Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 42

Digi Charat Nyo episode 42
Kagai Jugyou ni Odekake nyo
Princess kun Toujousa!
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.09.21

Kagai Jugyou ni Odekake nyo

It was very early in the morning, and somebody's alarm clock was ringing so loudly that the entire town was vibrating. It turned out to be Dejiko's alarm clock, but she managed to sleep through it anyway. Gema came and shut off the clock because he couldn't stand the noise. He then told Dejiko to get up so she wouldn't be late for school. But Dejiko just mumbled in her sleep and shot him instinctively with her eye-beams. Later, a burned-up Gema just dragged a sleeping Dejiko to school.

At school, all the students (including Rinna, of course) were also asleep at their desks. Gema couldn't believe that everybody was still asleep. He saw that Yuurei was awake and alert at her desk. He asked her why she wasn't asleep. I think that Yuurei said that she didn't sleep at night. Then the sun shone brightly in the room, and Yuurei immediately passed out (just like undead).

You could hear the chime and the TV screen came down from the ceiling. The Queen (the principal) was also asleep on the monitor. But then she woke up quickly and made a fast excuse. However, everybody was still asleep in the room and she was surprised. Gema asked her how she could get everybody to awake, and she made a big announcement about a field trip. But nobody awoke. Then she sneezed, and as always, the connection disconnected. (This is quickly becoming a stale joke in Di Gi Charat Nyo).

However, it seems that the students were actually listening in their sleep and knew what the principal said. Mike got up suddenly and asked if they were going to the ocean. She began swinging around a fishing pole excitedly. Then the other girls began talking to each other about silly things. Meanwhile, Rinna was still sleeping.

The bus came and Gema waved them goodbye. On the bus, all the girls chatted excitedly amongst themselves. Then John and Paul appeared dressed in uniform. They said that they were their tour guides on the field trip. Rabi asked "Jean-Paul" where they were going. But John and Paul said that it wasn't a French name and their name wasn't Jean-Paul. But Mike wasn't listening and yelled out that they had to be going to the ocean to get some fish.

John held up a thought bubble while Paul explained where they were going. I didn't understand this portion, as it didn't make sense. But Paul said that it was exciting and mysterious. I think that they didn't really know where they were going themselves, which is why they explained that this was the "Magical Mystical Tour". The girls didn't seem to like that answer.

They ended up in the forest somewhere, and Mike seemed disappointed that there wasn't any ocean. John and Paul were watching them from behind a tree, thinking that they did a great job. But suddenly a large, dark shadow appeared from behind them. It grabbed them and they screamed, "Help us!" and quickly disappeared.

Rabi heard them and asked what was happening. But Dejiko said that it wasn't a big deal or something. Rinna seemed nervous, but Dejiko said that it wasn't a monster or anything. Yuurei added (in her scary voice) that she was afraid of monsters. Puchiko began checking to see where the wind was blowing for some reason. Mike said that she wanted to catch a monster for sushi, but Puchiko told her that she couldn't eat it.

Rabi seemed to be worried about "Jean-Paul". But Dejiko was very relaxed saying that nothing was wrong, and started playing. Mike was still believing that she could catch a monster to eat it.

Then a helicopter appeared near them and landed. Akari-sensei appeared and said that they would organize a search and rescue mission for John and Paul. The others got very excited about this and quickly agreed. Then Akari got back in the helicopter and said that she would leave it to them and left in a hurry.

The others wandered around the forest, with Dejiko wearing a Sherlock Holmes outfit. They found a giant footprint and decided to follow it.

But for some bizarre reason, they ended up on some hill that was covered in beautiful flowers. The girls quickly stopped what they were doing and began playing. Then they realized that they should stop and look for Jean-Paul.

They ended up at a clear stream. Mike got very excited and said that there were fish. She whipped out her fishing pole and began catching hundreds of fish. Aqua seemed happy to sit in the water. That evening, they cooked the fish on sticks near a campfire. Then Suba-san showed up and dropped a ton of vegetables on them, saying that they should eat them at every meal. Then he tried to run away, but he fell in the river and floated downstream.

After they ate, they were playing in the pond. Yuurei thought that something was being trapped behind a boulder. But Dejiko asked if she could really move it. Yuurei picked up the giant boulder with one hand and threw it aside. But the resulting splash resulted in everybody being caught underwater. Aqua didn't mind, however.

They wandered around and ended up back at the bus. Akari-sensei appeared again (she was rope diving from the helicopter, much like the scene in Mission: Impossible movie) and said that it was time to go home. So they got on the bus and left. Everybody had to write down their experiences as part of their homework.

At the panda van, Piyoko stayed up writing a journal. At the toy store, Dejiko went to sleep.

There was a loud howling sound. Puchiko, who was writing in a journal heard it and said, "I had forgot!"

