Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 31

Digi Charat Nyo episode 31
Shouwakusei ga Gekitotsu nyo!
Digiko no Warashibe chouja nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.03.08

Shouwakusei ga Gekitotsu nyo!

Late at night, the mayor was looking at some computer data. It seemed that some giant object was heading toward Earth.

Digiko and Puchiko were sitting by the entrance to the toy store with Gema floating near them. Hikaru and Kiyoshi were dressed in school uniforms are were leaving. Digiko asked where were they going, and Hikaru said that they had to go to school. Kiyoshi asked if they had seen his brother anywhere. Digiko said something sarcastic, and she led them to a weird room.

Inside the room were many people, some dressed in kiragumi, working on something. Yasushi looked very tired. But when he saw Puchiko, he got very excited. Then he passed out and his spirit came out of him. Digiko started asking his spirit about what he was doing. Yasushi's ghost tried to explain, but the others didn't understand. Then the mayor came in and said that they were working on some plan to save the Neko Maneki Shopping District.

The mayor took them to the computer room. Yasushi magically recovered in the meantime. Inside one of the machines, a guy reached his hand out and gave the mayor some data. The cast explained that a giant asteroid was heading toward Earth, and it would destroy the planet (or at least, the shopping area) if they didn't do anything.

Yasushi had a plan involving many elephants to somehow move the Earth (I think). But Gema said that it was impossible to get that many elephants. Then Yasushi said that they could switch to deer, as they would only need 94.5 million of those. Yasushi was very happy, but Gema told him that it wouldn't work either. The two of them fought over the logic of Yasushi's plans, while the others watched.

Digiko said that she would use her UFO to deflect it somehow (or maybe run away). But Gema and Puchiko said that the UFO didn't have any energy left. Then Digiko became very shocked.

The asteroid continued to head toward Earth.

Piyoko and her gang were eating sukiyaki. Piyoko said that they should include the ingredients that they got from the convenience store (the last episode). Kai said that she was right. But right when Kuu was going to eat some of the meat, it vanished out of his chopsticks. Digiko was standing beside him, picking her teeth. She thanked him for the food, while Kuu looked mystified.

Then Gema showed up and said that this was no time to eat. However, Puchiko, Rabi, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi had joined them to eat. As Gema was freaking out and asked if Piyoko's UFO was working, but Piyoko said that it wasn't. Everybody kept on eating.

Kiyoshi said something about the word "safe". Yasushi thought that he meant the baseball term. Rabi continued saying that they could go to America to be "safe". Rick thought that she meant the baseball term also.

But Yasushi said that they weren't going to run and they were going to defend the shopping district. He summoned his giant robot from the previous episode. Then Yasushi transformed into battle armor also (he wears this in the OP video). But Piyoko pointed out some flaw in his plan, and Yasushi and the robot were crushed.

Digiko said that she couldn't take it anymore and used her eye-beams. But the eye-beams didn't hit the asteroid and instead bounced around some mirrors (mounted on planets) and blew up some house on Planet Di Gi Charat. The queen saw it and said that Digiko must be "genki" on Earth.

Everybody was looking up at the sky in anticipation. Gema was shivering in fear. But Digiko said that she didn't care anymore and she pulled out a futon in the middle of the lawn and decided to sleep through the event. Digiko went to sleep, making Gema furious.

Piyoko decided to try shooting her mouth beams, but the beam didn't fly straight and instead hit some house in the Neko Maneki Shopping District.

The Black Gema Gema Gang decided that they had to do something. They said something witty and got into a cool pose. But nobody was paying attention to them anymore.

Back at the producer's house, he was loading up Piyoko's UFO with all of his gaudy gold items.

Digiko and the others went to the convenience store, hoping to find something that would save them. But they found the pumpkin headpiece on the ground, as even the store owner had fled.

Kiyoshi was looking around on the shelves, and found a light bulb with hair on it. Gema made the mistake of asking what were they going to do with it. You could see Yasushi and Puchiko trying to screw the light bulb into Gema. (I don't want to think of the implications). The bulb finally lit up.

