Comparing the EOS 10D and EOS D60

By Hitoshi Doi (

My thoughts regarding the EOS 10D and EOS D60 are as follows.

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The 10D and D60 are very similar digital cameras. I use them side by side at events, and have no problems in terms of user interface.

Some of the major differences that I see are listed in the table below.

feature comments advantage
AF (auto focus) The 10D has a 7 point focus screen, and the D60 has a 3 point focus screen. 7 is better than 3, even though I only use the one on the top (when the camera is held in portrait position). The 10D's AF seems to be faster. Accuracy seems to be the same. 10D
image view This is probably the most improved area for the 10D. The D60 has a zoom feature, but it is just a zoom of a 3 by 3 grid. The 10D allows for smooth zooming and movement of the zoomed area. But for both cameras, you can only view the images after they have been written out to the CF (slow for both cameras). 10D
JPEG quality The 10D's images at the same ISO has less noise than the D60. The D60 is pretty clean up to ISO 400; the 10D up to ISO 800. The highest ISO for the D60 is ISO 1000. The 10D can go up to ISO 3200. 10D
AWB (auto white balance) The AWB when used outdoors in good lighting is pretty much the same in both cameras. Both are pretty good. But indoors or in situations with mixed lighting (flash plus lamps) the 10D's AWB makes the images very yellow. The D60 is pretty good even indoors. D60
manual white balance the 10D has manual white balance setting (by degrees K), so if there is enough time to take multiple test shots, there is no problem in any kind of lighting. The 10D also has white balance bracketing. The D60 lacks these features. 10D
buffering and CF writing Both cameras use the same buffering mechanism. The 10D has 9 slots, and the D60 has 8. Both will convert to JPEG in a different buffer area and will clear the slots before the data is fully written out to the CF. The D60 writes to the CF faster, so even if there is one less slot, you can take pictures faster with the D60. D60
ETTL The ETTL in the 10D has been modified to use a large area outside of the AF box in its evaluation. This may be good in a generic situation, but for black backgrounds or white backgrounds, this makes the ETTL pretty useless. I have to use the 550EX in manual mode. D60
set button programming The D60 allows the set button to be programmed for changing the ISO value (along with other parameters). The 10D has a separate ISO button (on the top of the camera), so the set button can't be used for it. When shooting, it's much easier to push the set button than to find the ISO button on the top of the camera.. D60

There are other differences between the 10D and D60, but since I usually shoot in M mode, one-shot AF, large/fine JPEG, the features that don't matter to me are not listed.

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