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    This machine has been retired.

    [chori-nonnon-aquabase] ASUS TUSL2-C motherboard
    Celeron 1.3 GHz
    Radeon 7000/VE
    512MB memory (256MB x2)
    Promise Ultra100 TX2
    120GB disk (IBM IC35L120AVVA07)
    120GB disk (IBM IC35L120AVV207-0)
    CD-RW drive (Plextor PX-W8432T)

    Aquabase was running Fedora Core 2 (linux).

    The two 120GB disks were using Linux's software RAID1 (md).

    The services running on aquabase were as follows.

    DNS This used to be the master DNS server for usagi.org (ns1.usagi.org), and mitakesearch.net (ns3.mitakesearch.net).
    http This used to be a virtual web server hosting pooky.usagi.org, mp3.usagi.org, videos.usagi.org, and www.mitakesearch.net.

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