Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 20

Digi Charat Nyo episode 20
Digiko, Eiga ni Shutsuen suru nyo
Akari to Kyouen suru nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.10.07

Digiko, Eiga ni Shutsuen suru nyo

Rabi en Rose was looking at a poster of Akari. She realized that she was advertising for some new lipstick product. The product was called "AkaLouge", which I'm sure was supposed to be Aka-Rouge as rouge is Japanese slang for "lipstick".

Rabi went into the store and asked the man if she could have the poster. But the store owner said that he had already promised it to Digiko. Rabi immediately ran to Digiko's house in a fury. But when she got there, Digiko was screaming at Gema and shot him through her bedroom wall with her eye beams. Gema said something nasty about Digiko's poster so Digiko shot him again with the eye beams. Gema flew outside after knocking holes through several walls.

Digiko then began talking to the poster and apologized for Gema's rudeness. This was one of Akari's older posters for AkaLouge. Digiko got all excited for having her poster. Then Digiko became very giddy and began singing the "rabbit ear song". Rabi was surprised to see Digiko like Akari so much. But then Digiko asked who was there. Rabi tried to hide, but her ears stuck out, and Digiko just acted calmly and said, "Oh, it's just Usada."

Then Rabi started complaining about taking the poster from the shop. Digiko just accused her of not being a real fan anyway.

Before they could get into a major argument over it, Yasushi ran in the room and started yelling, "It's terrible! It's terrible! [in happy voice] Oh, by the way, Puchiko is here." (Puchiko raised her hand and said, "Nyo!")

They all went outside and saw that Puchiko and Kiyoshi were by the table. Yasushi said that due to some contract between American and Japanese filmmakers, Akari was picked to star in some major blockbuster film. But the important thing is that they were also looking to audition for a supporting character, and they would be interviewing people in town. Digiko and Gema were shocked. Gema said that this was a good chance for Digiko. Digiko was indeed excited at the prospect. Digiko didn't think that Rabi en Rose had a chance, but Rabi got mad and said that she was going to apply. Meanwhile, Yasushi was looking at himself in the mirror, as apparently he thought that he had a shot. But Digiko was "burning" (literally) with ambition.

Many other people heard about the audition, and they went to the school's gymnasium where they were having tryouts. The American film director was none other than Rod Young (from the Di Gi Charat Natsuyasumi Special).

Instead of waiting in line like everybody else, Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema jumped on the stage and began doing a very stupid looking dance. Hikaru got very upset for cutting in front of everybody, but Rod liked Digiko's routine.

Suddenly, Yasushi came on the stage carrying a cart full of junk. He said that they were props for his movie audition. But Digiko and Puchiko told him to go home, and he crumpled in depression.

Then Kinako and Daifuku got on stage and said that they could provide lunch (catering). Rabi said that this wasn't a lunchroom. But then Rod's stomach made funny noises and he said that he actually wanted to eat. In fact, he wanted to eat "Japanese" food (like sushi, shabu shabu, tempura, and sukiyaki). But Daifuku said that they didn't prepare anything like that. I think that they had prepared broccoli, amongst other things (get it?). Puchiko said that they didn't like to eat Japanese food. I couldn't tell what food they were eating, but it looked vaguely Western. Rod ate it anyway, and he was saying that it was the best.

In the back of the stage, Kiyoshi was doing something strange with an eraser. He kept erasing the ground, and rolling up the shavings. He seemed very happy, and Hikaru didn't know why he was.

Then Francois appeared on stage with a big pair of shears. He had trimmed the weird multicolored monster-hedge in the school into a shape of a bunny. But Rod wasn't impressed and he was actually very horrified. (I think that the monster's name was Bobo). He said that it didn't look like Bobo anymore, and it was somehow key to the film shoot. Then he called his cohort to tell him the news. The person that answered looked like Mr. Violence, but he had a weird red nose. He was apparently driving Hikari to the school but then they decided to move it elsewhere.

