Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 43

Digi Charat Nyo episode 43
Shoutengai Kigurumi Taikai nyo
Jishuu Jikan mo Princess nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2004.12.24

Shoutengai Kigurumi Taikai nyo

Early in the morning, a traveling salesman came through the Neko Maneki Shopping District. Gema and Dejiko woke up late. They saw two gigantic cherries bouncing down the street. The cherries stopped in front of them, and suddenly John and Paul popped their heads out from the sides and greeted Dejiko. Gema and Dejiko were no longer amazed.

John and Paul explained that a kiragumi salesman was in town and they bought the outfits. Dejiko and Gema wanted some also, and Dejiko knocked John and Paul out of the way to buy some. John and Paul then fantasized how cute Dejiko would be in a kiragumi. Then they tried to leave in opposite directions, but since the stem connected the two cherries, they went nowhere.

In the park, everybody was wearing kiragumi. They had on outfits of every kind, including cows, ice cream cones, bananas, and Egyptian pyramids. Dejiko and Gema were impressed to see so many.

They ran into Yasushi, who was dressed like an old tin-toy robot, and Kiyoshi, who was dressed like a leather-bound book. Dejiko didn't recognize any of their outfits, much to their dismay.

Rabi en Rose appeared, and she wore a kiragumi that made her look like Akari. But Dejiko said that the fluffy kiragumi just made her look fat, and she was more like a sumo wrestler. Rabi got very mad and accused her of being jealous. But Dejiko just gave her a stupid look and said that she wasn't. Rabi was left to fume.

Dejiko saw that Puchiko, Daifuku, and Kinako were also in kiragumi. Daifuku was wearing a rooster outfit, Kinako in a hen one, and Puchiko in a little chick costume. Puchiko was very cute, and even Dejiko said so. Dejiko said that she had to get a kiragumi right now, and Puchiko pointed her at the traveling salesman's van. Dejiko and Gema literally flew into it.

Dejiko slammed her purse down on the counter and said that she wanted a kiragumi. The salesperson was actually a young person, but he wore a kiragumi that made him look like an older clerk. She asked him if there were any pretty kiragumi. The clerk pointed her to a pile of kiragumi, and they had all kinds of strange ones: an eggplant, a rocket, a milk carton, and a steel barrel were just a few of them.

Dejiko got very excited regardless, and asked if he had any Akari kiragumi. The clerk said that he had sold out, and then Dejiko secretly felt jealous of Rabi en Rose. But when Gema asked if she was jealous, she quickly brightened and decided to look at the other kiragumi. But despite that there were very strange ones, she didn't find any that she liked.

She saw a dirty chest underneath a pile of kiragumi. She wondered what was inside it but the owner said that she couldn't open it. He explained that it was some legendary kiragumi, and its power was too great, and in the wrong hands it could lead to disaster.

In the end, Dejiko wore a seal kiragumi, and sat on Gema, who was wearing a ball kiragumi.

Mike talked to Dejiko wearing a fish kiragumi. She started to bounce around the ground like a fish out of water. The pumpkin-headed convenience store clerk was wearing a teddy bear kiragumi. Mike went to go annoy him.

Dejiko saw that Rinna was wearing a sleeping cat kiragumi, and she was naturally asleep herself. The mayor was wearing a strange bodybuilder (I think?) kiragumi. Yuurei dressed in a squirrel outfit, and Aqua chased her in her silly (but cute) wiener-dog outfit. Aqua had to hop around since she couldn't walk in the outfit. Dejiko decided to get into the spirit and she walked like a seal in her outfit.

Piyoko saw the others and wished that she had a kiragumi also. The Black Gema Gema Gang tried to talk to her saying that she was very cute and didn't need a silly thing. But Piyoko cried out that she really wanted one. So her cronies said that they understood and made her a kiragumi "replacement"--a board with a mushroom design painted on it, and it had a hole cut out for her hands and head. It was like those wooden marquees at carnivals where you get your picture taken.

She wore it, and the Black Gema Gema Gang said that she was cute (and she was). Piyoko immediately ran to Dejiko to brag about it. But at the last moment, she fell down and couldn't get up for a long time since her hands and head were positioned through the board. But eventually she got up and started to brag to Dejiko. But Dejiko said that it wasn't a real kiragumi, and Piyoko got furious.

Suddenly, John and Paul started taking pictures. Dejiko was sure that they were taking pictures of her cute outfit. But it turned out that John and Paul were photographing Piyoko's costume. They said that it was cool and the design was a revolutionary. Dejiko screamed that it was just a board with holes in it, but they ignored her. She asked if they would take pictures of her, but they didn't find her costume interesting. Dejiko got very jealous.

