Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 17

Digi Charat Nyo episode 17
Natsumatsuri ga yattekuru nyo
Iyoiyo Natsumatsuri nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.09.23

Natsumatsuri ga yattekuru nyo

Gema was chopping up vegetables. It was so rhythmical that Kiyoshi and Yasushi got up out of bed and started dancing, until Digiko told them to be quiet. Then outside, two guys came up to each other and started dancing as well. Finally, in the bakery, Daifuku had made cotton candy, chocolate bananas, and caramel apples for some reason, and Kinako also made candy.

Then everybody figured out that it must be because it was getting near to festival time.

Everybody went to the park to discuss the plans to run this year's summer festival. Everybody seemed to be very excited by it. Yasushi kept dancing around with the others in a stupid dance, until Digiko couldn't take it anymore and shot them with her eye-beams.

The mayor of the town started to talk about what people wanted. But everybody had different ideas about what was going to be in it. They began arguing with each other.

Finally, Digiko got mad at the lack of order, and she hit the table with her hands to get everybody's attention. Hokkemirin also did a short rhythm with her paws. Everybody stopped immediately to listen. But they quickly resumed talking shortly afterwards. Digiko didn't understand, but Puchiko said that it seemed like fun. She hit her hands on the table in a short rhythm, and Hokkemirin also did it as well. Again, people paused before they continued.

Then they all hammered their hands on the table (as if it was drums), and everybody stopped to listen. Digiko got very excited. Then the Di Gi Charat began to sing the "summer festival song". The others in the park began to dance the traditional dance.

Finally, the others were so tired and they hadn't decided on anything. They put Digiko in charge, I believe, and she seemed to be happy. But Rabi en Rose seemed to be unhappy.

At home, Yasushi was building something large. The next day, he showed them his crazy ride. It was some kind of seat that looked like he had combined a bunch of animal parts from merry-go-round stuff. Digiko said that she would volunteer to try it, which surprised everybody.

Meanwhile, Rabi was walking around town with a dark shadow on her back labeled "Pressure". She said that she was carrying around "heavy feelings" on her back. She was worried about messing up during the summer festival. She regained her confidence, however.

Back at the toy store, Digiko and Puchiko were riding on the new thing that Yasushi had made. It simply elevated up the passengers several feet off the ground. The others were surprised to see that it worked. Rabi saw this, and the pressure returned on her back. She only told the others that she wasn't looking forward to the festival (or something like that).

On the day before the festival, Yasushi woke up to find out that somebody had stolen his ride.

Iyoiyo Natsumatsuri nyo

Sure enough, the ride was missing, and there was a giant hole in the wall where somebody had broken in to steal it. Everybody looked for clues. Digiko wondered who could have done this, but then she remembered Rabi's strange attitude. She then said that it must have been "Usada". Then Yasushi said that he found this handkerchief, and it said "Usada" on it. The others were very shocked, but they were convinced that Hikaru/Rabi had done it.

They went to the beauty salon, but nobody was home. Puchiko noticed that there was something over in the distance. Sure enough, you could see a giant pair of rabbit ears waving somewhere in the park.

In the park, somebody had built a traditional festival tower with large rabbit ear balloons hanging from it. The surrounding area was built so it resembled a traditional Japanese festival park as well. Michelle and Francois said that they were inspired to make it look like Moulin Rouge. Yasushi and Kiyoshi were very impressed. Digiko asked them if they had seen Hikaru, but they didn't know.

They debated about what to do next. Puchiko had a wicked look on her face, and she kept cracking a whip. Digiko had a plan.

Digiko and Puchiko, in detective outfits, wandered the foggy streets at night. They thought that they saw one of Rabi's ears. But it turned out to be just Hokkemirin's tail. It also turned out that it wasn't really night, but just Digiko's imagination.

Rabi en Rose was at a cliff by the sea. The "Pressure" on her back had grown to a huge size. Rabi said that it was so heavy. But then the two guys from the bath house were nearby playing an ukulele and doing a silly hula dance. It was apparently their "Hawaii bath house" concept that they were doing for the festival. Rabi's pressure fell off her back, as she said that she didn't need to worry about her performance, as these two guys were doing so stupid without any shame. She thanked them for their help, but they were so involved with their song and dance that they didn't hear her.

Digiko and the others kept wandering the streets, wondering where was Hikaru. Then Digiko sneezed, and Rabi handed her a tissue pack. Then everybody screamed that they had found her. Rabi didn't know what they meant. But everybody else accused her of stealing stuff. She denied it and said that she would take them into the salon and show them. They quickly dragged her to the shop, but when they went inside, the ride that Yasushi had made was there. The others yelled at Rabi, but she denied that she had anything to do with it.

Suddenly, Michelle and Francois apologized. They admitted that they stole it. They said that they wanted to make it into a portable shrine (mikoshi) for the festival, because it was the perfect size and all. Nobody else could believe it.

That evening, Digiko and Puchiko (in their yukata) were in the "shrine" as bearers paraded it down the street. People were cheering as the shrine passed by them. But Rabi en Rose was in the back alley, saying that she was humiliated by her parents, so she couldn't show her face.

People went to the local shrine and did the festival things. Everybody seemed to have a good time, even Rabi's former pressure was smashing watermelons blindfolded. But Rabi was off in a corner looking sad.

Then somebody who looked exactly like Abarenbou appeared. He started to play bass guitar and John and Paul were cheering for him. But then he realized that nobody else was there. John and Paul explained that Digiko and the others were in Maneki Shopping Street, and not in Akihabara.

Digiko and Puchiko were doing the traditional dance again. But she wondered what was missing. Then she saw Rabi en Rose looking sad. She threw Rabi some drum sticks and told her that they needed a taiko drum player. Rabi felt better afterwards. Then she began playing the drums with Abarenbou.

The episode ended without the song "Equal Romance", but the full-length version of the Di Gi Charat festival song. You could see all the characters from all of the episodes do a festival dance. (It was very disgustingly cute).

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