Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 41

Digi Charat Nyo episode 41
Kyuushoku ha Uresii nyo
Puri Puri Bu- Kessei yo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.08.17

Kyuushoku ha Uresii nyo

Dejiko was washing up in the bathroom in the morning. She was happy to go to Princess School. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi looked like he was half asleep and he was having a bad hair day. He asked Gema for his bookbag, which Gema gave to him.

Dejiko continued to fix her hair. Then Yasushi, who was playing with a slinky toy, asked Gema what was that funny smell. Then Gema realized that he had left something on the stove. Then Dejiko said that she was done with fixing herself up.

At the park, Piyoko was getting ready for school herself. Because Piyoko didn't have an iron, she had placed her futon on top of her shirt so it would press it while she slept. The Rik and Ky seemed upset that they couldn't go with her. Coo said calmly that it was the consequence of being a Princess School. But the others wanted to protect her and didn't want her to go. But Piyoko said that she liked it. Then she left.

Gema had gotten everything fixed up and was trying to talk to Dejiko. But the room was empty except for Yasushi (who was already taking a nap). Gema realized that he was late.

At the park, Coo was beating the dust out of the carpets. Rik was washing the dishes, and he almost dropped Piyoko's favorite tea cup. Ky was hanging up all the laundry. The three of them wondered what they were doing, since they weren't with Piyoko. Ky wanted to be with her, but nobody knew how to get there.

Then Gema ran by the park mentioning that he had to get to Princess School. Gema ran to the bathhouse. Then Rik, Ky, and Coo jumped in behind him with a cloth. They threw the "cape" over Gema and hid underneath it as he ran through the golden doors in the boiler room.

Gema ran very fast, leaving them after they passed through the doors. The three of them threw off the cloak, and they were all surprised that they were standing in front of the school. But then Rabi, who was late, plowed into them and knocked them into space. Rabi wondered if she hit somebody and just yelled out, "I'm sorry!" without even looking as she continued through the gates.

The class was sitting in science class. Everybody was wearing white smocks. The teacher was Yuurei's scary guardian. Dejiko was surprised to see her here. But Aqua said that this school had a part-time job program. Yuurei's guardian suddenly appeared and told them to pay attention, and Dejiko, Puchiko, and Aqua were all scared. But Yuurei didn't think it was surprising.

Meanwhile, Rik, Ky, and Coo were all looking through the window. They removed one of the glass plates so they could get a better look. They saw Piyoko in science class, although she was reading a book upside-down.

Suddenly Hitsuji came from behind them and said, "So there you are!"

The three of them became very scared. He said that they were late and then threw them inside the school.

The maid from Planet Di Gi Charat showed them a blackboard showing today's school menu. It said "beef stew", "croissants", and "fruits punch". To guide them, Aqua's older sister appeared and ordered the three of them to do things. They had to prepare all the vegetables (hundreds of them). Then they cooked the stew in a huge vat and made bushels of rice.

In science class, the teacher had told them on the blackboard to toast marshmellows using the oil candles. The blackboard said that toasted marshmellows were delicious.

Dejiko couldn't figure out how this was going to make her a princess. She was bored and wasn't paying attention. Then her marshmellow caught on fire and burned into a crisp. The teacher threw a book at her saying to pay attention.

Piyoko, who was sitting next to Dejiko, laughed at her. Because Piyoko wasn't watching, her marshmellow burned up too. Then the teacher threw a book at her also. Dejiko then laughed for spite.

The teacher complimented Puchiko, who was carefully roasting her marshmellow. Puchiko then ate it and said that it was delicious.

Aqua was very scared of putting her marshmellow near the flame. Rabi asked her what was wrong. Aqua said that she was scared of fire. But Yuurei came over and said that there wasn't anything scary about it. But Yuurei said it in her scary voice and face, and Aqua and Rabi screamed.

Rinna was playing with a marshmellow saying that it was soft and fluffy. Then she fell asleep on top of one. The teacher got angry saying that she shouldn't go to sleep.

Mike was upset at cooking such a small thing. Then she reached over and pulled out a big ball of marshmellows. The rest of class was amazed, but then the marshmellow ball (which was made of many smaller ones) fell apart and buried Mike.

Then there was an announcement from Akari. Every announcement starts with chimes, but Akari didn't have any, so she just made the chiming sounds herself ("ding dong ding") and announced that it was the end of class.

