Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 26

Digi Charat Nyo episode 26
Magikano Misuteki Tour nyo
Digiko Kaeru nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.01.27

Magikano Misuteki Tour nyo

The Magikano Misuteki Tour bus drove into the Maneki Shopping District and stopped.

Meanwhile, Digiko and the others were at home and they were eating breakfast. Digiko was pouring tea into her rice.

[Kev's Note: I thought that this was a weird thing that Japanese did, but you can see it often in anime.]

Digiko was complaining that there wasn't anything good enough for a princess.

John and Paul called for Digiko from outside. They wanted Digiko to come along with them on their tour. Nobody else wanted to go and they made up excuses. Digiko only wanted to go if they were going to give her food. John and Paul agreed and they grabbed her and Gema before they could say anything else.

On the bus, John and Paul were talking about stupid things. For some reason, they had a flashback about a "hebi hanabi", which apparently is just one of those old firecrackers that lets out one of the ash "snakes". They thought that they were really cool. Digiko wasn't that impressed.

Then Paul (the fat guy) said that the tour was going to become "psychedelic"--then the screen turned monochrome.

Suddenly, they cut to a little boy named Unchiku-kun. His uniform was too big, so his sleeves dragged on the ground. He was wearing a pink swirly "hat" (it looked like those soft-serve cones).

He put on a sash and introduced himself. He then explained the term "psychedelic" to the viewers. (It means that they are probably going to get wasted on illegal drugs).

Then the scene cut to "Oscar" who gave his impression on psychedelic.

The bus was about to drive by the bakery, when suddenly John and Paul saw something on the road. They stopped the bus and looked at it. They found out that it was something really special, and they got excited. Apparently it is some dessert with anko (red bean paste) wrapped around a mochi center. I think that they were going to eat it, because it was still in the wrapper so it was still "clean".

Then Daifuku and Kinako appeared, and John and Paul talked to them about it. Digiko and Gema told them where they were going. Then Puchiko decided to come along also. Kinako said that it was okay, but come home before dinner.

As they rode on the bus, Puchiko asked if there was any food. John and Paul said that there wasn't any.

Then John and Paul saw Rabi en Rose handing out tissues. They stopped the bus and asked Rabi if they could see her tissue packages. Rabi was very confused. Digiko said that they were on a suteki bus tour. Puchiko added that it was psychedelic.

But when John and Paul looked at the picture on the back of the tissue, it was just some ugly samurai drama. John and Paul said that it wasn't "suteki" (probably because they were expecting cute anime-style characters or porn images). Rabi seemed to get mad and explained that they were suteki in their own way. But John and Paul disagreed, saying that it had to be magikano misuteki. Puchiko said, "And psychedelic".

Digiko said, "Roll up!" Rabi didn't know what was going on, but she decided to join them. Amaenbo and Majingabbo followed them onto the bus also.

Then Unchiku-kun explained the English slang term "roll up" to the viewers. (It means to get on board).

As the bus traveled onward, the sky turned multicolored, the scenery became very strange, and a funky music played in the background. In short, it was very psychedelic. Digiko and Puchiko thought that this place was very strange.

Then Puchiko went to look at the forest. There were many trees with fuzzy things on them. They dropped the fuzzy balls on the ground. Puchiko found out that Hokkemirin was there with them as well.

Puchiko wanted to know what the brown fuzzy things were. Digiko said that they reminded her of some soot balls (like in Spirited Away), and Rabi said that they reminded her of an ugly, scraggly principal at school. But while everybody was confused, Hokkemirin pulled out a chestnut from the middle of the ball. Then everybody got excited as they figured out what they were.

Digiko and Puchiko began collecting them to take home. John and Paul were all happy saying that it was magikano misuteki. Puchiko added, "And psychedelic".

Then, for no real reason at all, Suba (that's what's written on his shirt, and he looks like Aberenbou) jumped out of the ground. Then everybody began doing a weird dance.

That night, everybody went to the toy store and ate dinner. They had rice mixed with chestnuts. Kiyoshi commented that the others had found them on the magikano misuteki bus tour. Puchiko added, "And it was psychedelic." But Yasushi thought that it was because they found the chestnuts. But everybody said that it wasn't true, that it was the trip that counts (or something like that).

"Oscar" was eating chestnuts in his chateau as well.

That night, John and Paul asked everybody to "roll up". Their bus now said "Magikano Misuteki Tour 2".

Digiko Kaeru nyo

Digiko was looking sad and she was staring at Akari's poster in her room. But then she looked a little happier.

