Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 34

Digi Charat Nyo episode 34
Piyoko no Gokuaku Item nyo
DiGi Charat to ha nandesuka
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.04.09

Piyoko no Gokuaku Item nyo

Dejiko used the Princess Power Up to pull her keitai out of her pochette. She began speaking in a low voice as if there was something special happening. Meanwhile, somebody was watching her from the shadows. It turned out that she was just talking to Puchiko.

Gema went to complain to her about something, and Dejiko told him to shut up and shot him with her eye-beams.

Then Puchiko had to go and she hung up the phone. Dejiko then began spinning the keitai in her hands and juggling it. She kept on saying how great it was. Gema wondered why she was talking out loud, but then he heard Piyoko (who was spying on her) crying behind a lamp post. Gema started asking Dejiko some questions about what she was doing, but Dejiko continued to say that her phone was the best thing ever. She then began dancing with her phone on her head, much like how a seal plays with a ball.

Piyoko's eyes got all watery and she said that she wanted a phone like that. She couldn't take watching Dejiko have fun with it, so she ran home. As soon as she left, Dejiko quit acting like it was special and just stuck the phone back in her pochette. Gema was shocked that she would trick Piyoko like that, but Dejiko didn't care.

Back at the park, Piyoko was so mad that she was shooting non-stop mouth beams at Coo's feet. Rik wanted to know what was happening. Then Piyoko got very sad and said that she wanted to have a keitai. But Piyoko was having an internal struggle with herself, between coveting the item, and being a good girl. Coo couldn't stand her fighting herself, and he and Rik said that she should be happy for what she has. Piyoko then thanked them for showing her the light, and said that she wouldn't crave the keitai anymore. Rik and Coo were very happy. Rik was going to let her play with Bun-bun instead, but when he reached in his pocket it was replaced with some ugly creature. Rik was shocked.

Then the panda-van spat out (literally, out of its mouth) Ky. Ky said that he could give her a keitai. Piyoko thought that Ky was the best, and Rik and Coo were humiliated. So he pulled on a rope, and another package shot out of the panda-van's mouth. It was a gigantic phone-looking object. Piyoko opened it up and there was a man inside with a regular phone. Piyoko didn't like this at all. In the background, Rik and Coo laughed at Ky.

But then Ky said that maybe she could try out this phone, and pulled out a small keitai with a panda motif. Piyoko got very excited. Then she called somebody on the phone. But the only person on the other line just said "Eh eh eh" (or the like) sounds. Piyoko didn't understsand so she shook the phone. Then a huge slime monster came out of the phone. Rik freaked out and hugged it tightly, saying that it was Bun-bun.

Piyoko was furious that she didn't have a real keitai. So she started crying and ran back into the van. The others outside began to debate about what they could do to resolve this problem.

Dejiko was walking down the street with Gema. Suddenly, Ky and Coo appeared and they quickly dragged her off somewhere. Gema wasn't paying attention at the time, but when he noticed that she wasn't there anymore, he began screaming that she was kidnapped.

Dejiko was brought to the park where she was tied up in a bag. The Black Gema-Gema Gang began to interrogate her. They wanted to get her keitai, and then they'd let her go. But when threatening her didn't work, Coo played "good cop" and asked to see it.

Dejiko agreed, so they untied her. Then Dejiko decided to use the Princess Power-Up and pulled out something from her pochette. But as soon as she pulled it, Coo snatched it from her hands. But it turned out that it was just her meowing bracelet from earlier in the show. Coo was disappointed, but Dejiko suspected that he was up to no good and tricked him. Coo said that he wanted to see the real thing. Then Dejiko just slapped her hand on her butt (as if to say "kiss it") and told him no way.

Rik decided to step in and tell Dejiko to not be so hasty. He said that in trade for the keitai, he'd give her a rare Usada Akari makeup set. Dejiko's eyes got very big and she wanted it really badly. But then she said that she wasn't going to trade the phone. Rik screamed why not, and then he showed her all the cool stuff inside it. But Dejiko began riding Bun-bun home, saying that there were things more important than that (I think).

Then Dejiko's keitai rang, and she answered it. Puchiko wanted to know where she was. Then Gema screamed into the phone that he was with Puchiko, and then Puchiko shoved him away saying that she couldn't hear anything. Dejiko said that she was going home right now, and then Puchiko hung up the phone. Dejiko bid everybody goodbye and left.

Rik was crying, and then Ky realized that she had left without them getting the keitai.

Dejiko went into the toy store, and Gema was so happy that he was crying and running up to her. She shot him with the eye-beams, saying that he freaked her out. When she got home, Yasushi showed off his new toy line, an Usada Akari makeup set (he had many of them). Dejiko commented that she saw one at Piyoko's place, and realized that now she could get one anytime (I think).

Yasushi also showed that he had made hundreds of copies of Dejiko's (real) keitai, and was going to put them out on the shelves.

But it didn't matter since Piyoko had found the Rik's Akari makeup set and she was totally excited by it. She began putting on makeup and was totally happy.

