Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 46

Digi Charat Nyo episode 46
Valentine no Choco wo Mamoru nyo
Fushigi-kun ni Arigato nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.01.05

Valentine no Choco wo Mamoru nyo

Yasushi was working on some crazy metal fish toy in the bedroom while Kiyoshi was trying to sleep. Yasushi had a blowtorch, and some of the hot metal sparks flew onto Kiyoshi's face. Kiyoshi yelled at Yasushi, but he said that he had to do it here since all the other rooms were filled up with toys.

So Yasushi worked on the toy all night, and Kiyoshi couldn't sleep from the noise.

The next morning, Kiyoshi and Yasushi looked terrible because neither one of them slept. But Dejiko looked fine and was glad to go to school.

Dejiko went to school and saw that "Usada" also looked terrible. Rabi en Rose quickly recovered and told her not to call her that. Rabi had stayed up all night trying to make chocolate because today was Valentine's Day. Dejiko and Puchiko didn't know what she was saying.

Then Unchiku-kun showed up and explained that on Valentine's Day, it was a Japanese tradition for girls to give boys chocolate, especially if they liked them. He also mentioned that there was sometimes a dance party. [Kev's Note: This is a very bizarre tradition.]

It seemed that everybody in the room had confusing ideas about how you were supposed to use the chocolate. (I didn't understand all of the dialogue here).

The Black Gema Gema gang overheard them talking about chocolate. They really wanted some of the chocolate from Piyoko. But they didn't know how they could get it.

Everybody in the classroom was squabbling about the chocolate. Rabi was so mad that she started yelling and throwing her hands in the air. But then she accidentally let go of the chocolate and it fell on the ground. Dejiko quickly raced in and grabbed it.

Despite that it was very selfish, Dejiko claimed that it was her chocolate now. She then said that maybe it was also okay if you gave it to girls, and she quickly tore off the package and ate one of the pieces. Rabi was furious, but then Dejiko's face turned funny and she breathed out fire. Piyoko thought that she had developed a new power. But Dejiko's lips were all red and swollen and she couldn't say that it wasn't true. Then Dejiko fainted.

Rabi tried to figure out what happened, and she realized that the previous night, she wasn't looking and she was using pepper instead of sugar in the recipe. Rabi was devastated, since now she couldn't give anything to Kiyoshi. Dejiko overheard and thought that it was strange that she wanted to give it to him.

Rinna suddenly woke up after napping all day and said that she knew of a special recipe for chocolate (it had a silly and long name that I can't hear). Rabi quickly grabbed Rinna's hand and begged her to show her how to make it. Soon everybody else wanted to know how to make it, also. So Rinna said okay, but she almost fell asleep again.

Rinna was mixing up the chocolate in a bowl. Everybody else had out notepads and were taking notes.

Suddenly Saba-san showed up, and he was dressed in gym clothing. I suppose that he was hoping the girls would be ready for P.E. He noticed that they were cooking, and I think that he wanted to add his own ingredient: some kind of green stuff made with dead fish. Gema passed out after he smelled it.

Saba-san was carrying it around in an open box and it kept splashing everywhere. Whatever it was, it burned holes on the tablecloth. Rinna moved surprisingly quick and protected her bowl of chocolate. Everybody was amazed to see Rinna move so deftly.

Then Saba-san began chasing everybody with the stuff, and they all ran in terror out of the classroom. Dejiko tried to shoot him with the eyebeams, but the stink was so powerful that it deflected the beams. Piyoko also tried shooting it with her mouth-beam, but it only absorbed the beam because it was so toxic.

After being chased around for a time, Yuurei and Aqua were too tired and passed out on the ground. The other girls realized that they had reached the school fence and were trapped by the crazy Saba-san. The junk kept splashing everywhere and it was burning holes in the ground. However, Rinna spun and jumped out of the way every time. The others watched her, impressed, and cheered for her.

The Black Gema Gema Dan had a crazy plan to get girls' chocolate. They were digging a big hole in the yard.

Saba-san had a delirious look on his face, and kept laughing insanely, maybe because he got the workout that he wanted. But he kept on chasing Rinna everywhere. But he suddenly tripped and the open box flew out of his hands. Rinna pulled away, but it landed somewhere and you could hear some men screaming.

Dejiko was afraid to look. But then she heard the Black Gema Gema Dan saying how delicious it was. They were still in the pit, and they were eating the nasty green stuff, which had apparently fallen into the hole.

Saba-san was very disappointed and he quickly left.

Rabi quickly said that it was time to finish the recipe. But Rinna had fallen asleep on the ground. Rabi grabbed her and shook her very hard. Dejiko said that she had used up all her energy, and you wouldn't be able to wake her.

But soon everybody was back in the classroom making chocolate again. Rabi went and finished the recipe (maybe?) and it was in the shape of a heart.

Later that day, Hikaru waited for Kiyoshi by the school. She was about to give the chocolate to Kiyoshi, but then she overheard John and Paul talk about chocolate. I think that they didn't like it for some reason.

