Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 36

Digi Charat Nyo episode 36
Fushigi no Kuni no Usamimi-chan
Digiko mo Usamimi Hoshii nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.06.14

Fushigi no Kuni no Usamimi-chan

The mayor was carefully sweeping the street. But then Rabi en Rose ran past him at lightning speed and knocked over the pile of garbage and spread it all over the street again. Rabi screamed out that she was sorry as she continued running. But the mayor said that it was okay. Then he began sweeping again.

Rabi was remembering her mother telling her earlier that she had found a box that had once belonged to Akari. Then her father came out of the TV set (the screen opened like a door) and said that she had a phone call. Akari called from outer space and said that she was coming over to visit. As a result, Rabi was running with the box to meet her.

Along the way, Rabi ran into Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema. Dejiko wanted to know what she was doing. Rabi immediately got a bad feeling saying that she would mess it up for her. So Rabi just lied and made up an excuse.

Dejiko hummed suspiciously, but Puchiko asked if she was poor. Then Rabi got furious and said that she wasn't poor. Then she said that if she wanted to see poverty, then *that* was it, and she pointed. She was pointing to Piyoko and her cronies, who were out in their park harvesting weeds for food. Piyoko didn't exactly take it nicely that somebody called her poor. Then the producer guy showed up and started saying some crap. Coo called him a liar and then the guy got mad and chased them around in a bulldozer.

Shortly afterwards, Rabi decided to just leave Dejiko. She knocked over some more people as she headed to the shrine. For some reason, a strange dark portal opened in the ground and began following her.

Meanwhile, Akari had also gotten into the city. She had a book that she was trying to give to Hikaru. She was wearing sunglasses as a disguise, and she was running very quickly too. Another portal appeared in the ground and began following her.

Rabi got to the shrine first, and was glad that she wasn't late. She looked at the box and said that this was Akari's precious things, and then she opened the box. She was shocked when she found out that she had lost the things, probably when she was younger. Akari showed up soon afterwards, but before they could exchange or talk, the ground opened a huge portal and sucked up both Akari and Rabi en Rose. The portal closed quickly afterwards, and the book and box clattered to the ground. Amaenbou and his pet rat had seen this happen, but it didn't look he understood what just happened.

Akari and Rabi were shot out of the portal. They weren't hurt, but it looked like they went into the alternate universe of the Maneki Neko Shopping District. All the buildings were strange and it looked like nighttime.

The mayor showed up and Rabi turned around to talk to him, but she screamed in terror. The mayor sounded the same, but now he had a very long chin instead of a large forehead. Then another man dumped garbage in the street as they liked keeping the city dirty, apparently. Rabi couldn't understand what was happening, and said that something was strange. She grabbed Akari and ran to a different location.

They went to the bakery, which now looked strange and had a picture of a screaming cat instead of a smiling one. Inside, Kinako and Daifuku had the same voices, but their eyes were reversed. They invited them to eat. But when Akari and Rabi tasted the dessert, it was awful. Then they tried to drink some tea to get rid of the taste, it was burning hot. Then "Kinako" pulled out some gross green slime and asked them to eat some more. The two girls ran.

They sat in the park and tried to think about what this all meant.

Then they met Puchiko, Dejiko, and Gema. Except that Puchiko was a giant, and she had Dejiko, who now was a dog on a leash. Following the two of them was Gema, but now he was right-side up, on the ground, and cube-shaped. Puchiko explained that they went to the Dark Side of the shopping district. In the background, the torii to the shrine got up by itself and walked somewhere else.

Rabi only wanted to figure out how to return, and she dragged off Akari again.

Puchiko watched them leave, and Dejiko had weird pink slime come out of her eyes (like when Puchiko does her eye-beams).

They continued walking. Akari yawned because she was tired. Rabi scolded her saying that she had to keep it together.

