Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 24

Digi Charat Nyo episode 24
Mike to Deka zakana Arawareta nyo
Densetsu no Sao ga Hoshii nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.01.19

Mike to Deka zakana Arawareta nyo

There was a rumbling in the city. The mayor heard the security system alarm ringing (which sounded like a cat meowing). The mayor pulled a hidden cord to release a periscope. Outside, the sign with a cat face had its eyes move.

It turned out that there was a giant monster coming into the city. The monster turned out to be a really big fish that was walking on its tail fins. It kept on burping for some reason.

The mayor then activated the initial defense grid. The grid turned out to be all the cat paw-shaped lampposts. They began batting at the air, much like how cats swipe at their prey. Then the mayor called on the phone to bring out the defense force.

Digiko and Gema were up wondering what all the noise was. Yasushi opened the door to his lab and some weird blob with spikes on it oozed out into the hallway. He explained that the city was under attack by a monster fish and the defense force was being summoned. Digiko and Gema were impressed and they wondered who could be on such a cool thing. But then Yasushi put on his hard hat and the defense force banner. Then he began waving a club in the air and he ran outside to the meeting. Digiko and Gema lost all confidence at that point.

The fish just seemed to wander around the city, and it didn't do anything other than burp every now and then.

The defense force had gathered in the middle of the shopping area. They consisted of five people, including Daifuku and Kinako. The other two people were minor characters and they appeared to be grocers. A crowd had gathered to cheer on the defense force. Yasushi got out a camera and began photographing the team in their uniforms. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema couldn't believe that everybody was acting so casual about the situation.

Then the monster got very close, and the entire town got scared. The mayor called on the defense force to use their secret weapon. Then Kinako pulled a hidden lever. The eyes lit up on the shopping district's archway. Gema wondered what this meant. Puchiko thought that maybe it would transform into a robot. Digiko was very excited.

However, the cat just opened its mouth very wide and let out a lot of green gas. The gas was incredibly bad smelling and the whole town was choking. But the mayor wasn't fazed, as this was what it was. The cat's mouth was actually an air vent leading from the underground garbage dump from the whole town. The mayor ordered the defense force to use giant fans to wave the stink toward the monster, so it would smell it and leave.

But the fish didn't leave, and the mayor didn't know what to do.

Digiko couldn't take it anymore and shot her eye-beams at the defense force. A chunk of the street flew up and hit the fish in the belly. It let out a huge cough and spat out some blue ball. The ball turned out to be Mike from Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat. Then the fish seemed to be relieved and left to go back to the ocean.

Mike** saw Digiko and recognized her friend from the past. Gema knew who she was also, but Digiko didn't remember her at all. Mike ran up to Digiko and Puchiko to hug them, but she ended up running up to them with such force that she knocked the two of them into a wall. The wall shattered from the force of their impact.

** Remember, her full name is Mi Ke Charat, just as Digiko's is Di Gi Charat. Her name is NOT pronounced like the contracted form of Michael.
Mike is the tomboy daughter of some fishmongers from the planet Di Gi Charat. She has red hair, a blue uniform, and she has cat ears and a tail. She ends all of her sentences with "-mya".

Puchiko was furious that somebody had thrown her into a wall. Digiko asked her what she was doing inside the fish, and Mike said that she was trying to catch it. She then left immediately and Digiko ran off because she had more questions. Puchiko was still mad so she used her eye-beams. But this only made some weird slime. The slime slithered toward Mike, but Mike only stepped on it by accident, killing it.

Then the mayor thanked all the defense force people for a good job. Even though they didn't really do anything, the entire town cheered for them.

Digiko, Gema, and Puchiko ended up following Mike. They had to use everything from bicycles, buses, horses, and boats. During the time, Mike explained that she wanted to catch some big fish. I don't think that she actually wanted to eat it or anything, but she wanted to just catch it for the challenge.

She finally got to the shore, and Mike jumped in her yacht and asked if they wanted to come along. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema decided to join her. As Mike drove the boat, it was very rocky and the others (other than Mike) slid from one end of the boat to the next.

Suddenly, a guy who named himself Yosenburi (I believe) showed up. He looked like Abarenbou but with blue overalls. He challenged Mike to a race, and Mike accepted. Yosenburi gunned the engine, and Mike did the same. The boats were going very fast and were skipping over the waves. Digiko and Puchiko were holding on as tight as they could, and Gema fell out of the boat. Suddenly, Mike stopped the boat and let the man win.

