HD's network

This page describes some details about the network gear that I use to connect to the Internet and run the servers in my room.

Netgenesis SuperOPT100E
Corega SW08GTX2B [gigabit hub]
Corega CG-SW08GTP [gigabit hub]
Corega FSW-8L [100Mbit hub]

This is a view of my main routers from the back.

The ethernet is connected from the fiber modem (media converter) to the Corega FSW-8L hub.

The SuperOPT100E and BRC-FEBK routers are connected to the hub, and run PPPoE to my Internet providers.

This is the main gigabit hub (SW08GTX2B). The three routers and sub hub are connected to it.

The following are photos of network gear that I used in the past.

[HD's computers]
[HD's network]

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