Dejiko went back to the store to the chest. She opened the chest, despite the shopkeeper's warnings. She went outside and it was a robot costume with Dejiko's ears and tail. Rabi en Rose said that it was just an android kiragumi. Rabi was going to say that it was lame, but before she could finish, John and Paul knocked her out of the way so they could take dozens of photos.

Piyoko got mad and said that she wouldn't forget this insult. But as she turned to leave, she fell down on the ground again.

Dejiko was clunking around in the android kiragumi and suddenly she fell over. Everybody went to check to see if she was okay. But they quickly backed away asking what was the awful smell.

Then a greenish gas emitted from the costume. The shopkeeper explained that the costume was legendary because of its unbelievable stink. The smell started getting worse, and Dejiko panicked and used her eyebeams to try and get out of it. The shopkeeper explained that the eyebeams only amplified the smell. The stink was soon covering the entire park. Dejiko eventually passed out.

Jishuu Jikan mo Princess nyo

Kiyoshi was pounding on the bathroom door saying that Dejiko had to get out right away. He seemed desperate for some reason.

Dejiko came out and went to the breakfast area. She started to eat some of the food, but she thought that some of it didn't have enough taste. She then asked Akari if she could pass some sauce or another, but then she realized that Akari was sitting in Kiyoshi's spot at the table.

Kiyoshi went to the table and saw Akari there. Nobody at the table could believe that it was really her, but it was. Dejiko asked what she was doing here, and Akari said that she was going to be busy. She held out a large paper fan (and accidentally whacked Gema with it) and said that Dejiko was going to be the "iinchou" ("president of class") of the Princess School while she was out. Then Akari's manager found her and tied her up and dragged her away to her next appointment.

As soon as she left, John and Paul came into the room and began taking all the stuff that Akari had touched, like the seat cushion, chopsticks, and rice bowl. They found one of Akari's hairs, and they acted as if they had found buried treasure. Dejiko was so disgusted by their otaku-ness that she shot them with her eyebeams and they flew out through the ceiling.

The next day at Princess School, Dejiko whacked the paper fan against the desk and said that she was now the "iinchou" as appointed by Akari-sensei. But nobody took her seriously and they were fooling around at their desks.

The funniest part was that Puchiko was mixing nattou with rice (eating breakfast in class), but Mike was swinging around the fishing pole. The hook grabbed the bowl by accident and it launched the bowl on Piyoko, who ended up with nattou all over her.

Dejiko slammed the paper fan and screamed at everyone, but few people respected her. Dejiko asked what they should do today. Everybody had silly ideas, with Rabi even asking if they could go karaoke. Dejiko was very serious and said that this was Princess School.

Piyoko stood up and suggested that, as the "banchou" of the class, the students should have a rebellion. But Dejiko threatened her, maybe with staying after school? Piyoko quickly said that everybody should listen to the teacher.

The Black Gema Gema Gang was making lunch, although it seemed that Coo was doing a bad job of peeling potatoes. Coo explained that if they peeled off the skins badly, they could take them home and eat them for food, because it would have so much potato on them to make steak fries. The others then looked around for scraps that they could eat.

The realized that the trash can could be a potential gold mine for edible food. They tried to eat straight out of the trash can, but their heads got stuck and they ended up slamming themselves against a wall. They were talking about a new master plan. But then Aqua's sister (who was also working in the kitchen) stuck them in the trash can and told them to be quiet.

Dejiko was still having problems getting people to listen to her. [I did not understand the rest of this scene.] Dejiko mentioned the dirty door which was the gateway where Dejiko, Puchiko, and Rabi en Rose used to get to school every morning. Then for some reason, she asked the others to imitate the weird producer.

The lunchtime bell rang, and there was a huge spread for the "iinchou". The Black Gema Gema Gang had a special chair for her. Dejiko pushed the Black Gema Gema Gang and Piyoko toward the chair. They fell on the chair, and then they all fell down the hole that they had dug as a trap. The hole was also filled with explosives. Then Dejiko began eating the food and everybody else had to watch.

While Dejiko was eating, she didn't realize that Akari-sensei had appeared next to her and was eating very elegantly. Akari wanted to know if she was doing okay, but Dejiko said that everything was going great. Akari seemed a bit concerned, and when she saw Piyoko climb out of the hole, she went up to her. Akari appointed her the new "iinchou", much to Dejiko's disappointment.

Stripped of her title, Dejiko seemed a bit nervous. Piyoko was already starting to show signs that the absolute power was starting to corrupt her, too.

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