John and Paul were with Nichol eating roasted meat wildly. They had completely degenerated into barbarians (like Lord of the Flies). Despite that they had been missing for less than one day, they had already grown beards and were very dirty. They danced around the campfire and howled at the moon.

(I think that this is a joke on the so-called "Iron Man" tours that were fashionable in the '90's. These were machismo all-male camping trips where guys were taught to be "primal" and "back to nature").

Princess kun Toujousa!

Gema was complaining that the girls were wearing sweat pants underneath their skirts. But Dejiko and the others were commenting that it was very comfortable. They were also showing that they could slide down banisters on the stairs without getting leg burns this way. They could also sit "Yankee style" (squatting in a special way) without embarrassing themselves as nobody could look up their skirt.

Gema then said that princesses should be like that story with the princess with the pea under the matresses. But then nobody was listening to him and they were talking amongst themselves about soemthing (I didn't get it).

Later that day, Gema was talking it over with Kiyoshi and Yasushi. He was saying that the girls didn't respect him. I think that it was because Dejiko said that he was like an old man.

Yasushi suggested that maybe it was how he looked. He suggested to use his Prince Maker machine that would change your appearance into Prince Charming. The machine looked a lot like an iron maiden. Kiyoshi asked if he had made sure that it worked. But Yasushi quickly gave an unconvincing laugh and said that he couldn't fit in the device. But Gema thought about it, and couldn't stand how Dejiko talked down to him and said that he would do it.

Before Gema could say anything else, Yasushi grabbed Gema and shoved him in the machine. Yasushi then turned on the machine. It began making a lot of noise, vibrated, and let out a lot of smoke. Kiyoshi asked if it was really safe, and Yasushi said, "Probably."

But the door opened, and a very handsome (and bishounen) man dressed in prince clothing came out it. But he still said "gema" at the end of his sentences, and Yasushi and Kiyoshi said that he probably shouldn't say "gema" anymore.

At school, all the girls were slacking and not doing anything. Suddenly the classroom door flew open and Kareda and Gema (who gave himself a silly name, like the "prince who rode in on a white horse", I think) came singing in the room. They sparkled so much that the classroom had to wear sunglasses because they were blinding everybody. Then they put on a play about how they met each other, and it was very silly.

They said that they were replacing Gema as their teacher. Then Gema mentioned that he was having a contest to see who would be worthy of the "princess crown" for outstanding student. All the girls got very excited and wanted it.

Then the girls realized that they were wearing sweat pants, and princesses should always wear skirts. Dejiko wondered out loud whose idea was it to wear them (even though it was hers). The class quickly got rid of them. Gema thought that this plan was working perfectly.

Dejiko put a flower on the teacher's desk. But Piyoko came and put a different flower on his desk. The two began fighting over whose flower would be on the desk. But Gema came in and said that they shouldn't fight, and Dejiko and Piyoko got all friendly with each other. Deep down they hated each other, but they didn't want to look bad in front of the handsome teacher. Gema thought that he had done a wonderful thing.

Then Puchiko came and offered the teacher a lunchbox. Gema was very excited to have a present. But when he opened it, it was rice covered with smelly nattou. Puchiko said that it was her favorite meal. Gema couldn't believe it. Gema ate it to be polite, but it looked like he was going to be sick.

Then Rinna came and offered him a huge and beautiful cake. Gema was very excited and ate a piece. But as soon as he tasted it, he was disgusted. I think that Rinna said that she had other people decide the flavoring, and Puchiko made it nattou-flavored (or something silly like that).

Aqua offered the teacher a sweater for a present. Gema was very happy, but it turned out that she knitted it using fishing line or a fishing net.

Then Yuurei gave him something very strange that I didn't understand. It looked like some kind of wrap that was strangling him.

Then Rabi wanted to sing a song, but the feedback was so bad that Gema got blown away.

Finally, Mike wanted to impress the teacher, so she began swinging around her fishing pole (which had everybody caught in the line).

Gema was being mobbed by the girls, and he told them to let him go. He dropped the crown. Suddenly all the girls dove for the crown and began fighting for it.

Gema began screaming at the girls saying that it wasn't princess-like and he was so excited that he began ending all of his sentences with "gema". The girls stopped fighting immediately. Dejiko asked him why did he say "gema". The girls all figured that he was very uncool and they didn't want the crown anymore. So they left the classroom.

The class bell rung, and Gema realized that he was out of time. Like Cinderella, he turned back to normal, although it was very painful and it made a big explosion. The girls were at the school gates and they wondered what the sound was. A glass shoe fell by their feet. The others figured that it was from the "prince from a white horse". But Dejiko threw the shoe into the non-recyclable trash can. The trash can was alive and it ate the shoe. Then they went home.

Gema finally fell from the sky and looked like a weird blob. As he crawled out of the school gates, the trash cans tried to eat him. Gema screamed out that he wasn't garbage.

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