Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 19

Digi Charat Nyo episode 19
Aqua-chan ga Tsureta nyo
Umi de Koi no Natsu! Sugu-n Gema
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.09.28

Aqua-chan ga Tsureta nyo

Digiko and the rest of the cast were at the beach. Digiko was playing "catch" with Puchiko with a beach ball. Except the beach ball turned out to be Gema. Rabi en Rose was suntanning.

Kiyoshi decided to go fishing. But when he put his line in the water, there was a huge explosion and Yasushi showed off his new toy. It was some kind of ugly submersible. Kiyoshi shooed him away since he said that it was too weird.

Mike from Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat sailed off into the sunset on a speedboat.

Meanwhile, the mayor and Daifuku were on the beach eating shaved ice. Everytime they took a bite, they gave themselves a brain freeze. But they kept on eating. Kinako thought that they were foolish, and she was eating some kind of hot soup. Daifuku couldn't believe that she was eating something hot in this weather.

Rabi en Rose was relaxing by herself. Suddenly, she was hit in the face with a ball. Digiko acted like she didn't do it on purpose, but she was very transparent. Rabi then chased Digiko around the beach throwing sand at her.

Out in the ocean, Yasushi's submersible had attracted an octopus. Yasushi was struggling to get away from it, as the octopus seemed like it wanted to mate.

Back at the Maneki Shopping Street, the old man from the bath house noticed that nobody was in town as they were on vacation.

Kiyoshi was still trying to fish. Digiko, Puchiko, Gema, and Rabi came up and noticed that he didn't catch anything. Kiyoshi was worried that they wouldn't have any dinner. Digiko quickly got fired up and said that they would all work together. So they all had fishing poles out in the water. But nobody caught anything. Kiyoshi was going to put on a new lure onto Rabi's line, and she got happy.

Suddenly, Digiko got something on her line. Whatever it was, it was very big. Everybody told her to not give up, because they thought that it was a tuna. Finally, Digiko pulled it out of the water.

But it turned out to be a mermaid, whose long and frizzy hair had gotten caught in the hook. Digiko and the others freaked out. She then politely introduced herself as Aqua. But nobody could still believe that mermaids really existed. The mermaid replied that it was the first time that she had talked to humans also.

Digiko said that she couldn't get her hair untangled. Then Rabi en Rose said that she just needed some of her famous hair treatment. She then went into an advertisement for it. After she was done, Aqua was actually very cute.

I think that Aqua said that she was actually older than she looked (just like the Rumiko Takahashi storyline). However, she had only heard rumors about human culture, and she wanted to learn more about them.

Meanwhile, Yasushi went up to the mayor as he had finally killed the big octopus. He was going to show off his cool new trophy. But then Digiko knocked him out of the way and showed the mayor, Kinako, and Daifuku that they had found a mermaid. Everybody was really impressed, especially the mayor, at meeting a mermaid.

Then the mayor asked Yasushi about what he wanted to show him. Yasushi was all depressed and said that it didn't matter anymore.

Then Aqua asked Digiko if the glowing box was a television. Digiko said that it was and Aqua was very impressed by it. Rabi then changed the channels using a remote control. Aqua was so overwhelmed that she began clapping her hands. Then Kinako and Daifuku remembered that in their time, they had to change the channel with a knob.

Aqua looked at another box with a window on it and asked if it was a television. Rabi said that it was an "electric range" (or something like that). In other words, a microwave oven. Then Kinako went and heated up her soup again. When it was done, everybody, including Aqua, started sweating and saying that it was so hot.

Then Aqua saw the keitai in Digiko's hands, and asked about it. Digiko said that it was a cellular phone. She then called Puchiko to show how it worked. Aqua seemed to be overwhelmed with this space-age technology.

Then Aqua pointed to the TV and asked what was the thing on it. Kiyoshi said that it was a "television game". That is, a game system that you connected to your TV. Aqua had her head spin thinking about all these new gadgets that people had.

Finally, she saw Yasushi's submersible thing. She asked about what was that. Yasushi began making a speech about his toy, but Kiyoshi quickly interrupted saying that it was just junk. Yasushi was humiliated.

Aqua was sitting down and drinking tea with the others. She mentioned that when she was younger, things were much simpler. She said that people used to play hide-and-go-seek, kick the can, play with bean bag toys, or do string games. This made the mayor, Daifuku, and Kinako reminisce about the old days. Then Aqua said that she remembered that people used to eat watermelon by the beach. But I think that the others said that this hadn't changed.

Aqua mentioned that she would like to visit Maneki Shopping Street. But then her face fell as she remembered something. I think that she said that her older sister wouldn't approve. Naturally, everybody wanted her to come out as everybody would want to see a real mermaid. They tried to convince her.

But then somebody tapped Aqua on the shoulder. It was a very big, very unattractive fish person. Aqua said that it was her older sister. Her older sister said that she had to go home now, and she dragged her away. Aqua then bid everybody goodbye as she was dragged back to the ocean.

