Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 29

Digi Charat Nyo episode 29
Number 1 ha Digiko nyo!
Mekara Beam ha Akogare nyu
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.02.25

Number 1 ha Digiko nyo!

Digiko and the others had just finished eating dinner. But as soon as Digiko was done, she slumped over and started watching TV. Yasushi said that if you just fooled around after eating, then you'd turn into a fat cow. Digiko just scoffed at him. Kiyoshi seemed to think that Yasushi had a point.

Suddenly, Rabi en Rose jumped into the room. When she saw Kiyoshi, she got all giddy. But then she started taunting Digiko about the upcoming Bishoujo Contest which would be hosted by Akari. Then Akari showed up in a TV ad talking about it. Gema wanted Digiko to be in it, probably for her training. But Digiko was already fired up about it since it had a chance to meet Akari. Nobody saw that the Black Gema-Gema Dan were spying on all of them through the window.

At the bakery, Puchiko had gotten a flyer as well about the contest. She was thinking about joining in it, and Kinako and Daifuku were very supportive. I think that one of the prizes was a year's worth of nattou, so Puchiko said that she'd absolutely enter. The Black Gema-Gema Dan were spying on Puchiko as well.

The minions all ran back to Piyoko. Piyoko was waiting at the van, which had the hatch open. Incidentally, the van looked like a traditional Japanese home, complete with tatami mats and a low table. They reported on what they were doing. But then Piyoko's stomach grumbled, and she thought of barging in on whatever they were doing so she could take food away from them.

Meanwhile, Rabi was at home taking charm school lessons from Michelle. Rabi was wearing some kind of silly outfit and had five books stacked on her head. She was trying to walk on her toes, but then she fell on the floor. Her mother then demonstrated by putting five books on her own head and she was walking and jumping without dropping any of the books. Rabi seemed depressed, but her mom gave her hope, like a shoujo manga.

Digiko and Puchiko were watching this scene. Puchiko was saying that she got all sparkly. But Digiko didn't think that she had a chance. Then Gema showed up in a funny bodysuit and legwarmers around his arms. He was going to show them how to win.

Gema took them to a ballet studio with Digiko and Puchiko. They began doing some silly exercises. They didn't see that Piyoko and her gang were watching them. Piyoko's cronies told her not to worry since they had some things that were rigged.

Gema continued showing Digiko and Puchiko how to jump around and wave their arms. Digiko didn't believe that this would really teach them anything, but Gema reminded them that if they didn't do what he said, then she couldn't meet Akari or win the contest. So all of them began doing the silly exercise. They didn't see Kai and Rick plant some things in the background.

Piyoko was secretly doing their exercise, and she imagined what would happen. There were some faulty ballet shoes that would make the wearer trip. Then there was a book (for balancing on your head) that was filled with water.

But after the exercise, Digiko and Puchiko got tired and they decided to leave. Gema didn't want them to go, but they walked out anyway. Even though Gema found the items, he quickly dropped them and ran after Digiko and Puchiko. Piyoko was furious that her plan had failed.

Digiko and the others had gone to the bakery. They were asking Kinako for advice. She said that it had been some time, but she knew some things. She then went into a pose, just like traditional Japanese dances. Piyoko was outside and was pleased. She then started some music. Kinako began dancing rather strangely to the music. Digiko and Puchiko were shocked. Then Daifuku said that when she was young, she was actually a prize-winning dancer. Then Digiko and everybody in the room began imitating Kinako. Outside, Piyoko and all of her crew were doing the same.

Digiko and Puchiko were walking home after the dance lessons. But Yasushi snuck up on Digiko and put her into a strange metal harness. Digiko couldn't move any of her arms. Yasushi said that this was good training, as it would build up her strength because it was so hard to move the arms. Digiko's eyes lit up, and Yasushi took cover. But Digiko said that she was going to give it her best.

That night for dinner, Digiko had so much trouble bending her arms to pick up the food. She kept picking up bowls, but then her arms would fly apart and the bowl would fly out the window. The bowls kept on whipping by Yasushi's head, but he didn't move. Kiyoshi was very impressed at Yasushi's courage.

Outside, all the bowls were smashing into the ground and into Piyoko. I think that Piyoko was hungry and wanted to eat the food, so she was waiting for Digiko to throw food out the window. But then Digiko threw the entire rice cooker, and it dumped the hot rice all over Piyoko. Piyoko jumped in the air and screamed that it was burning hot.

It was the day of the contest. Digiko, Puchiko, Rabi en Rose, and Piyoko were standing on the stage, as they were the only ones left in the contest. Puchiko asked Digiko if she was okay. Digiko looked extremely exhausted, probably because of her overly intensive training. But Digiko got back her energy when she saw Akari in the judging booth. Akari stood up and wished all the contestants luck.

Digiko and Puchiko were called up to perform. But then Digiko was so exhausted that she passed out on the ground. Rabi en Rose thought that she had a chance. When it was her turn to perform, she did the "un, deux, trois" flashy move that her mother had done. But as she was leaping in the air, she didn't see the open hole in the ground and Rabi fell right into it.

Then it was Piyoko's turn. Her gang cheered from the stands. But seeing Piyoko walk confidently up to the front made Digiko think. She didn't want to blow her chance to meet Akari, so she slowly got to her feet. Piyoko didn't want to lose either, but she was so hungry since she still didn't get anything to eat. Piyoko decided to just shoot the judges with her mouth-beam for some crazy reason. Digiko got mad and shot her with her eye-beams.

