Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 48

Digi Charat Nyo episode 48
Princess Tenkousei ga Kuru nyo
Me kara Beam ha Oshimaika nyo?
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2005.02.04

Princess Tenkousei ga Kuru nyo

Early in the morning, a cloud-thing floated around in the sky, then squeezed between the crack of the window in the Toy Store. It went to Dejiko (who was half-asleep) and whispered something in her ear. It said that there was going to be a transfer student in Princess School.

The others wondered where she heard that. Dejiko said that she heard it from the wind, pointing at the cloud-thing. The thing was now eating breakfast with the others.

Yasushi got excited hearing about this. He thought that maybe a pretty girl would come to town. But nobody was paying attention to him as they were busy eating breakfast.

The cloud-thing wandered over to Piyoko and whispered to her too. She and the Black Gema Gema Gang were eating something cooked from a pot. It looked like Coo didn't get to eat anything since there wasn't enough food. The cloud didn't like the smell of what they were eating.

Apparently the cloud had gone around and whispered to everyone. The next day at school, Yuurei had brought a present. She claimed that it was delicious candy, but it looked like eyeballs. The others were very shocked.

The others were wondering about the new student. Mike was so excited that she was running around in the back. But everybody (except Puchiko) decided that they would have a huge welcoming celebration.

The girls had built a crazy border around the doorway and even put up a paper screen. They moved their chairs around the doorway waiting for the new girl to show up. Dejiko went and did a test run. She jumped through the paper screen. Party streamers were fired, doves were released, and the rest of the girls applauded. Then Dejiko gushed as a spotlight was placed on her, and confetti drifted from the ceiling. Dejiko then introduced herself as "Di Gi Charat, transfer student." Then Rabi clapped her hands and said that the test was concluded. Puchiko was so bored that she was chewing on some grilled squid.

The girls put back up all the decorations and waited.

There was a glowing from the doorway and a shadow of a long-haired female. Most of the girls were excited. Then somebody jumped through the doorway and fireworks went off and everything.

It turned out that it was Gema that was carrying a dress, and he also had two brushes hanging from his head. Gema didn't know what was happening, but he seemed very happy that the girls seemed to appreciate him. Dejiko said that it wasn't for him and shot him with her eye-beams. Then the girls rebuilt the doorway while Gema smoked in the corner of the room. The girls were hoping that it was the real one this time.

The doorway glowed again, and somebody jumped through the doorway. But the shadow of the girl turned out to be just Kareda-sensei (it was very obvious). But he quickly left.

Then the girls rebuilt the doorway. But then they heard a familiar wicked laugh. The girls were terrified that the ugly producer was going to be the new transfer student.

They ran outside and saw the producer hammering in a post. Apparently he had gotten in through the gold doorways by buying his way in (or possibly buying all the gold). I believe that the girls figured out that the crazy guy that liked to eat the stinky food had helped him.

Suddenly one girl called the producer an "old man" and told him to leave. It turned out to be Chibi Akari, who was the new transfer student. Her bowtie featured a strawberry icon. Everybody talked to Akari and completely ignored the producer, who was ranting.

The producer didn't like being ignored. He called on his cell phone for a bulldozer so he could demolish the area.

Dejiko said that it was up to them to protect Chibi Akari. Then Dejiko called out for the special Princess School Attack Formation. It turned out that all the girls got together like sentai (according to the announcer) and... formed a pyramid like in cheerleader practice.

But the producer wasn't amazed and he was going to run them over with his bulldozer anyway.

Then Chibi Akari told him to stop. She spoke in that magical girl voice and then began glowing with a bright light. But after a huge flash of light, she didn't transform or anything, because she wasn't a real magical girl. The producer was so angry, and he decided to blow up the school. He ran over there with the bulldozer.

At the doorway was Aqua's older sister. But at the last second, she grew to gigantic size and simply batted the bulldozer with her fist, and the producer flew into the sky.

Back at the classroom, the girls repeated their welcoming party for the transfer student (including confetti, doves, etc.). Everybody welcomed Chibi Akari, and she was very moved. But one month later, Chibi Akari transferred out of the school again.

Me kara Beam ha Oshimaika nyo?

It was late at night and Dejiko couldn't sleep. She turned on the light, and then grabbed Gema, who was holding a pillow and floating in the air. He kept on sleeping even though Dejiko was shaking him. She threatened to shoot him with the eye-beams, but he only mumbled half-asleep for her to shut up. Then he gave her an annoying toy, assumedly to pacify her.

