Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 39

Digi Charat Nyo episode 39
Kin Iro no Tobira wo Sagasu nyo
Tobira no Mukou ni Ikeruka nyo?
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.07.02

Kin Iro no Tobira wo Sagasu nyo

A very strange, wriggling postman was going around delivering huge envelopes to several girls in town.

The next morning, Dejiko got a call from her compact. But when Dejiko tried to pull out the compact, it released all of the powder in a huge explosion. Yasushi came out of his lab in some kind of truck with a vacuum that sucked up all the dust, fortunately. Dejiko had forgotten about something that caused it to happen. Anyway, Dejiko finally answered the call and it was her mother. But she was taking a nap already!

Hitsuji woke up the queen, and she said hello to Dejiko and Puchiko. Gema said hello also. Then the queen eventually talked about them having to do something very important. Dejiko didn't want to do it, but the queen silenced her quickly. The queen mentioned that somewhere was a golden door. (This is where I couldn't understand what they were saying). She mentioned that there was a golden key or something that she was supposed to find. She said that something amazing would happen, but then she sneezed and the transmission ended. Dejiko tried to call her back but the phone went to a prerecorded busy message.

Dejiko wondered what it was. But Puchiko thought that it might be fun. Dejiko assumed that it had to be tied with something about being a princess and got excited. The others were fired up and decided to help her.

Meanwhile, Rabi en Rose was in her bedroom reading the thick letter that she got. It also mentioned about finding something to get something special.

Dejiko and the others were walking down the street. Then they saw the producer guy walking down the street. Dejiko realized that he must have a lot of gold things and they decided to go to his house. But then Rabi showed up at the house, too. The two of them started arguing, and they found out that they were both looking for the same thing. Dejiko explained that her mother gave her as a challenge to find it. Then Rabi showed her the thick letter, and it also explained that it was some princess challenge to find the same item. The bottom of the letter had ink spilled all over it, so it was impossible to tell what they would get. Dejiko couldn't understand why her mother sent her a letter for this event.

They went inside and found the huge gold safe that the producer had. It was very obnoxious. Gema tried touching the door, but he got electrified. The producer said that they would never get what was inside it. Dejiko and Rabi said that she had to get in it for the challenge. But the producer refused even when they asked nicely many times. Dejiko got mad and just blasted the door with her eye-beams. But the only thing inside the safe was an incredibly obnoxious gold statue of the producer.

Yasushi was at the convenience store. The pumpkin-head owner said that he had what they were trying to find. Yasushi got very excited, as he would be able to help Puchiko and he ran to find them. He found them and told them about the gold door. Puchiko was pleased, and Yasushi got happy because she was happy. But when they went there, it turned out that the owner was talking about something else.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was being dragged around the street by some bag that had something moving in it. Her cronies were following her. The bag dragged her to some golden door in the middle of an alley. Piyoko held up her letter that she got that also mentioned the golden door. She said that she wasn't going to lose to Dejiko.

They went through the door. They went to somewhere with green plains and mountains. Saba-kun, who was dressed in some Alpine outfit, was playing one of those long horns, and he kept on farting at the end of a long note. He invited them to sit down and listen to them play. But there was a sign that said "hazure", which can mean "outskirts" or "failure". Both probably applied in this case.

Kiyoshi ran into Dejiko and her friends just outside the bathhouse. It seems that they were all tired trying to find this golden door. They had searched all over town and decided to search in this bathhouse next. Dejiko, Rabi, and Puchiko went to the girls side and bathed, but they didn't see anything in there.

Then the three girls went to the boiler room, which looked very dark, dirty, and creepy. It smelled bad in there, too, but Dejiko said that her mother gave her this assignment, so she had to do it.

Then the restaurant eating guy from an earlier episode showed up out of nowhere. He was eating his smelly food again. When he belched, he made a horrible stink. Whatever he was eating was fermented, so it smelled absolutely horrible. But the guy said that he knew where the door was located. He pointed to some ugly doors on the other side of the room. Dejiko and the others didn't believe him since it wasn't a gold door. But he said that it was just really dirty. None of the girls wanted to go over there and look.

Tobira no Mukou ni Ikeruka nyo?

Yasushi, Kiyoshi, and Gema had joined the girls in the boiler room. They talked about some stuff that I didn't understand. But the key point was that the man said that only the princess candidates would be allowed through the doors, and he stopped the guys from entering.

Gema didn't like that idea, as he wanted to protect Dejiko. But Puchiko said that she would go with Dejiko and make sure that she would stay safe. Yasushi didn't want her to go, however.

But in the end, Dejiko said that she was going. This surprised everyone, because she said it with so much conviction. Dejiko said that she wanted to see what was on the other side. Gema suggested that something could happen to her, and she shot him with her eye-beams. Then Dejiko said that she would return because it was a promise. The others were very moved. Kiyoshi asked her to return before dinner. Then Puchiko said that she was going also.

Dejiko opened the door, and a bright light came out of it. As she walked through the door, she grabbed Rabi's ears and said that she was coming, too. Rabi seemed very scared but she was pulled into the mysterious realm. The doors sealed shut. Yasushi, Kiyoshi, and Gema were very shocked. But they tried to keep up hope.