DiGi Charat to ha nandesuka

Rabi en Rose was watching a very corny looking, black-and-white romance movie in the theater. When she left the theater, she was crying saying that she wanted a romance like that. Then she fantasized some kind of bizarre scene with Kiyoshi where they were floating and spinning around in space.

But Dejiko was complaining that the theater was too cold or she didn't get the movie (one of the two). Rabi then took the opportunity to make fun of her. But Dejiko called her "Usada" again, and Rabi got mad saying that her name was Rabi en Rose. Dejiko noticed that Rabi had a handkerchief and so she figured out that she must have cried at the movie.

Dejiko said that she must have a weak imagination (or something like that) to cry at such things. Then she had a thought bubble of herself as some major shoujo heroine. But Rabi laughed at her saying that she could think up better things than that. Then their thought bubbles fought with each other.

But then somebody ran past them at high speed and broke up the bubbles. It turned out to be Rod P from America had returned, and shook Dejiko's hand heartily. (I called him Rod Young in the earlier summaries as he looks like the character from the Di Gi Charat Specials, but in Di Gi Charat Nyo, he is Rod P). Rabi got jealous that Dejiko was getting all the attention. But Dejiko forgot who he was, but Rabi pulled out a movie poster and said that he was the movie producer from earlier. Dejiko was hoping that he'd make another movie with her in it, and she grabbed him and ran off with him. She left so fast that Rabi was left spinning in the street.

Dejiko took Rod back to her house and served him tea and a cube of sweet bean jelly (I believe). As Rod talked, he dancing around weirdly, and grabbed his crotch like an old Michael Jackson video. Dejiko wanted to know if she was going to be in a new movie. But Rod said that he wasn't. Dejiko was so disappointed that she put her head on the table. Then she stretched out her tongue and began licking up Rod's jelly. That is, she ate his food now that he wasn't going to give her anything. Gema couldn't believe that she could be so rude.

Rod however mentioned that in America, he loved seeing her anime on TV. He liked it so much that he decided to go to Japan and learn her techniques so he could bring it back to the States. Then Rod cosplayed as a new (female) character, Deshi Charat to prove it. Deshi Charat looked like Di Gi Charat, except he wore red cat motif clothing instead of white, and he wore one large bell on his head.

Dejiko was unimpressed and told him to just go home. But Rod was not discouraged. He was very genki and continued to dance stupidly. Dejiko got tired of trying to get rid of him, so she just crawled out of the room.

Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema were walking down the street. Rod (as Deshi) followed them from a distance. Gema told her that he was following them, but Dejiko said something like if she didn't see him then he didn't exist.

Then Dejiko and the others ran into Piyoko and the Black Gema-Gema Gang. Piyoko said, at last, I've found you. But Dejiko was acting very strange as she was very happy to see them. Everybody (except Puchiko) seemed stupified by this. But Piyoko wouldn't be tricked and her cronies then taunted her. But Dejiko didn't react at all, because she didn't want to show Rod anything. Gema was upset that she wasn't defending herself. Piyoko and her gang thought that they had won, and Piyoko laughed wickedly.

Then Deshi jumped out between them and did silly poses and dances. (S)he said that he was going to defend Dejiko. But everybody was shocked and horrified. Piyoko in particular became discouraged at this new cohort. But the rest of the Black Gema-Gema Gang told her not to feel depressed. Then they looked upon this new person as their new enemy.

Dejiko and her companions seemed mystified at this situation. Dejiko said that she wasn't going to do anything about it.

So all of the Black Gema-Gema Dan squared off with Deshi Charat. Piyoko was going to blast him with her mouth beams. But as soon as Deshi saw it, then he danced around her as he was excited to see this special power in action. Piyoko lost her concentration from all the hype. But then Deshi told her that she could be her role model, and Piyoko really liked that. Then Deshi said that she new all kinds of things about them already, and he revealed all kinds of silly embarrassing things about each of the members.

Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema were watching this from a distance and couldn't believe it.

Then Rabi en Rose appeared and went up to Deshi, as she thought that she was Dejiko. She wanted to yell at Dejiko, but instead Deshi started talking about her too. Soon they were all talking with each other.

More and more of the townsfolk decided to see what was happening. Soon the entire shopping district was centered around Deshi, who was the life of the party apparently.

Dejiko found some guy that she didn't know. Puchiko did also. They were dressed in rather plain suits. Meanwhile, some weird cartoon character was beating on Gema with a squid.

But Rod immediately went back to his normal clothes and said that everything was ruined. Perhaps it was because he didn't know them and so his research was ruined. He got back on a plane and flew back to America.

Digiko and Puchiko didn't understand. Meanwhile, Gema continued to be beaten up by the cartoon character in the background.

The two mysterious men walked, but they ran into John and Paul. John and Paul got very shocked. They said that they were... and they stopped talking.

Then they showed them all posing together on a field of black. From left to right, they looked very much like John, Ringo, Paul, and George--even in the same positions--as the "With the Beatles" album cover. John and Paul were saying that they should get a picture of them posing together.

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