Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 45

Digi Charat Nyo episode 45
Rod P Shishakai Akihabara nyo
Kuma King Ge Dan Akihabara nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.01.01

Rod P Shishakai Akihabara nyo

A shadowy figure was walking along the Neko Maneki Shopping District. (The entire scene was shot in the film noir style). The figure went to the window and jumped into Dejiko's room. It was Puchiko, and she spoke in a low, tough voice saying something like, "I got you." But then Dejiko stuck her hand (posed like a gun) up to her head, as her bed was just a decoy. Then the two of them laughed an evil laugh.

A flashback showed a black and white scene with two men shooting at each other with silly looking guns that shot weird blobs. In the end, the guy in the white suit tricked the one with the black suit. The man in the white suit put his gun up to the other guy's head, and the movie ended.

Both Dejiko and Puchiko were saying that the movie they saw on TV was so cool. Suddenly, Gema popped out of the futon and said that it was time for breakfast, also with the pose like a gangster.

The breakfast area was also a pseudo-noir style, as the backgrounds weren't very well lit.

Yasushi, with a tough-guy look on his face, spun his chopsticks like a gun. Then he asked Gema to pass him the soy sauce with a rough voice. Gema, also in character, gave it to him.

Everybody was acting like a gangster, but they said very funny lines. "Kiyoshi, do you want some eggs?" Puchiko asked with a dark tone in her voice. "Okay, I'll pass you the sausage," Kiyoshi said with his hand rubbing his chin. Dejiko said something funny about the pickled vegetables.

Suddenly they heard a nearby, sinister laugh. Rabi en Rose suddenly opened the door, caressing her bunny ears with one of her fingers. She was also in character. She acted so well that everybody was very impressed. But Rabi said that was part of being an idol.

I think that Dejiko wanted to know what she was doing here, but Rabi got very evasive. She was thinking to herself that she actually had two tickets to the premiere of Rod P's new movie. She wanted to invite Kiyoshi to go with her to see it. Suddenly Dejiko said, "Oh, I see."

Apparently, everybody in the room could see her thought bubble that was hanging in the air. Rabi was so embarrassed and quickly blew up the bubble. But Kiyoshi wanted to go with her. Rabi got very excited, but Kiyoshi said that they could all go together. Everybody else also had a ticket for the movie premiere. Rabi was very shocked.

Everybody left the house to go to Akihabara where the movie was showing. Rabi was very depressed because she wanted to go with just Kiyoshi and just hung out at the toy store. But Kiyoshi called out to her, and she got very happy that she could just see the movie with him. She flew out into the street with her helicopter ears. She didn't notice that she passed everybody.

Akihabara was very crowded. The new movie featured the Love Love Angel Sisters as the actresses. There were flyers everywhere, and even girls cosplayed as the two girls. Naturally, John and Paul were there for the premiere as well.

I think that Dejiko was excited since this would be the first event that she got to attend. Yasushi and Kiyoshi were freaking out over it because they were otaku.

Dejiko and Puchiko were bored waiting so they started roasting a fish right in the middle of the street. Meanwhile, John and Paul were all excited to see the cosplayers.

Rod P was up on a stage and he was promoting the film. I think that John and Paul explained that this was part of the event and such. Dejiko and the others seemed to think that it was sort of weird.

There was a store that was selling goods for the movie. John and Paul had already gone to it and had bags filled with posters and other junk. Rod P was also running the store selling merchandise to the fans.

In the street, the Love Love Angel Sisters were there giving out flyers to the movie to promote it. John and Paul were very excited to see them.

The movie was going to start very soon, and everybody cleared the streets to go to the theater. The theater was a massive, fancy building that looked more like a palace. They had fireworks and even a red carpet. Dejiko and Rabi were shocked that it was this fancy.

Suddenly, the panda van pulled up to the front, and Piyoko came out in a fancy dress. The Black Gema Gema Gang was holding onto her long train. Dejiko was very jealous.

Then Akari came down the red carpet. Then she took Dejiko and Rabi's hand and said that they could come with her. One reporter asked what their relationship was, and Akari said that she was her best friend. Dejiko was very happy. Rabi realized that Akari wasn't holding onto her hand anymore.

Piyoko and her cronies were sitting at the front of the theater, and they were eating a lot of snacks. I think that they went around and began eating other people's food in the dark.

Meanwhile, Dejiko and company were sitting up in the balcony (cheap seats). Rabi was sitting next to Akari and she was so excited that she started hovering in the air with her helicopter bunny-ears. Dejiko thought that she spotted some big celebrity in front of her.