Kiyoshi was still doing something stupid with the eraser.

Meanwhile, Bobo started rustling and it returned to its former shape. Everybody was happy, and Rod could continue shooting here at the school. People were chanting "Bobo! Bobo!"

Hikaru saw that Kiyoshi was still engrossed with his eraser thing. She called everybody over to look. She mentioned that they couldn't be happy over something like Bobo. (I really didn't understand this very stupid section of the anime). Rod was very moved with Hikaru's dramatic performance. He wanted her to be in the movie and maybe Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi didn't know what was had happened. Apparently he had been using the eraser crumbles to create a little man.

Everybody else was really upset that Rod had already picked candidates.

Akari to Kyouen suru nyo

Back at home, Kiyoshi was reading the script. The others were very bitter over losing a chance to be in the movie. I think that Digiko then put some "Pressure" on Kiyoshi's back. Then Kiyoshi ran into the bathroom. When it was time to leave, Digiko kicked on the door to get him to come out.

They went out to the school for the shooting. Hikaru was rubbing in to everybody that she was now a "star". The whole town came out to see Akari. But when the limousine appeared, it turned out to be the little girl again. Everybody was shocked. She said that she remembered Digiko's words and she wasn't going to give up and was going to try to become a star. Rod was very impressed with her "courage". He was going to try to use her in the movie. Everybody left to go see the filming, but Hikaru stayed. She wondered where Digiko was.

Digiko was still at the house waiting for Kiyoshi to come out of the bathroom. Somebody kept ringing the doorbell. Digiko answered the door tiredly, but then she saw that it was the real Akari. She thought that she was dreaming for a second. Then Digiko got very happy and welcomed her in the store. Digiko began giving her a tour. Akari stopped at one of the stands and asked what it was. Digiko said that they were just rubber bands, and thought that they were stupid. Akari said that she wanted one, and Digiko quickly said how great they were.

Then Akari went outside and began jumping around between the strings, much like the original ED animation.

Akari wanted to tour the town, so the two of them walked in the streets. Digiko wondered why nobody was there. Akari stopped in front of the beauty salon with rabbit ears. It seemed vaguely familiar, but Digiko said that it wasn't important and told her to leave. But Akari stared at it some more before she left.

Digiko and Akari went everywhere, even in the sewers. Digiko couldn't figure out why nobody was around town. She took Akari to the bakery, but even that was closed.

At the school, Hikaru waited for Digiko. She wondered if maybe she was fooling around or something.

Digiko and Akari was talking. I think that Akari said that she was always touring or busy, she she didn't have much time for friends. Digiko said that she was actually a princess from Di Gi Charat, but she couldn't go home until she had finished her princess training. Digiko said that she wanted to be just like Akari. Akari seemed happy and wished her luck.

Just then, Kiyoshi appeared with the "pressure" still on his back. He collapsed in front of the two of them. He seemed to be out of it, and he didn't recognize anybody even when they poked him.

The little Akari was in the middle of filming a scene with Mr. Violence directing, and Rod assisting. Then they broke for lunch. Suddenly, Akari showed up and explained that she had been with Digiko. Akari wanted her to be in the movie instead. The pressure vanished from Kiyoshi's back and he got very happy. Hikaru also thought about how much Digiko loved Akari, so she seemed to be content with this decision.

The movie scenes that they shot were very strange. It was hard to tell what kind of movie it was. Digiko and Akari said goodbye to each other at the end of the day. Akari said that she would try to come back sometime. Before Hikaru got to talk to her, Akari had to leave. Akari, Mr. Violence, and Rod waved from the van as they drove to the airport.

Later, Hikaru was walking down the street. She saw the poster for the upcoming movie. Akari and Digiko were clearly in the front. If you look carefully, you could see Digiko shoving Hikaru out of the shot. Hikaru saw this and got mad, but Digiko was there and said that she was just jealous. Then Hikaru and Digiko began insulting each other.

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