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    This was the third configuration of nyu (ˤ), , which was my main file (NFS) server. It was built in January 2009, and retired in May 2010.

    Silver Stone SG01B-E case
    ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard (REV 1.10G)
    Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (dual core 2.2 GHz)
    4GB memory (PC3200 1GB x4)
    32GB SSD (SuperTalent FTM32GL25H)
    1TB disk (Seagate ST31000333AS)
    1TB disk (Seagate ST31000333AS)
    320GB disk (Seagate ST3320620AS)

    This is the front of the computer.

    I put the Century CWRS-BK in the double height 5inch bay. This holds three 3.5inch SATA disks.

    This is a shot from the side. Since there are too many things crammed inside, I can't close the case.

    There was a compartment to hold two 3.5inch disks (below the 5inch bays), but I took it out.

    This is the top of the computer. The 2.5inch SSD is just sitting on the top of the Century CWRS3-BK case. This is the OS disk, and is connected to SATA port 1.

    Nyu is running Fedora 8 x86_64 (64bit linux), with inittab default set to run level 3.

    When running X on this machine, the mouse disappears.

    The 3.5inch disks are connected as listed in the table.

    The two 1TB disks are using Linux's sofware RAID1.

    typeSATA portdevice/raid
    ST31000333AS2sdb (md0)
    ST31000333AS4sdd (md0)

    I had to change the following settings in the BIOS in order to get things running smoothly. (The version of the BIOS is 1001.)

    memory hole [enable] With memory hole disabled (the default setting), Fedora was only able to see 2.7GB of memory. With memory hole enabled, the OS was able to see 3.9GB.

    This is the third configuration for nyu. The details of the first configuration (2005-2007) and second configuration (2007-2008) of nyu are also available.

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