Then Gema said that it was time for lunch. The whole class got very happy. A table grew out of their desks and everybody couldn't wait to eat. Rik, Ky, and Coo, who were wearing masks and white hair caps, brought the food to class.

Piyoko got an extra large portion. She was so happy, and went up to the servers to thank them. But then she asked when did these three guys start working at the school. The three of them were worried that their cover was blown. But Piyoko quit worrying as it didn't matter, and began singing a silly song about how happy she was.

Ky served Puchiko a croissant. But then she asked if he could heat up some pre-packaged nattou for her. He was very shocked.

Then Rik served Aqua some fruits punch. Fruit punch is not what Americans think it would be; it appeared to be fruit cocktail in light sweet soup. Aqua apologized and asked if they had any ocean food, because she was a mermaid. But Yuurei quickly told her that it was okay, since it was "nata de coco" (I think that's because it's made from agar-agar, or seaweed). Yuurei said that it was delicious. But Aqua didn't know what "nata de coco" meant, and pictured something strange in her mind. (This is a language joke that I didn't understand). But Aqua got excited about trying it anyway.

Gema said that they should all say "Itadakimasu" (which I thought was strange), and the girls said it in unison.

But Dejiko said wait a minute. She said that she didn't get any food. But Coo said that she had to look closer. There was tiny portions of food, like one grain of rice instead of the stew, on her plate. Dejiko was furious and didn't hesitate to shoot her eye-beams.

The three guys dodged but as they avoided the beams, their disguise/uniform slipped off and everybody could see that it was the Black Gema-Gema Dan. Dejiko was shocked. But they guys prepared to fight.

Then Piyoko said that she was surprised to see them there. They explained that they were protecting her, and such. While they were talking, Dejiko just left them. Then everybody ate without them. The three guys explained how they managed to get into the golden door. Piyoko said thanks and she was happy they did this for her. Then they said that they would come everyday to Princess School.

Dejiko had eaten a lot of food. She leaned back in her chair, placed a leg on her table, and picked her teeth like an old man. The screen put up an "X" on her face. Then a message told kids that this was very bad manners and they shouldn't be like this. This was when Piyoko and her cronies realized that Dejiko had went to Piyoko's chair and eaten all of her food instead. They were all shocked.

Then Puchiko appeared and said thanks for the food and patted her mouth with a handkerchief. A circle appeared above her head, and the message said that it was proper manners to use a handkerchief.

But then it showed Dejiko again, and she let out a belch. Another big "X" appeared on her face.

Puri Puri Bu- Kessei yo

Akari came over the loudspeaker again at school to say that school had ended, and everybody should be careful going home that day. Dejiko was saying something about "Bankara Deka", and I didn't get it.

Then Akari came into the classroom and said good morning. She was wearing a beautiful white dress. Everybody got excited to see her. I think that Akari couldn't stay to teach today. Puchiko noticed that she was wearing a giant turtle shell on her back.

Akari's manager then showed up suddenly saying that she found her. Akari was surprised to see her. But her manager said that she had duties to do, and quickly tied her up with a rope (!!) and led her out of the room. Then Akari waved goodbye and everybody waved back at her.

Dejiko started fantasizing about Bankara Deka, which I think is some TV show that she liked, but Rabi interrupted.

Rabi started talking about after-school activities. Dejiko immediately ignored her, and began blowing Yuurei's hair for fun. Yuurei said in a very scary voice, "Stop that!" and Dejiko immediately stopped and started shaking.

Rabi announced that they would be the Pretty Princess Cheer Girl Club. She had a silly acronym for it, and Dejiko said that it sounded like passing gas. Rabi got very mad. But she went on to mention that everybody had uniforms to go along with it. Then she began spinning and gave everybody an uniform.

When they got the uniforms, even Dejiko was very happy to have one. Dejiko speculated that it was actually Hikaru's mother that had made them. But Rabi said that it was her design.

Piyoko was thinking that as a bancho, she could be the leader of the squad, and then make Dejiko do all kinds of rough training. Dejiko was behind her and asked what was she thinking. Piyoko quickly covered up the thought balloon and said that it was nothing.

Yuurei was shaking violently. Puchiko asked if she was okay. But Yuurei said that she was just so excited (I think). Puchiko didn't seem impressed as she said, "Good for you" with a scowl on her face.