They saw a normal looking Kiyoshi. Akari asked if he was her friend, and Rabi sort of stumbled on that question. Then Kiyoshi began shooting toy arrows at them. Then Yasushi, wearing glasses, came out of their store. It was now a school supply shop (I believe), and Yasushi smacked Kiyoshi on the head saying that he should quit fooling around so much. Rabi and Akari ran.

By the park, a poor producer was being harassed by a wealthy Piyoko and the Black Gema-Gema gang.

In front of the beauty salon (which now had a die with 8 pips on one face, and monkey ears instead of rabbit ears), Michelle was shampooing the hair of Francois. Francois was putting on silly makeup on her husband.

Finally, the two girls ended up in the convenience store. The owner, who now had a carved watermelon for a head, said that he had something that could get them back home. He gave them some weird green liquid. But as soon as they drank it, he said that he lied.

Akari and Rabi grew to gigantic size, and they even broke through the ceiling. The owner didn't seem to mind. The townspeople saw them and immediately began throwing garbage at them. The two of them decided to run. Finally they got to an alley where nobody found them.

Rabi was very sad and said that she wanted to go home and see her real parents again. Akari felt bad for her and she sang the "Usagi Mimi" song. As a side note, it seems that Akari's hobby is playing with hand puppets now as they have shown up several times in the episode. Rabi felt a lot better but they had to think about what they had to do.

Finally, Rabi and Akari went around and cleaned up the entire street by themselves. The other townies couldn't figure out what they were doing. But they said that it was better to have the shopping district clean than dirty. Then the mysterious portal opened and threw them back into their world.

The two of them saw the box and book sitting by the shrine. Rabi en Rose gave back the box to Akari, and she apologized, as she must have lost the contents. Akari then gave back her precious book, but she also apologized, saying that she had accidentally burned the cover in an accident. Then the two of them laughed, as it wasn't a big deal.

Rabi en Rose was skipping back home with the book, and she was very happy. Dejiko saw her and insulted her, but Rabi only greeted them kindly and laughed, and continued to skip home. Dejiko and Puchiko were very confused.

In the background, one of the dirty people from the alternate universe was stumbling around in the street. Then somebody from the other side opened a portal and dragged him back home.

Digiko mo Usamimi Hoshii nyo

Dejiko was walking down the street when she heard some music. Akari was playing her "Usagi Mimi" song in the middle of the street on a small stage. Dejiko got very excited, but then she got run over by a huge crowd of fans. Akari began signing sign boards offered by her fans. Dejiko then got very mad and blasted everybody with her eye-beams. Then she went up to Akari and asked if she could sign hers. But Akari had turned into Rabi en Rose. Dejiko screamed in horror.

Dejiko woke up and thought that it was a horrible dream. Then she looked at her special poster of Akari. Dejiko thought about it and realized that it didn't take much for Akari to look like Rabi en Rose. Dejiko screamed in horror. But then her imagination soon put herself in the picture, and she thought that it was cool that she had rabbit ears.

Yasushi and Kiyoshi were eating breakfast in the other room. Dejiko ran in the room and saw that Puchiko was there eating nattou. She asked Dejiko if she'd like some, but Dejiko declined and whispered to them her amazing plan. Kiyoshi and Yasushi screamed. Gema couldn't believe that she wanted to get rabbit ears. Even Puchiko looked a little surprised. But Dejiko got mad saying that there wasn't anything wrong with that. Then she shot Gema with her eye-beams. He blasted through the wall and vanished into the sky.

Puchiko and Kiyoshi thought that this was a bad idea. But Dejiko was going to do it anyway. Kiyoshi asked why was she interested in it. She said that it would make her look more like Akari. She imagined herself performing with thousands of screaming fans. Puchiko gave her support at the end, much to everybody's surprise. Dejiko was very happy and she hugged Puchiko.

Then she said in a mean voice that she would have her vengeance on those that didn't believe in her. She pulled out a fork and Kiyoshi and Yasushi were afraid. Then Dejiko violently stabbed her fork into their sunny-side up eggs, breaking all of their yolks. They screamed that Dejiko was cruel and she ruined their breakfast.

