Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 21

Digi Charat Nyo episode 21
Sashisuseso ga Umareta nyo
Digiko Furima ni Chousen nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.10.12

Sashisuseso ga Umareta nyo

It was a very hot day. Even though the AC was running, and everybody was indoors, they were still very hot. Gema was melting, and Digiko had become a little bug that crawled around on the floor. Kiyoshi wanted to talk to them about something important, but Digiko decided to crawl outside and get something to eat. The others quickly followed, so Kiyoshi couldn't have a discussion.

Outside, Digiko still looked like a little bug. Gema looked like half of him melted. Yasushi looked like some kind of pile of slime that just slithered along. But when they got to the bakery, they found out that Puchiko had left. Kinako and Daifuku thought that Puchiko was with them, but Digiko said that they hadn't seen her. The old couple started to panic, but Digiko then realized that she could call her cell phone. But when Digiko called, nobody answered the phone. Daifuku, Kinako, and Yasushi then started running around in a circle in a panic.

Then the pig-faced guy showed up. He claimed that he knew what happened to Puchiko. He claimed that Puchiko had run off to execute her secret plans for world domination. Everybody was horrified by this revelation except for Digiko and Kiyoshi. Digiko got mad at the guy and shot him with her eye-beams.

So Digiko and the others came up with the idea that they would just have to search for Puchiko. When they went outside, everybody looked as they were previously in the heat. (So Digiko became a bug, Yasushi was a slime puddle, etc.)

But as they were walking down the street, they saw Puchiko briefly. She was carrying some kind of box, and she ran as fast as she could across the street. They tried to run after her, but it was so hot that they could barely walk. But they followed her to the shrine.

They were lost in the forest area of the shrine, but they did run into Rabi en Rose, who was feeding Majingabbo cucumbers. Digiko began insulting her as usual, but Rabi instead pointed out how cool her best friend was. Majingabbo began making small fountains of water with his hands. But despite that Digiko wasn't impressed, Rabi clapped her hands.

Then they finally asked if she had seen Puchiko. She hadn't, but she thought that she was now hanging around Hokkemirin often. This made everybody think of weird things, and everybody got extremely upset for some reason.

But then Puchiko appeared and said that they were all wrong. So she took everybody to a location under the shrine's primary building. Hokkemirin had given birth to five kittens, and Puchiko was taking care of them. She had named them all, but they were all weird names (I can't hear the language joke).

Puchiko explained that the father of the cats was some kind of weird entity, like a ghost-cat. It looked like it had a body made of ectoplasm.

Then Puchiko began feeding Hokkemirin some sweets that she got from the bakery. Everybody else started drooling, but she also gave sakura mochi to Digiko. Gema started complaining, so she gave him the leaf from it. Gema was furious that she could be so cheap, but he chewed on the leaf anyway. Then Puchiko gave everybody a sakura mochi and they ate it together. (Except Yasushi, who just caressed his, and Puchiko didn't give any to Gema).

Amaenbo was in the shrine when he saw Digiko and the others eating sakura mochi. He quickly started whining hoping to get some. Digiko pulled off the leaf of hers, thinking that she could give it to him. But Amaenbo snatched away her sakura mochi instead. Digiko got mad, but she didn't have the courage to take it away from him, since he became so happy.

Digiko thought of herself as being generous having given away her mochi. But then she said, "Just wait until tomorrow!", with a vengeful look. Gema commented that he didn't get any.

Digiko Furima ni Chousen nyo

Digiko and the others were eating breakfast. But the room was very crowded with Yasushi's junk. Kiyoshi came in and asked Gema where something was. Gema said that he didn't know, and Kiyoshi started throwing stuff around the room looking for it. The stuff was hitting Digiko and Gema, but Yasushi managed to dodge all the objects. Finally, Kiyoshi had what he needed and left to go to school.

Digiko, however, was very angry and said that there was too much junk in the room. She was going to use her eye beams, but Gema and Yasushi quickly tried to calm her. But Digiko got an idea about how to get rid of the stuff.

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were in the park and she had laid out all the useless toys and stuff around the house on a large picnic cloth. Digiko revealed a new "toy" of hers... It was a Digiko-brand price tagger. The machine had Digiko's face on it. Digiko then putting price stickers on all the items. But even though the prices were cheap (100 yen or less) after an hour nobody had come to take the items. Puchiko and Gema were so bored that they could barely stay awake.

Then two pig-faced twin girls, Buuko-chan and Puuko-chan, stopped by. But they didn't buy anything. When they left they said, "Bye-bye buu!" (just like Tonde Buurin). Then for some reason, they cut to a music video with John and Paul singing.

John and Paul went to Digiko in the park. Digiko was very happy, because she knew that they were obsessed otaku, so she could probably trick them into buying all the junk. John and Paul began pointing out all the merchandising based off of video games and TV shows. But they didn't want to buy anything for some reason. Digiko got very mad and shot them with her eye-beams.

Gema was frustrated at the lack of customers. Digiko was going to shoot him with the eye-beams but she was too hungry to do it. Then Kinako appeared with lunch. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema began fighting over the food. Kinako waved goodbye. Digiko and the others were still eating but they waved goodbye back to her.

However, because they had eaten food, ants appeared on the blanket. Digiko was a little freaked out by them and tried to shoo them away. Gema was saving a donut for later, but a large bird flew away with it.

The pig-faced concert promoter appeared singing an obnoxious song.

He walked by Digiko's display and stopped to give her a hard time. But while he was insulting all of them, a bird flew overhead and crapped on his head. He was shocked and ran home.

Hikaru was walking in the park and saw Digiko. Puchiko was surprised that she wasn't dressed in costume, but Hikaru said that she didn't dress that way for school. Hikaru seemed to be confused by some of the items.

She picked up one item that looked like a vacuum cleaner. But when she pressed the button, it made a lot of green bubbles and they got all over her clothing.

Then she found some kind of weird box with weird things sticking out of it. She accidentally started it and it made awful music. Hikaru desperately tried to make it stop, but it kept on playing. The bubble machine continued to foam behind her. Digiko enjoyed the spectacle immensely.

Soon, however, there were hundreds of people around the blanket trying to figure out what was happening. Gema thought that they had lots of customers finally. They were trying to control everyone. But in the end, everybody left and nobody bought anything.

Suddenly, a guy in a robot suit came up to them and said that he was interested in their stuff. He said that he wanted everything. Digiko was so happy, and asked for his name. He hestitated and said something weird. Then he ran away with a cart filled with all the stuff. Digiko was so proud of herself.

But when everybody came home, all the junk was back home. The robot helmet was on one of the boxes. Yasushi appeared and said that he had come and bought all the stuff and brought it back home. Digiko was livid and decided to blast him with the eye-beams. Yasushi screamed as the picture faded to white.

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