Everybody seemed to be very depressed since they knew that they would probably never see her again.

Umi de Koi no Natsu! Sugu-n Gema

Digiko, Puchiko, and Rabi were drinking tea by the beach. Digiko was saying that she couldn't swim, I think. Rabi said swimming was her best sport. Digiko just complained about not being able to do the fun stuff that others did in the water.

Then Rabi began dreaming about playing in the water with Kiyoshi. But as she was imagining her "dream date", Kiyoshi was being dragged around in the water by something (it looked like a giant squid).

Rabi started to complain about something which I didn't understand. But Puchiko and Digiko seemed to be indifferent about it.

Gema was floating in the water with an inner tube. He then saw a jellyfish. Gema thought that it was so beautiful, and he began talking to it. Then Gema swam closer to it. I think that he got stung, which he interpreted as love.

That evening, the mayor was talking to everybody. He had a sunburn. Yasushi was upset because he had made all kinds of (ugly) aquatic toys but nobody wanted them. The others talked for a while about various things, but then Gema gave his big announcement. He had apparently found love while out in the ocean. Rabi wondered what this meant, and was worried that he had fallen for Kiyoshi. Nobody else could figure out why Rabi was so upset about his new "love".

The next day, Gema swam out to the same spot with a bouquet of roses. The Digiko, Puchiko, and Rabi en Rose went to spy on him. I think that Digiko and Puchiko figured that Gema was making it up about having a girlfriend, and Rabi was trying to see if it was Kiyoshi.

Then Gema called out to "Wakabe-san" (Miss Seaweed). The others couldn't believe that that was her name. They couldn't see her, so they dove underwater to get a better look. Then they all realized that it was just a jellyfish, and they were totally stupified.

Gema was going to give "her" the flowers when suddenly Digiko and the others popped out of the water to interrupt. Digiko and the others told him that it wasn't seaweed. Then Gema said that they were wrong, as Wakabe-san was her name. Then he had a flashback showing Gema asking the jellyfish its name. A wave washed some seaweed on top of it. Gema interpreted this as her name.

Digiko couldn't believe this crazy story. But Gema was in love and wouldn't listen to her. Gema said that he wasn't going to listen to their jibes and he swam away with Wakabe-san.

Later, the mayor, Daifuku, and Kinako rode back on the tour bus back to the Maneki Shopping Street. They bid the others goodbye as the others were staying. Puchiko waved goodbye to them (it was kind of cute). The others were staying since they had to get Gema, who refused to leave. They wanted to get this done as quickly as possible. Everybody had something that they wanted to do back home, and Puchiko said that she wanted to see Hokkemirin again.

Gema was still outside in the ocean on a "date".

That night, Kiyoshi showed Gema a picture book from an encyclopedia showing him that it was actually a jellyfish. But Gema said that it wasn't her. Yasushi offered to make him a jellyfish robot, so Gema could "date" her instead at home in the bathtub. This only made Gema mad.

Digiko couldn't take it anymore. She decided to give him some "tough love" and told Puchiko to show him the picture. Puchiko showed him a menu picture of kurage (jellyfish) from a restaurant. She said that his "girlfriend" was only good for eating. Gema was totally in denial, saying that she wasn't something you could eat.

[Kev's Note: Kurage is a real dish. While the jellyfish is sliced into thin strips and seems to be very wriggly, the mouth feel is totally different. It's isn't slimy or squishy, but it's actually crunchy and has a grainy texture. Believe it or not, it has a mild taste.]

Gema said that he was going to just run away with Wakabe-san since nobody could understand him. Nobody went to stop him.

So Gema got on his inner tube and swam out to Wakabe-san. He then swam out into the open sea with her. Gema could hear Digiko's voice from far away saying, "Gema, you moron!"

The next day, Gema decided to play with Wakabe-san who he thought was splashing water on him. (But really it was just the ocean waves). That evening, Gema said that he had never been so happy.

The day after that, the sun beat down on Gema. Gema was roasting and he was shriveling in the heat, but he told Wakabe-san that he was going to be okay. Then a storm came, and Gema was being thrown around in the water. He told Wakabe-san to hold on. He tried to reach out for her, but he managed to only get stung. He didn't understand what this meant. When he finally pulled her toward him, the tentacles' stingers popped Gema's inner tube and Gema sank to the bottom. Gema watched as Wakabe-san seemed to toss around in the water above him.

Gema thought that it was all over for him. But then Wakabe-san seemed to float down and grab him. Gema thought that she was going to save him. He passed out after that.

The next day, Gema was on the beach. He realized that he had been saved. He quickly looked around for Wakabe-san. He saw something dried up on the shore. (It looked like a squid). Gema went up to it and thought it was Wakabe-san. He said that Wakabe-san had sacrificed herself to save him. He said that he would never forget her sacrifice, and he cried.

Digiko and the others were watching him. Digiko couldn't believe that he would act so stupid. The others said that it was either some dried squid, or one of Yasushi's discarded toys.

Off in the distance, "Wakabe-san" went off into the ocean.

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