The girls came out of the mouth of some tree, and entered some bizarre world where everything was pastel colored and they had cute faces on all the objects, even the trees and mountains. Rabi was furious that Dejiko had pulled her in with her. But Puchiko pointed out that there was a sign telling them where to go. They decided to follow it.

Back at the bakery, Kinako and Daifuku were freaking out after Yasushi had told them that Puchiko had gone with Dejiko into the unknown. Kinako fainted. Yasushi just told them that they had to hope for the best. But Kinako was worried anyway. Finally, Daifuku said words of encouragement saying that she could overcome anything (or something like that). Yasushi was moved to tears with the moving speech.

At the shrine, Mike was running around aimlessly. She was trying to find a golden door. Rinna was at the shrine, too, although she had fallen asleep on the steps. But Rinna awoke and told Mike that she had found a golden door. Amaenbou opened the shrine doors, and there was a shiny gold door inside the building. Apparently, both Rinna and Mike had gotten copies of the letter as well.

Rinna fell asleep, but Mike grabbed her and hurriedly jumped through the door. There was a bright flash of light.

In the park, Piyoko was still being dragged around by whatever she had in the bag. Her cronies were looking for her. For whatever reason, there was a gold door (that was the shape of Piyoko) near the pipes located near her van. Piyoko was curious so she went through the opening. The Black Gema-Gema Gang tried to follow, but they just smashed into the small opening. Then the door closed. Coo kept on smashing his body into the door, trying to rescue Piyoko. Finally he stopped after Ky and Rik said that they had to trust her, and believe that she would be okay.

In the alternate world, Dejiko and the others had gotten tired of walking. But Puchiko saw up ahead that there was a fancy building up ahead. But it had bells like Dejiko's hair ornaments. Rabi grabbed Dejiko and said that they should go see.

They went inside the huge building, but it seemed to be empty. There was an arrow that pointed at the elevator. But Puchiko couldn't push the button because she was too short. Dejiko pushed the button and the door opened immediately. But despite that this was a little weird, they rode the elevator anyway.

The elevator stopped at one of the floors. Something was making some noise in one of the rooms. Dejiko went to look and was shocked speechless. The others looked and became the same way. Somehow, there were these beanbag chairs all huddling and playing in the middle of the room. But when they saw that people were watching, they quickly ran back to an organized pattern, like a classroom. The room also had a blackboard on the front.

Dejiko and the others were trying to figure out what was happening. Suddenly, they got hit from behind very hard, and they flew into the room. Mike, who was still carrying an Minna (who was still asleep), had apparently teleported right into that space from the doorway.

Dejiko and Rabi decided to sit on the beanbag chairs. Puchiko was just bouncing on one of them. Dejiko was very surprised to see them there. Mike was shocked too. Then Yuurei suddenly came in from nowhere behind Mike. Yuurei said in a spooky voice that she ended up here after passing through a gold door. As a side note, you could see Yuurei's feet underneath her dress this time. She apparently doesn't wear shoes.

The three new girls said that they all got letters talking about finding some gold door.

Suddenly, Piyoko appeared from behind the podium in the room. But nobody paid any attention to her as she was talking.

Aqua then rolled into the classroom on her skateboard. She said that she was riding on her Christmas present when she lost control. She thought that she was going to run into a cliff face, but the face had a gold door which opened and let her through it.

Suddenly, the door closed by itself and a viewscreen rolled down from the ceiling. Digiko's mother appeared and welcomed them all to princess school. All the girls were very shocked. Dejiko's mother explained that this is why the others couldn't join them, as only they (girls) could be princesses. The queen also said to Dejiko that this would be her final training to become a real princess. Her mother was quite excited by this idea. The others in the classroom were dumbfounded.

The maid with the cat ears came with a huge cart. In it were their "princess school seifuku". They looked like French clothing with puffy pants. To be honest, they looked sort of tacky. However, each uniform was a little unique. Dejiko's had the bell ornament on the tie; Puchiko's had a flower; Rabi's had a die; Rinna's had a triangle (like her earring); Mike had a star (like her earring); Piyoko had a panda; Yuurei's had a little skull (!!); and Aqua's had a little starfish.

They also got matching bookbags and pochettes. Of course, Dejiko already had a pochette so she didn't get a new one. Piyoko bragged about her new panda pochette, but Dejiko said that hers was just a copy of the original (or something like that).

Then the queen wished them all luck, and said that they could go home for now. Then she sneezed, and the transmission went offline again.

The maid explained that they could go home. There was a locker in the back of the classroom that would take them back to the Neko Maneki Shopping District. She opened the door, and it was filled with a golden light. You could hear voices of all the various people on the "other side" calling out for their respective friends. Dejiko said to her classmates, "Everybody, let's go back to the Neko Maneki Shopping District!"

Everybody jumped in the air and said, "Yeah!"

NOTE: The ending credits had a special surprise. After Dejiko gets in her futon and pulls the light switch, she then turned toward the camera and said, "Princess School sounds so exciting!"

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