Coo had overheard them talk as he was spying on them through the hole in the wall. He reported this back to Piyoko and the others. Piyoko said that they had to find a way to secretly ruin it for her, and they left. But they ran into Dejiko and Puchiko in the street, and they screamed.

Dejiko said that they were up to something and asked them what they were doing. Coo said that it had nothing to do with her trying to get rabbit ears. The others couldn't believe that he said that. But Dejiko said that it must be because they wanted ears for themselves. Piyoko said that it was true and then the others grabbed her and they ran. Dejiko said goodbye to them.

Piyoko and the others were spying on Hikaru from behind the bus stop sign. They saw Hikaru walking home.

Ky had a great plan. He jumped in a disgusting drainage ditch (filled with sewage) and pretended that he was drowning. As Hikaru and Kiyoshi walked by them, he screamed out for help to them. Kiyoshi said that he would get help. Then Ky called out for help from the amazing Rabi en Rose. Hikaru loved the flattery and transformed to go save him. Ky was imagining to himself that it was a great plan. As Rabi would come to him and save him from the knee-high water. Then he would steal her rabbit ears and run.

But in the end, Rabi didn't want to go in the sewer because it would make her clothes dirty. Kiyoshi appeared to be calling somebody on the phone for some help. Eventually, Ky just got himself out of the sewer, and he stunk like crazy. Rabi and Kiyoshi didn't want to get near him. Neither did Piyoko or the rest of the Black Gema-Gema Gang.

Rik decided that he had to execute his plan. He jumped in front of Kiyoshi and Rabi with a briefcase. He pulled out a lion's wig (it came with a mane and ears). He said that it was great for all sorts of weather, and more functional than the rabbit ears. Rabi said that it was kind of cool. Rik was going to take her ears so she could try it, but she didn't seem certain if she liked the style. Rik came up with many different (silly) ears. Rik offered them at a good price. Rabi almost went for it, but Kiyoshi said that he liked her rabbit ears. So Rabi turned him down at the last minute.

Then Piyoko ran in front of both of Rabi and Kiyoshi. She said, point blank, "Give me your rabbit ears!"

Rabi treated Piyoko like a little girl. She apologized and said that she couldn't give her the ears. But she offered two slices of bread to her. Then Kiyoshi said that she could also have a pat of butter. Piyoko, who was poor and never got to eat, could not turn down the food. Then the rest of the Black Gema-Gema Gang showed up and saw the food, and they become so happy (sparkling lights and everything). Dejiko and Puchiko saw them, and Dejiko called them fools.

At the beauty salon, Rabi found out that Dejiko was going to be working there. Dejiko said that part of her princess training was knowing what it was like playing different roles. So she decided to work in the salon. Rabi and Francois seem to think that it was great. Then Dejiko said that she wanted to practice cutting Rabi's hair. Rabi panicked, and then Dejiko acted very hurt. Francois then scolded Rabi for trying to ruin Dejiko's dream, and Rabi knew that she was trapped.

Rabi sat in the chair and was very scared. Dejiko looked very evil. Then she threw the cloth over Rabi's entire body, including her head, but left the ears exposed. She was going to snatch them, but then Rabi jumped out of the chair and demanded to know what she was doing. Dejiko screamed out that she wanted her rabbit ears. Then Rabi tried to run, but when she left the store, Puchiko had setup a rope so she tripped. The ears flew off into the sky.

Piyoko and her gang were walking down the street. They saw the ears and got very happy. So the Black Gema-Gema Gang tried to catch them. But when they landed, they made a huge crater in the ground. Dejiko and Puchiko saw this and were surprised.

Rabi en Rose appeared (with a new set of ears) and said that the rabbit ears were actually very heavy. Rik was carrying one of the ears and his legs were shaking. They were going to let Dejiko have them, but Dejiko said that she didn't want them anymore.

Later, Dejiko looked in the camera and said that cat ears were the best. Puchiko appeared and agreed.

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