Dejiko's face turned very red. She did a running start and screamed for her eye-beam attack. But despite that the toy store (which is alive, apparently) braced itself for impact, nothing happened. Dejiko was very shocked, so she rubbed her eyes again. The toy that Gema had given her kept on jabbering on the ground. Dejiko told it to shut up and tried to shoot her eye-beams at it, but it only fizzled. Dejiko then panicked as she realized that she couldn't shoot her eye-beams anymore. She tried shooting everything in the room, and nothing happened.

Then Dejiko got out a pot and banged on it with a ladle to wake everybody. Kiyoshi, Yasushi, and Gema were all half-asleep. They said, "Oh you can't shoot your eye-beams? Well that's terrible," but not in a convincing voice. Dejiko was mad that they weren't really awake and tried to shoot them again, but nothing happened.

They sat around the dining table and discussed it. Dejiko insisted that she really lost her eye-beams, as the others seemed surprised by this claim. Dejiko was furious that nobody was taking this seriously. But Kiyoshi said that it might be okay without having the eye-beams. Then the others were so tired that they went back to bed.

The next day, Mike was shocked and asked Dejiko if it was really true that she couldn't shoot her eye-beams. The others tried to cheer her up, I believe, but Dejiko said that it was part of being a princess (I think).

Rabi en Rose came up to Dejiko and said that she heard from Kiyoshi that she couldn't use her eye-beams anymore. Dejiko didn't seem too happy that she heard about it. Then Rabi slapped her back with her rabbit ear (like how a friend slaps your back with their hand), and said that it was still okay. But Dejiko just made fun of Rabi anyway.

Then Piyoko with the Black Gema Gema Gang showed up. Piyoko was overjoyed to hear that Dejiko couldn't use her special power anymore. All of them laughed at her, and Dejiko couldn't do anything about it.

Mike decided that the class would have to help Dejiko get back her eye-beams. But then class ended. Dejiko crawled home in depression.

The next day, Mike had a special fishing pole with an ugly lure, hoping that it would encourage Dejiko. The others were thinking differently: Rinna made a cake. Yuurei had a box with a toy that jumped out. And Aqua had brought some toys. However, Piyoko with the Black Gema Gema Gang just laughed at her plight, and figured that she would never get back her eye-beams.

Rabi had wondered where Puchiko went. Just then, Puchiko was riding on Hokkemirin up the mountain at a rapid pace.

That afternoon, Dejiko was riding Gema home, and he was carrying all of the things that the class had brought for her. When she got home, Yasushi had made her a silly backpack that was supposed to simulate her having eye-beams. Dejiko wore it and looked more depressed as ever.

Then Kinako and Daifuku showed up saying that Puchiko was missing. They were saying that there was some monster there of some sort. Dejiko snapped out of it and said that she would find her. Dejiko and Gema began running up the mountain, even though Dejiko would be defenseless against anything.

But Piyoko and the Black Gema Gema Gang were up the road and stopped them. Dejiko and Gema said that they were busy, but Piyoko wanted a showdown right there. Then Dejiko said that she had to rescue her sister. But the others said that she was lying. But Dejiko talked from her heart, and Piyoko believed her. Piyoko said that she would let her go, but she had to come back and finish it later. Then Dejiko promised.

Puchiko was being chased by a gigantic animated statue. This was the monster in the mountain. Dejiko switched on the backpack, and it looked like it was going to work, but instead the backpack flew off and the giant crushed it with its foot.

Rabi tried to get it to stop, but it just knocked her out of the way. She landed in the forest somewhere.

Then Puchiko said that Dejiko had to eat these herbs from the mountain, which would supposedly cure her condition. She ate them, but then she said that she felt sick. Everybody was screaming saying that only the eye-beams would save them. Then Dejiko shot her eye-beams and blew the statue back into the mountain.

Dejiko said that she was cured, and thanked Puchiko.

Then Piyoko asked if Dejiko would keep her promise of a rematch. Dejiko acted like she didn't remember saying such a thing. Then Piyoko got mad and used her mouth-bazooka. Dejiko shot her eye-beams. Gema was trying to stop them from fighting, and instead got shot with both weapons.

Just then, Rabi had just managed to use her helicopter bunny-ears to get back to the group. But Gema flew into her and knocked her back into the forest again.

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