and it was very stupid sounding. But then she gave her some advice and hope, and the message ended. Kiyoshi said that her mom was very unique.

Digiko said with great confidence that she was going to make it. Yasushi had a huge belly as it appeared that he ate all of the sukiyaki.

Then Puchiko hit the button on the recorder, saying that there might be more. Digiko's mom appeared and said that she almost forgot. She said that the compact was special, and it could be used as a phone to call her when she was lonely. Digiko quickly opened the compact hoping to talk to her mom again. But the compact glowed and a message appeared on the LCD saying that the she was taking a nap and couldn't be reached on the phone.

The others hoped that this wouldn't make her homesickness worse. But then Digiko realized that there was no more sukiyaki. Then everybody else saw this and got furious. Yasushi didn't feel bad about it, however. Digiko got very mad and shot him with the eye-beams.

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