The judges awarded Digiko a total of 127 points, making her the winner. But the prize was something very stupid (I think a trip to "Yo-ho-ho Corner" in the mountains), and Digiko wondered if this was really a bishoujo contest. But Akari gave Digiko a silly looking trophy, and Digiko was very happy anyway.

Piyoko and the rest of the Black Gema-Gema Dan were very depressed that they lost.

Mekara Beam ha Akogare nyu

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were walking down the street. Digiko was saying how nice it was, and Gema agreed.

A bird was flying in the sky carrying some huge thing. It ran into a smokestack and dropped its item. It was going to fall on Puchiko and Digiko panicked. She shot it with her eye-beams and it splattered all over Gema, who immediately freaked out and began running around like crazy as he couldn't see. Puchiko thanked Digiko for her help.

Then a flower lady was carrying a huge cactus down the street. She dropped the pot by accident, and the cactus began rolling down the street toward Digiko and Puchiko. But Puchiko jumped in front and did her eye-beams. But instead it made some funny green slime that seemed to trap the cactus for a little bit. But it broke free and it started rolling after them again. Digiko then shot it with her eye-beams and it flew off into the sky.

Piyoko and the Black Gema-Gema Dan saw this from behind some trash cans. Piyoko had a plan. Her cronies were gathering the gross "soot ball" creatures (like the ones from episode 18). I think that they were planning to throw them on Digiko or Puchiko. But they didn't see that Digiko was standing behind them, so Digiko shot all of them with her eye-beams. She then looked very smug, and Puchiko was in awe.

In the park, Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were eating popsicles. Digiko mentioned that she had to use her eye-beams often today. But Gema said that when she was a baby, she blew up everything with her eye-beams. Digiko then tried to justify her actions again, but Gema said something bad about her. Digiko got mad and shot him with her eye-beams. Puchiko really wanted to have eye-beams.

Digiko decided to leave, but Puchiko said that she wanted to go home by herself. Both Digiko and Gema were shocked, as Puchiko walked away from them. Neither Digiko nor Gema knew what had gotten Puchiko so upset.

Time passed so it was now sunset. Puchiko was in a drainage ditch, practicing her eye-beams repeatedly, but only weird things appeared. Suba was running along the road, shadow boxing and working out. He saw Puchiko and laughed at her, saying that she was doing it all wrong. Then he came down and suggested that he could train her so she could have proper eye-beams. When Puchiko refused, he slapped her on the back (knocking her over), and emphasized how great he was.

Then there was a cut to the astronaut that was always wandering around some alien planet. Apparently he had gotten invited to go visit the waving alien's home.

Puchiko began her training with Suba-chan. She had to sit underneath a waterfall, bend spoons with her "psychic powers", and did batting practice with an old tire. For the last one, she was smacking a tire swing with a baseball bat. Then, for some reason, Puchiko and Suba put on grass skirts and they practiced doing the hula.

Digiko, Gema, Kiyoshi, Yasushi, Daifuku, and Kinako were all spying on them from a distance. They looked a bit concerned.

One day, Suba began running around the entire Neko Maneki Shopping Street and began hanging fliers. That is, he stuck fliers to people's faces.

Meanwhile, Rabi en Rose said that today, she was going to give it her best and not give up. Then she began running around the street in a whirlwind and gave out free tissues to everybody that she could meet.

Suba went to the toy store and handed them his flyer. It said that Suba-chan and Puchiko were going to have some "shocking happy event" later today. Yasushi wanted to know what she was going to do, but he figured that she wouldn't tell him. Digiko decided to use the "princess power-up" to pull out her cell phone and call Puchiko. But there was no answer.

That afternoon, people went to the park and put out mats. A stage was setup for the big event. Even Daifuku and Kinako weren't allowed to know anything, as Puchiko kept it a secret even from them. But Daifuku and Kinako prayed for her success whatever it was. Then Digiko, Gema, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi appeared, and Daifuku said that they were a little late, but they could share the mat with them.

Then Suba-chan appeared and introduced Puchiko. She appeared on stage in a performer's outfit. Then Puchiko did a magic trick where things came out of her hat. Then she dressed in a pink ninja costume (almost like Kasumi from the second DOA game) and rapidly threw shuriken at balloons, popping them. Then Puchiko wore a Chinese dress and began spinning plates on sticks. Each time, everybody in the audience clapped. Suba-chan was crying because he was so proud.

Finally, Puchiko said that for her final act, she was going to do her eye-beams. Suba-chan was very excited and said, "Go for it! Go!" But when she did it, a giant toy copy of Suba-chan came out of her eyes. Suba-chan was so happy and he hugged it, saying that she did it. Puchiko was totally furious. Meanwhile, Suba-chan continued to dance with the giant toy copy of himself. Puchiko was so livid that she yelled out, "Eye-beams!" and shot real eyebeams at Suba-chan and his doll. Both of them flew off into the sky.

Then Digiko and Gema said that she actually did it and shot real eye-beams. Puchiko was very pleased with herself. Everybody in town was happy and began chanting "encore". Digiko told Puchiko that she had to do it again for the encore. But when she tried it again, a giant slime came out of her eyes.

John and Paul appeared saying that things had gotten dangerous, but then the giant slime absorbed them. Then Rabi en Rose was flying around wondering what was happening and the slime ate her too.

The slime consumed everybody in town and then it turned into one giant, smiling green "slime" monster (as in the old RPG video games, like in Dragon Warrior). Then the slime floated off into the sky, leaving only Puchiko by herself in the park. Puchiko looked at it and said that it wasn't her eye-beams.

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