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    The following are the SSDs (solid state drives) that I have used.

    Updated: 2010.05.05

    SSD size read write comments
    CFD CSSD-SM32MP 32GB 122MB 25MB OS disk, too slow for OS disk use.
    SuperTalent FTM32GL25H 32GB 150MB 100MB OS disk, no problems as an OS disk for a file server.
    OCZ OCZSSD2-1APX60G 60GB 230MB 110MB data disk/OS disk, no problems for general use. write is too slow for database use. read is excellent for read-only database use. makes a very nice OS disk.
    OCZ OCZSSD2-1VTX120G 120GB 250MB 160MB data disk, great performance, even for database use. SSD can keep up with most small block writes, and is faster than hard disk.
    Samsung MMCRE64G5MXP-0VB 64GB 220MB 120MB OS disk, no problems as an OS disk. database read is slower than the OCZ SSDs.
    PQI X25-M (Intel 80GB) 80GB 250MB 70MB OS disk, no problems as an OS disk.
    Intel SSDSA2MH160G2R5 160GB 250MB 100MB database disk, great performance, faster than the OCZSSD2.

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