Hikaru got very scared and didn't want to give the chocolate anymore. Kiyoshi asked if she had something, but she quickly told Kiyoshi that it wasn't anything. But he seemed to think that it might have been chocolate because of Valentine's Day. Hikaru got back her confidence and she gave him the box.

Then they walked home together.

Meanwhile, Piyoko had locked out all the members of the Black Gema Gema Dan out of the panda van. They kept on pounding on the door, but she said that she didn't want them to come in after they ate all the smelly fish. To make it worse, Coo had found some more and had it with him.

Fushigi-kun ni Arigato nyo

It was evening at the toy store. Everybody was a little hungry. But Kiyoshi said that there wasn't any food left in the house. Dejiko said that she had made some cookies at Princess School. Kiyoshi and Yasushi really wanted to try out the food. But Dejiko forgot to bring it home. The other two guys were very disappointed, and Yasushi rolled on the ground like a frustrated small child. So Dejiko said that she would go back to school to get it.

It was dark and things were a bit mysterious around the school at night. Dejiko went to the school, but she thought that she saw somebody following her. A boy had appeared behind her. She tried to talk to him, but he didn't say anything and stared at her. So Dejiko just left him and went inside the building.

Dejiko had some trouble finding the classroom but she heard some voices. Hitsuji and her mother were talking to each other over silly topics using the interactive TV set. She closed the door, and quickly found out that the boy from outside was standing next to her again.

She told him that this was a Princess School and boys weren't allowed inside the building. He didn't reply. Then she asked if he was really Gema in disguise and yanked very hard on his face. But Gema was outside patrolling the school grounds at night. Gema didn't seem very pleased that he had such a job.

Dejiko asked where did he come from (I think), and he just handed her a picture. It looked like a pot lid. But I think that somehow Dejiko understood him, despite that he didn't talk. So Dejiko decided to let him follow her.

She thought that she found the door to her classroom, but it turned out to be the bathroom. She kept on opening doors and each one was very strange. One room was filled with desks. She also found the rooms where Saba-san stayed and where Kareda slept. One room was filled with water, although none of it came out when she opened the door.

The school was very big and they just couldn't find it. They got tired and waited on the school steps for a bit.

Suddenly they heard a strange crying sound coming from one of the rooms. Dejiko went to investigate, thinking that it might be supernatural. But when she looked, it was just Gema with a flashlight resting on top of his head. He was reading a book in the dark, called "Friends of Dogs", and he was crying because he was so deeply moved by it. Dejiko wasn't very impressed, and the two of them left.

Suddenly, Gema had somebody tap him on the shoulder. When he turned around, he saw a creepy figure fall on top of him. He let out a scream. It turned out that Dejiko had pushed the science classroom's human body model on top of Gema as a prank. Dejiko and the boy ran, but they had a laugh about it later.

Dejiko realized that she was now in the kitchen. She looked in one of the pots, but it had something brown in it. The entity inside the pot awoke and quickly grew in size and started chasing them. Dejiko dragged the boy and ran, but they ended up in a hallway with a dead end. Dejiko was going to use her eyebeams, but suddenly the boy jumped in front of her. His nostrils flared, and this weird force shield emitted from it. The shield repelled the blob monster and it retreated. (I believe that this is a joke since Dejiko's power comes out of her eyes and Piyoko's comes out of her mouth, so the boy uses his nose).

Dejiko finally found the room with her cookies in it. She offered one to the boy, and he took it. The cookie was in the shape of one her bells.

Then she saw something move next to her. Dejiko looked and saw that it was Rinna sleeping in the room on a giant pillow of some sort. She suddenly got up, put her hand on Dejiko's shoulder and said something that freaked out Dejiko. Then she went to asleep right away again. [I didn't get this part]

For some reason, Dejiko wanted to show off her toy, her cellular phone. But the boy wasn't very interested. He pulled out something and it looked like some kind of hot pot. Dejiko didn't get it. But then the hot pot started to ring, and the boy ran.

The boy ran outside and there was a large pot lid just like the picture from earlier. He slid off the pot lid. When Dejiko looked inside it, it opened into outer space. The boy ran out into the other world.

Dejiko asked if he was going home, and he nodded. He held out his hand, and Dejiko figured that he wanted her to come with him. But she said that she wouldn't forget him, and said that she had to go home. Then his mother ship (a giant hot pot) beamed him up.

Dejiko said, "Bye bye nyo."

The boy spoke for the first time. He said very slowly, "Bye bye nyo."

Then Dejiko went home so Kiyoshi and Yasushi could have some of her delicious cookies. But the two guys were asleep at the table. Dejiko got mad because she went through a lot of trouble. She was going to shoot them with her eyebeams, but decided against it. She just slapped the bag of cookies on the table and went to her room.

While she was in her room, she looked out the window at the stars. Then she went to sleep.

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