Rabi en Rose was in the back, looking at all the shelves. She finally found some spinning green object with a face on it. Somehow, she thought of having it after the world ended, and she'd be alone with Kiyoshi. She seemed to be really happy about the apocalypse at this point.

Suddenly, the producer rammed his truck into the store. It had Piyoko's UFO sitting in the bed. He was yelling at Piyoko and the others. Piyoko was wondering if he was mad because they didn't pay for the sukiyaki that they ate. Rick said that they would just refund it, and he got out a bucket and began making gagging sounds. But the producer said that that wasn't it, as he wanted to protect all of his gold.

As they were arguing over the situation, Gema's light bulb fell out of him.

Digiko said that it was time to use her pochette, and she pulled out her bracelet. Everybody seemed amazed, until Puchiko said that it wasn't going to be helpful in this situation. Digiko got fed up again, and pulled out her futon. She decided to go back to sleep.

Then Rick said that it was time to use their missile weapon. Kai yanked on a remote control, and a gigantic missile (larger than the UFO) appeared out of the panda-shaped UFO's mouth. The producer got really happy and decided to stuff it full of money for good luck.

But the missile launched and missed the meteorite. Instead it flew to Analogue Planet and blew up, throwing all the money everywhere. All the citizens were very happy and ran around collecting the money.

Back on Earth, everybody was shocked, except for the producer, who was crying about his loss.

They could see a dot in the sky as the meteorite was coming. Yasushi smiled with teary eyes and said, "Sayonara, Puchiko-chan."

But then Yasushi's giant robot stood up on its own. Digiko and everybody else thought that the robot was going to save them all by sacrificing itself, much like The Iron Giant. But instead the robot packed up a biddle, and then flew away to safety. Yasushi yelled after the robot.

As the meteorite crashed to the ground, Rabi and Gema said that it seemed a little small. It finally fell to the ground in front of them into a blob. Then it transformed into a boy. Digiko said that it was a kid, but Yasushi said that he was wearing a knapsack. So Puchiko said that he was a schoolchild. While everybody was puzzling over this, a mother called out for "Masao" and took him home. Everybody was so shocked.

Digiko no Warashibe chouja nyo

Digiko shot her eye-beams, and somehow a huge slab of beef appeared. Digiko was with Puchiko and they were grilling this over an open fire. Then a golden image of a Buddha-like person appeared (he had four arms and started chanting). Digiko and Puchiko didn't understand this at all. But Digiko didn't care and she cut the huge steak in half, and she and Puchiko were going to eat it. But the person appeared in front of Digiko and she became very scared looking at the person's staring eyes, and couldn't eat.

Then Digiko woke up and realized that it was all a dream.

The next day, Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema all went to the local shrine. Gema asked her what was the dream, but Digiko only laughed it off as if it wasn't important. Then Digiko and Puchiko prayed at the shrine for a beef dinner.

As they left, Digiko tripped over a rock. Gema said that it was just her bad karma, but Digiko was furious and was going to throw the rock in anger. Then Majingabbo tapped Digiko on the shoulder. From his crazy sign language (using the water that he could make from his hands), Digiko interpreted it as he wanted the rock. So Digiko gave it to him. Majingabbo traded with her some small object.

Digiko thought that it was food and tried to eat it. But she spat it out quickly when she found out that it wasn't food. Gema wondered what it was, but then Amaenbo took it. They followed him back to his little campsite and he screwed the knob back on his rice cooker. It allowed him to lift the lid without burning his hands. Then Amaenbo gave Digiko back some strange piece of paper (I think that it was a ticket). Digiko didn't have a use for it, but she kept it anyway.

As Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were walking the streets, Puchiko wondered if this was the same as the "straw millionaire" (warashibe chouja). Puchiko remembered the story as it was told to her by Kinako:

In the story, a kind peasant man didn't have any money. He prayed to Buddha for help, but for some reason all he got was a piece of straw. He ended up trading the straw for an orange. Then he traded the orange for bolts of silk. Then he traded the cloth for a horse. Then he traded the horse for a fine katana. Then for the sword, he traded it for many bushels of rice. As you know, rice was currency back in the day, so he became very wealthy from just a piece of straw.