Digiko asked why did she stop, and Mike pointed out that in front of the boat was a giant octopus. Then Digiko freaked out (although nobody else did). But Mike wanted to catch it, so she started chasing the octopus all over the ocean at high speed. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were very scared because of her crazy driving.

Mike eventually gave up and went to a special fishing spot. She threw her line in the water and got a bite right away. Digiko and the others were bored and weren't paying attention. But whatever Mike got was very big and she pulled it out of the water. The thing flew in the air and landed right on Digiko and company.

It turned out to be Aqua the mermaid (episode 19). The hook had gotten into her hair again (although it wasn't frizzy anymore) and she screamed for them to take it out because it was pulling her hair. Then Gema cut the line and she felt better. She recognized Digiko right away, but Digiko didn't know or care. Digiko fell asleep right away from boredom. She talked to Mike about fishing and she didn't want her to eat her friends. Then she jumped into the ocean again.

But Mike thought about it and said that she didn't want to eat the fish. So she threw her line out and waited. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were so bored that they passed out.

The big fish from earlier bit the line, and Mike struggled with it. After several hours, she was still fighting it, and then Digiko and the others had melted into ooze. Finally, a second jumbo-sized fish ate the entire boat.

The monster fish went back into town in the middle of the night as it had another stomachache. Mike and the others were inside the stomach of the fish, and Mike didn't look like she wanted to quit. The mayor in the town activated the "defense grid" and called in the defense force again.

Densetsu no Sao ga Hoshii nyo

The entire town had gathered again to fight off the monster fish.

Digiko, inside the fish, couldn't take it anymore and shot her eye-beams. The fish didn't explode or anything, but he immediately coughed out Digiko and the other people inside it again. Kinako and Daifuku went to check on Puchiko.

But Mike was upset because she had lost the fish again. Yasushi suggested that she could go play with his fishing game, but Gema booted him away. Mike refused to give up. Then the mayor mentioned that there was a legendary fishing pole, the Maboroshi, that could catch that fish.

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema went home.

Mike went to the convenience store (with the jack o' lantern clerk) but the clerk quickly said that he didn't have anything. Mike looked around and saw a box filled with junk with a pole sticking out of it. She suspected that he was hiding it. She pulled out the bamboo pole and it had a banderole on it. (That is, it's probably a flag pole). She told the clerk that she got the Maboroshi, and she was going to take it. Then she left, although the clerk seemed confused.

Meanwhile, Digiko was at home watching TV. They had an infomercial ad for a Maboroshi fishing pole. The guy on TV had caught like several hundred fish using this one pole. Gema thought that it was a scam, but Digiko got out her cellular phone and called the number on the screen. Then the delivery guy came by and dropped off the package.

Mike met Digiko in the street. Mike mentioned that she had found the Maboroshi. But Digiko said that she had the real one. Then they got into a huge fight over who had the real one. So Mike challenged Digiko to a duel. One of the townsfolk suggested that they catch one of the giant alien-like fish that was located beneath the bathhouse. The old man appeared and tried to discourage them, but Mike was insistent saying that was going to be the challenge. Digiko wanted to catch some other fish (a real small one), and Mike got real mad.

The mayor showed up and mentioned that there was the ultimate fisherman named King, so he would make this the King Contest. Digiko didn't want to do it anyway. Then the mayor mentioned that the prize would be free dinner, and Digiko got very excited.

As they were walking down the street for their match, Mike said that she would win with the real Maboroshi. Then Digiko said that she would show her and started waving her pole in the air. But Digiko hit her pole against a sign and it snapped her fishing pole in half. Digiko screamed in terror, and Gema said that this wouldn't have happened to the real Maboroshi. Digiko got mad and went home.

Mike said that this proved that she had the real one. So she went out into the ocean to go catch the giant fish again.

Then the rest of the town went home since there was no more contest.

Digiko returned the fishing pole for a refund at home.

In the bathhouse, the giant fish had died in one of the hot baths.

The real Maboroshi was sitting in the middle of town somewhere. A person who looked like King grabbed it and ran away with it.

Mike was in the ocean using the bamboo pole. She had caught the giant fish again. But once again, a second giant fish swallowed her and her boat whole.

The next day, the giant fish came back to the Maneki Shopping District. Digiko said that it was starting over again.

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