Then Yasushi and Kiyoshi found out that Digiko was going to go back home to Planet Di Gi Charat. Gema, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi were shocked into statues. Digiko said that she had completed her princess training so she was going home. Kiyoshi said that it had to be a lie, but Digiko only replied politely that she was a real princess now. Then she politely excused herself from the table, and thanked the two brothers for their help. Yasushi remained shocked into a statue.

Then Digiko ran into the bakery. She told Puchiko that it was time to return home. Kinako and Daifuku were shocked into statues. Digiko explained the situation very quickly and then ran out of the store. Daifuku and Kinako seemed very sad to see Puchiko go.

Then Digiko went to the beauty salon. Michelle, Francois, and Rabi en Rose were very shocked to hear Digiko was leaving. But Rabi said out loud that it was good riddance. In reality, Rabi didn't want to sound like she'd miss her, because she thought that Digiko would only make fun of her. But Digiko only replied that "Usada" should remain genki, and spoke kindly to her. Then Digiko left. Rabi's parents told Hikaru that maybe she should be more honest about her feelings.

Then Digiko went to the bathhouse to tell them the news.

Meanwhile, Rabi en Rose was running in the street to find Digiko. She ran into the mayor, and Rabi said that something terrible was happening, and Digiko was leaving them. Everybody in the street overheard and was very shocked.

Digiko went to the producer guy's house, but he only laughed and clapped his hands when she told him. Digiko left in disgust.

Meanwhile, John and Paul looked totally devastated. All the people in the town had gathered and they seemed sad to see Digiko and company go. Saba had gotten together with the crowd. I think that they were arguing over what phrase to put on Digiko's goodbye card.

Digiko had gone to the shrine. She told all the residents, including Amaenbo, Hokkemirin and her kittens, and Majingabbo that she was going home. As she was going to leave, Amaenbo grabbed her tail. But Digiko said that she had to go and apologized.

Yuurei told Baiya (I think that's her name) that Digiko was going home. She didn't know what to do. So Baiya through a sheet over her head, saying that she could go and tell her how she felt. The sheet was supposed to protect her from the sun. Yuurei asked if it made her look like a ghost (which she did), but Baiya said that was total nonsense.

Saba was still arguing with the crowd over which phrase to put on the card.

Back at home, Yasushi was still frozen in a statue. Kiyoshi was asking him what to do. Then Yasushi snapped out of it finally, because he realized that Puchiko would leave too. So he decided to come up with a plan to keep her here. He went into the back room and came up with a suit of samurai armor and a weird halberd. Then Yasushi ran out of the house to look for Puchiko.

Gema had been running around town shopping for souvenirs to bring back home. He saw a soft senbei store and decided to get some. But then a huge crowd (almost all of the Di Gi Charat Nyo universe) ran past him.

Leading the pack was Rabi en Rose, who stopped at the Super Omocha. Rabi asked Kiyoshi if he had seen Digiko. But Kiyoshi said that she had gone to get Puchiko to leave. Rabi wanted to say something about how she felt, but she couldn't say it.

In front of the bakery, Yasushi, Daifuku, Kinako, and Nikol were guarding the entrance, much like how samurai protect the princess. They were all wearing silly outfits except for Nikol, who still had skewers of meat in each hand. When Digiko came to approach, they seemed ready. But Digiko only thanked each of them for all of their kindness, and Nikol for giving her delicious meat. She said that they had to go back to her home planet. She said that she wanted to see her mother and father again.

She said, "So if you want to keep me from home... Then I must blast you with my eye-beams!!" And she shot her eye beams, but Nikol blocked the beams with one of his skewers of meat again ("Ummm... Nice smoke.").

Then Daifuku and Kinako begged Digiko not to take Puchiko away. Digiko apologized and said no. Puchiko said that they shouldn't feel bad, and that one day she'd see them again. Then both Digiko and Puchiko left.

Digiko was at her UFO. The entire town had gathered there.

Rabi went up to Digiko and asked her why did she have to leave. The others also repeated the same thing. But Digiko said that she had to go back and become a princess. Then she thanked everybody. Then Rabi en Rose went up to Digiko and wished her luck. She hugged Digiko and said that she wouldn't forget her. Digiko said that she wouldn't forget "Usada" either. Rabi said not to call her that, but Digiko called her Usada again anyway.

Then Puchiko pointed out that she didn't remember something (like maybe how to get home). I think that Digiko forgot also. Then Rabi was very furious at having her emotions pulled like that. Everybody left, and Digiko had a stupid look on her face as she was embarrassed since she couldn't leave.

In the sky, you could see a panda-shaped UFO coming into town!!

(Note: If you don't know, Digiko's arch-enemy, Piyoko, pilots a panda-shaped UFO.)

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