Gema thought that this was possible. Then he constructed a graph showing Digiko's current "wealth". He drew a dot showing that she made a little profit so far.

Digiko was passing by the beauty salon. Rabi was in front of the store trying to give out her tissues again. However, nobody wanted any because one of her ears on her costume was torn, and she looked strange. Digiko and Puchiko started to make fun of her. Rabi didn't want her looking at her torn rabbit ear. But then she saw the slip of paper in Digiko's pochette. She quickly grabbed it and tied it around her ripped rabbit ear to repair it. She seemed a lot happier.

Then Digiko turned into a spooky ghost and started asking Rabi for something in exchange. Rabi called her cheap, but Digiko insisted. Rabi didn't have anything, so she gave her a tissue package. Digiko didn't think that it was special, but Rabi pointed out that the package contained a special ad on it. Digiko was mystified, but she kept the tissues.

Gema marked on the graph that she made a small amount of profit.

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema continued walking down the street. But when she passed by somebody's bathroom, a person was calling out for help. Apparently he ran out of toilet paper and asked if anybody had any paper. Digiko gave him the tissues. But the guy was going to leave, and Digiko asked for something in exchange. So the guy gave her a brand new toilet plunger.

Gema marked on the chart that she made a small amount of profit.

There was a sumo person standing in the street stamping his feet (almost like what they do in the ring). Digiko wondered what he was doing. The man explained that he had something in his ear and he couldn't get remove it. But when he saw the plunger, he got very happy. He suggested that he plunge out the blockage from his ear.

So Digiko and the others began plunging out his ear. They were finally able to pull out a big blob of earwax, and the plunger went flying out of their hands. The sumo wrestler wanted to give them something. So he pulled out a large, sparkling blue cloth and gave it to them.

Gema marked on his graph that they just made a huge profit. Digiko was shocked. Then the sumo wrestler explained that the cloth was actually part of his underwear. That is, it's the cloth underwear that sumo wrestlers wear when they wrestle. Gema was horrified and the graph was modified so that Digiko now had zero profit.

Digiko and the others continued to walk down the street. Gema simply had the cloth wrapped around his head, and he sounded upset. But suddenly Francois jumped in front of all of them and snatched the cloth. He said that it was from some famous sumo wrestler and he had to have it. In trade, he gave Digiko a pink afro wig.

Gema marked that they were making a significant profit again.

Digiko was walking down the street wearing the pink afro and crazy-looking sunglasses. Digiko was walking and talking like she was "superfly". Gema was just imagining that they'd be millionaires soon enough.

Then the mayor showed up and saw the afro. He wanted it very badly. So he had his helpers put on the pink wig on his tall head (it looked very weird), and Digiko gave him the sunglasses. The mayor got very excited, as he thought that he was now superfly, and gave Digiko a ticket for a full steak dinner. Gema marked on his graph that they had broke the bank finally.

But I think that Gema wanted some of the dinner, but Digiko didn't want to share. Then they began to fight over it. Puchiko just sat down and drank tea while she waited for them to finish. But the ticket flew out of their hands when they were fighting.

Piyoko was walking down the street when the ticket hit her in the face. She didn't know what it was until Puchiko explained it. Then Piyoko began jumping up and down in excitement. When Gema and Digiko heard that she had the ticket, they quickly stopped fighting. Digiko said that it was hers with a wicked, robotic voice. Then Gema snatched it from her hands. But Piyoko grabbed it back saying it was hers. They continued fighting and Digiko shot both of them with her eye-beams. But the eye-beams blew up the ticket also. Digiko was absolutely horrified.

Meanwhile, around the street corner, the Buddha-like person from her dreams was there. He was saying to himself that he was trying to send a message in Digiko's dream that a beef steak would bring her unhappiness.

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