So everybody went outside to go practice. Everybody was doing stretching exercises first.

Aqua was extremely limber and could touch her tips of her fins. Rabi was very impressed. Aqua said that every day she would go out and exercise with a silly machine. (I think that's what she said).

Piyoko was helping Dejiko stretch by shoving on her back. Dejiko said that she couldn't go any more, but Piyoko said that it wasn't. Then she put her whole body weight in it, so she could make Dejiko scream out in pain. But then Rabi announced that the partners could switch. Dejiko then shoved on Piyoko with a grin on her face. Piyoko said that it hurt, and Dejiko just jumped on her back.

Rabi was showing how to do back exercises with your partner. Basically, you link arms facing back to back, and you lift each other off the ground by leaning forward. Rabi and Aqua were doing very well.

Yuurei had her hair in a ponytail and she looked very, very cute. She was partnering with Puchiko but she was having trouble. Puchiko would slip out of Yuurei's hands. Yuurei explained that it was the body cream that she was wearing. This probably explained why Yuurei is always so pale.

Mike was so full of energy that she was just running around with Rinna on her back. Rinna wasn't really doing anything. Dejiko and Puchiko watched them and wondered what they were doing.

Late in the evening, Mike was doing bunny-hop exercises (this is a real strength-training exercise). Rabi was dead tired and collapsed. The others had passed out too, although it was hard to tell if Rinna was tired or sleeping as usual.

That evening, Dejiko collapsed with her feet under the kotatsu, and she couldn't move her arms. Kiyoshi asked if she was okay, but Dejiko explained that it was part of her club training. Yasushi said that he had invented a massage robot. So Dejiko tried it and it felt really good. Gema told her to help her set the table. But Dejiko said that she didn't want to move. Then Gema mentioned that it was shabu shabu. Dejiko yelled out, "Shabu shabu?!" Within two seconds, Dejiko had set the table and everybody was shocked.

At the bakery, Kinako and Daifuku were shocked because Puchiko had developed a little cut on her leg (it was the size of a pencil dot). They freaked out completely, although Puchiko didn't think it was all that big of a deal. Kinako and Daifuku got out bandages and wrapped her leg to the point where she couldn't walk anymore.

The next day, after school ended, Rabi said that it was time for more practice. Mike was so excited about it that she was wearing her uniform under her school clothes.

Dejiko was still sore from yesterday. But Rabi was very genki and jumped up (and shockingly *bounced* in her tight uniform). Dejiko got bored again and blew on Rinna's hair this time. Rinna surprisingly told Dejiko in a sharp voice to stop it.

Rabi said that she wanted everybody to try the human pyramid. Dejiko immediately jumped up and said that she was going to be the girl on top. Then Piyoko said that there was no way and she was going to be on top. In her mind, Piyoko couldn't wait to step on Dejiko's back. But Rabi settled it by saying that neither one were going to be on top, and it was going to be Puchiko instead. The two of them would be right underneath her supporting her.

They got in a pyramid, but everybody's arms were shaking except for Mike who looked great. Puchiko was on top, followed by Dejiko and Piyoko. At the bottom were Rinna, Mike, and Yuurei. Dejiko and Piyoko were arguing with each other that they weren't supporting their share of the load.

Yuurei said that she couldn't take it anymore, but Mike said that she had to hang in there as it was part of the training. Rinna had fallen asleep.

Then a fly landed on Puchiko's face. She slapped at it, but then without her hand, she lost her balance. The entire pyramid collapsed. Gema ran to catch Puchiko safely. All of Piyoko's cronies appeared from nowhere and saved Piyoko. Dejiko just fell on Rabi and used her body to break the fall.

The girls practiced again and again and worked very hard.

Then Rabi said that they got good enough to practice moves with music. They got pom-poms and did some dance moves, although some didn't look very PG-rated to me.

Kareda saw them and said that they were all very beautiful. But I think that the others realized that they couldn't perform for anybody. But then Akari showed up and asked them to be in her music video.

Yasushi was watching TV and freaking out seeing how cute Puchiko was. Meanwhile, Kinako and Daifuku were running around trying to get a way to record it. Rik, Ky, and Coo had their faces pressed against an electronic store window watching the TVs for Piyoko.

On the TVs, the girls were performing as Akari sang a song. It was very cute. The TV camera was broadcasting it live, and Akari's manager was so overjoyed that she was dancing along with the music too.

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