Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 16

Digi Charat Nyo episode 16
Rinna? Daredesitaka nyo
Rinna Nemurimakuri nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.28

Linna? Daredesitaka nyo

Digiko and Puchiko were walking down the street enjoying ice cream bars. Then there was a huge crowd of people passing. Gema floated by and Digiko used her eye-beams so she could ask him where he was going. Gema saw that they had ice cream and got upset. He wasn't going to tell them unless they gave him some, but Digiko and Puchiko just walked away. So Gema told them hoping they would share. But they didn't.

They went over to Yasushi and Kiyoshi. There was a huge crowd of people near some building. The cast pushed their way to the front and saw an unusual green-haired girl that wore cat ears on her head. She apparently had fallen asleep right in the middle of the street. But then she woke up and said, "Good morning", much to everybody's surprise.

Digiko looked at the girl and she and Gema screamed in surprise. But Puchiko didn't know who it was. Kiyoshi asked if it was somebody that Digiko knew. But Digiko said that she looked familiar, but she was so "old" that she couldn't remember. Gema got mad as Digiko wasn't that old. But Puchiko pointed out that the girl fell asleep again.

They took her to the bakery and ate snacks together. She introduced herself as Rinna Charat. (Rinna always ends her sentences with "-mya"). They asked what she was doing here. She pointed to the mountains and said that she needed a plant from the mountains. Rinna would tell part of the story, but then she kept falling asleep.

In any case, Digiko pointed to the mountains, and said that they would help Rinna get the plant. Yasushi was highly interested in this plan. He showed them his new "shrimp boat", which was a very tacky looking canoe that looked like a giant red shrimp. Rinna got on the ship and fell asleep. Kiyoshi asked if this was really safe, and Yasushi said that everything was fine, and pressed the button to start the engine. Then it shot off, flapping violently on the water down toward the mountain. But soon afterwards, they saw Rinna floating face down going past them in the water. Yasushi said that maybe he should have installed seat belts. Puchiko pushed Yasushi in the water to go save Rinna.

Eventually both of them made it to shore. Kiyoshi was worried that maybe Rinna had drowned, but she was actually just asleep.

Rinna said that she would just walk to the mountains. But then she took five steps into a street and fell asleep. A big truck came and was going to run over Rinna. Digiko grabbed Gema and used him as a projectile to knock Rinna to the other side. Gema then got hit by the truck. Rinna was still asleep.

Digiko announced that she was going to go up to the mountains and bring whatever Rinna needed to her. She ran off. Kiyoshi wondered if she was really gonig to be okay.

Digiko was up in the mountains and the wind and snow were blowing fiercely, and she was freezing. Then she tripped and fell down the mountain, rolling into a huge snowball into a ravine. She saw the herb and tried to get it. So she shot the rock with her eyebeams, but the entire plant disintegrated. She then fell to the bottom.

Digiko made it back to the Neko Maneki Shopping Center using a stick to help her walk. Then she passed out after saying that she couldn't get it.

Rinna and Puchiko told Digiko that they found the herb after all. They had it on sale at one of the stores.

Then Paul (the fat guy) met John at his house. He mentioned that Rinna Charat was in town. They got very excited because they were otaku, and remembered her from the other series.

Then Daifuku and Kinako let Rinna into their kitchen. She was going to use the herb for some kind of dish. But she locked the kitchen so nobody could see what she was doing. They listened through the door, but they couldn't tell what she was doing. Digiko couldn't stand it, so she broke into the kitchen. But it turned out that Rinna had just fallen asleep again. Puchiko pointed out that there was a cake in the oven.

When it was done, Daifuku, Kinako, Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema ate the cake. Rinna slept in a futon nearby. Everybody said that it was the best tasting cake that they had ever ate. Daifuku ate all of the cake while nobody else was looking. He wanted to know the recipe.