Rod P and the Love Love Angel Sisters started up a pre-show (i.e., more pointless hype) in front of the theater. Dejiko wanted them to shut up so they could start the movie, so she shot Rod P with her eyebeams. Everybody cleared the stage very quickly.

The lights went dark in the theater. Dejiko was so excited that she leaned forward and held her eyelids open so she wouldn't miss anything.

The movie started (I can't read the stupid katakana title), and you saw a beach. The two Angel sisters showed up, hit their own heads with a paper fan and strummed a ukulele. Then the movie ended (it lasted about 10 seconds), and the credits rolled.

Then the lights came on and Dejiko was shocked. Even Kareda said that it wasn't beautiful. But he saw the famous star in the aisles and they began instant messaging each other on their cell phones.

Dejiko was so furious at the movie that she shot her eyebeams, and blasted Rod P out of the theater.

Kuma King Ge Dan Akihabara nyo

Piyoko and her cronies were driving in Akihabara in their panda van hoping to find some food. But then the ugly producer guy was running down the street pulling a solid gold cart. He was running so fast that he smacked into the van and flipped it over. Then the producer yelled at them saying that they should watch where they were going, despite that it was Piyoko's gang that was on the ground.

But as soon as they said that they were the Black Gema Gema Dan, the producer changed his attitude. He wanted to use them for something. Before they could say anything, he threw them all in the back of his cart and continued running down the street, laughing like crazy.

They stopped in front of Gamers. I think that he wanted Piyoko and her gang to help him, but they didn't feel like it. So he decided to execute his plan himself, which I believe was to somehow destroy Akihabara. He figured that the cornerstone was Gamers, so he would hurt it first. He "planted" a bunch of trees from his cart all around the building. He had many trees crammed into his cart and soon there was a small forest.

Soon, the Black Gema Gema Dan figured out what he was trying to do. The people in the Gamers store, who must not have seen real trees or something, started to rush out of the stores to enjoy nature. Piyoko laughed at what was happening.

The producer installed a grinder, and all the shoppers were throwing all of their goods from Gamers into it. The stuff was being ground up into dirt at the bottom of the chute. The producer was getting all of the former customers to give up their stuff so he could "recycle" them. Piyoko and the others were very shocked.

Dejiko and her usual gang were walking along at a distance. They saw the small forest around Gamers and the crowd of people there. Dejiko didn't want to go near there, so they were going to continue walking along. But suddenly Piyoko and her gang ran out to confront them.

Piyoko and the others were trying to taunt Dejiko into going over there, I believe. Dejiko was going to go look but suddenly Kiyoshi and Yasushi stopped her. I believe that they were going to form a two-person barricade so nobody could stop them from shopping at Akihabara. Rabi en Rose decided to join up with them, since Kiyoshi was so cool.

The producer heard them and ran over there. After he yelled at them, the two guys decided that maybe it wasn't worth it, and they started to sneak home.

But then the A-N-O cosplayers showed up and said that they had to fight. The Love Love Angel Sisters and John and Paul showed up too. The producer told them to shut up and with one big kick, he launched them all off into space.

Saba-san, Rod P, and Nicol showed up suddenly. Kiyoshi and Yasushi figured that this group would be unbeatable. But the producer went to them and suddenly began sweet talking them. The producer gave them all special cellular phone straps and they all went home. Piyoko and the others were amazed at how powerful he was, and they kneeled to the producer and asked for more of his wisdom.

Everybody else begged Dejiko to do something to save Akihabara. But Dejiko had out a futon as was planning to nap in the street. But at the last minute, she decided that she was going to do something.

She got up and looked at the producer and the Black Gema Gema Dan. Piyoko and her gang knew that she was going to shoot the eyebeams and were going to run. But the producer said that they had to be brave and stand up against it. His speech was so inspirational that they stayed and did a battle pose.

Dejiko told them to shut up and used a small version of her eyebeams. It burned them all up and cracked the producer's glasses. But they were still standing. The others thought that Akihabara was lost for sure and they began to wail. Dejiko seemed to be indifferent on the matter.

The Black Gema Gema Gang were still burned up and couldn't fight anymore. The producer, fearing a stalemate, decided to power up. He used his hair and it became a crazy elastic weapon. The hair went around and smashed up buildings and the street as he laughed.

Yasushi and Kiyoshi were thinking that he was now unstoppable. But then they heard Kinako and Daifuku talking to the manager of the Gamers store. They were saying that years ago, there was a little boy who cried often because he was actually almost bald (I think). The producer wanted them to shut up, because they were talking about him. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and he ran away, leaving his toupee (the pompadour) behind him.

Akihabara was saved, and Dejiko kept the hairpiece for a toy.

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