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  • taz (first)

    This is the first configuration of taz, built in early 2007. It was my primary search engine server, until September 2009.

    Freedom FPC-EZBL case
    ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard (REV 1.01G)
    Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (dual core 2.6 GHz)
    8GB memory (PC2 4200 2GB x4)
    80GB disk (Seagate ST380811AS)
    320GB disk (Seagate ST3320620AS)
    320GB disk (Hitachi HDT725032VLA360)
    DVD ROM drive (Aopen DVD1648L PRO)

    This is the front of the computer.

    There is a built in thermometer, and it's measuring the temperature of the CPU heatsink. I also attached a very small keyboard, just for booting and doing

    This is the top of the computer. This case has a window on the top and the two sides.
    This is the side of the computer. Through the window, you can see the blue light from the 8cm fan.
    These photos show the inside of the computer, without the side panels attached.

    The hard disks and CPU are on one side (along with two fans).

    The power supply and PCI slots are on the other side.

    Taz is running Fedora 7 x86_64 (64bit linux) with inittab default set to run level 3.
    I had previously run Fedora Core 6, CentOS 4.4, and CentOS 5.0.

    The 80GB disk is the OS, and the two 320GB disks (raid1) are the data disks.

    The version of the BIOS is 0801.

    I turned off Cool n Quiet and the CPU is being overclocked to run at around 2730 MHz.

    Taz is running the search engine databases (A-trek V2.0) for www.akiba-search.net, www.akiba-shop.net, and some other private search services.

    problems with this machine

    Just in case others with this motherboard, CPU, etc run into similar problems, I'll list the problems I've run into. Solutions welcome!

    problem solution/status
    disk cache breaks I have used another computer with the same motherboard (ASUS M2NPV-VM) but different CPU (Athlon64 X2 5600+), and it also has this problem when running with 8GB of memory.
    Easily reproduced.. no solution found.
    system hangs during heavy disk io When running a heavy database program for a few hours (constantly writing to disk), the system hangs. I've tried 6 different hard disks, happens with all of them.
    Very easily reproduced.. no solution found.
    mouse disappears in X Since I run at run level 3, this isn't that big of a problem for me.

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