Linna Nemurimakuri nyo

That night, Puchiko and Rinna went to sleep in the same room. A mysterious person came out of the ceiling and slipped down a rope to Rinna. He was going to make some kind of threatening move, but Kinako came in and tackled him. Puchiko woke up and saw Kinako struggling in the next room. Apparently, Daifuku wanted to sneak the recipe away from Rinna when she slept. They were arguing about it, and then some resident told them to shut up because he was trying to sleep. Puchiko commented that she didn't know that other people slept in the same building as them.

Daifuku, Kinako, and Puchiko sat down to discuss the recipe that Daifuku had stolen. But Kinako said that this violated the "rules" of the bakery chef. Then Daifuku had a recollection that he had been searching for the perfect "manju" all of his life. Kinako was moved by his devotion.

Later, at the toy store, Digiko was saying that she really wanted to have some more cake to Puchiko. Puchiko didn't seem to think that it was that big of a deal. Digiko put her hand on her forehead to see if she was having a fever.

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema went back to the bakery. Digiko wanted to wake up Rinna, but she kept sleeping. Digiko shook Rinna like a rag doll. But Rinna just babbled in her sleep. Digiko then dropped her.

Daifuku said that he and Kinako would go on special training so they could make the perfect cake. They put on exercise clothes and rode a bike outside. Puchiko said that she would go with them. Digiko didn't care and wandered off to somewhere else.

Daifuku, Kinako, Puchiko, and Hokkemirin (the dancing cat) were in the park. Daifuku said that he would begin his training now. Puchiko and Hokkemirin put up some rubber string (NOTE: this is the same toy that Priere promotes in the ED animation and in the ads), and Daifuku tried to step in and out of the string very rapidly. But he only did it for a a few seconds before he tripped over it and fell. Puchiko then showed him how to do it by hopping around in the string. The old man said that she was cute. Then he tried again but his time was even worse. Digiko and Gema were watching them from a distance, and they couldn't believe it.

Meanwhile, Rinna was still sleeping at the bakery.

Puchiko and Daifuku were continuing the training, but this time they were having a monster battle competition. Daifuku played a card, and a monster appeared in the battlefield. Then Puchiko countered with a different monster. (Both of them looked like weird blobs). But Puchiko's monster just rolled over to Daifuku's monster and ate it. Kinako said that he lost because he didn't believe in the heart of the cards (or something like that). Then Daifuku got mad, and they challenged each other. It was hard to tell who was winning. Puchiko couldn't believe it.

Puchiko was eating lunch in the park with Hokkemirin. She got a phone call from Digiko, who was brushing her teeth (Gema was also). Puchiko said that Daifuku and Kinako were now dancing in the park. The old couple imagined themselves wearing formal clothes and dancing at some ball for some reason.

Later, Daifuku went on some hardcore training in the mountains. His trainer told him to eat as much meat as he could. Then he started running. Soon he became so agile that he could do somersaults off of the tree branches, and he was so fast that he could run on water.

Kinako and Puchiko were eating breakfast without Daifuku. Kinako said that he was still training. Rinna had been sleeping all of this time. She finally woke up.

Puchiko told Digiko on the phone that she had woken up. They were hoping that they could go get some more cake.

Rinna was coming back from the grocery store with her huge list of ingredients for the cake. But she froze when a shadowy figure was coming into the city. He was dressed in a cloak and you couldn't see any part of him. A cold wind blew and a tumbleweed floated past the two of them as they faced each other.

Digiko, Puchiko, Gema, and Kinako saw this and said that it was a cake showdown.

The man threw off his cloak revealing Daifuku. But he now looked totally ripped, as if he had been taking steroids. Kinako screamed that he was "suteki". Digiko didn't care because no matter what, there was going to be more good cake to eat.

Daifuku challenged her. But right before Rinna could answer, her driver appeared in a rickshaw. He said that it was time for her to go. She mentioned that she would respond when she got back. Then the rickshaw left with her in a hurry. Daifuku and the others couldn't believe it, as this was a total letdown.

Daifuku was in such shock that he became as stiff as a board. Kinako picked him up like a statue and carried him home. Puchiko said goodbye, as she'd catch them in a bit.

John and Paul appeared again and talked about Rinna. They were saying that they would like her cake.

Rinna appeared again and waved goodbye to everybody.

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