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  • pooky (first)

    This was the first configuration of pooky (my main desktop computer), built in 2004.
    I updated pooky because the OS hard disk died in December 2007.
    The new pooky is a major improvement (just about everything), but uses the same case.

    Intel D865GBFLK motherboard
    Pentium 4 3.2E GHz
    2GB memory (PC3200 512MB x4)
    GeForce FX5200
    Promise SATA150 TX4
    160GB disk (Maxtor 6Y160M0)
    320GB disk (Hitachi HDT725032VLA360)
    250GB disk (Hitachi HDS722525VLSA80)
    250GB disk (Hitachi HDT722525DLA380)
    250GB disk (Hitachi HDT722525DLA380)
    DVD ROM drive (Toshiba Samsung SD-M2012)
    Fan Master SF-609

    [as of 2005.08.01]

    This is the front of the computer. There is a fan controller Fan Master SF-609 in the top bay, and also a DVD drive.
    The Fan Master SF-609 displays the temperature of the CPU, boot hard disk, case air temperature, and data hard disk. It also displays and can change the speeds of the (2) rear 12cm fan, (3) front 8cm fans, and (4) top 8cm fan. There is no fan connected to the (1) slot yet.
    The side of the case has a clear acrylic window so you can see inside.
    The top of the case also has a clear acrlyic window. There is a 8cm fan with blue LEDs attached to the top window.
    This is the Gigabyte G-Power Cooler BL. It has a heatsink with pipes, and a 12cm fan with blue LEDs.

    This is quieter than the default heatsink/fan combination that came with the CPU.

    On the left is the 12cm fan with red, green, and blue LEDs. This fan can go from 1260 to 1950 RPM.
    This is at the rear of the case, blowing air out of the case.
    On the right are the two 8cm fans with orange LEDs. These fans can go from 1400 to 2700 RPM.
    These are at the front of the case, blowing air at the data hard disks.

    Pooky is running Fedora Core 4 (32bit linux).

    One 160GB disk is the OS, one 320GB disk is temporary space for "large" files such as movies, and the other three 250GB disks are using Linux's sofware RAID5 (md).

    Some of the problems that I had with Fedora Core 4 (and Fedora Core 2) were as follows.

    MH There is no MH in Fedora Core 2 (and beyond).

    Since my main mail environment is based on MH, I need MH. I built MH 6.8.4-jp from sources on Fedora Core 2. There were several hacks required for it to compile, and I added some hacks to make reading mails easier. I still need to add UTF-8 support in some of my mail tools.

    dual head
    Using the GeForce FX5200 video card, dual head only works when using the "nvidia" driver (that you have to download). It doesn't work using the default "nv" driver.

    But once it does work, having a 2560x1024 screen is GREAT!

    Warning: Don't use the X driver's xinerama! It's horribly slow.
    Use the nvidia driver's "twinview". It's extremely fast!

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