General Information [for the OAV]

Because of an earthquake, a ruins which didn't seem to be part of this world was discovered in the basement of a high school. The president of the student council, Jinnai Katsuhiko, made it look like he was the one who discovered the ruins, as the TV reporters were there. During the TV broadcast, Jinnai's younger sister Nanami appears and tells everyone about Jinnai's dishonest acts. The other members of the student council finally turn against Jinnai, who had controlled them until now. They all want Mizuhara Makoto, who had accidently witnessed one of Jinnai's dishonest deals, to become the next student council president.

Makoto had no interest in it, but it was a very dangerous situation for Jinnai. He had always had a complex against Makoto, and tried to set up Makoto into a trap. In the middle of the night, Jinnai called Makoto to the empty school. Just as Makoto was going to get beaten up, time stopped. Makoto was called to the ruins by a strange voice.

At the ruins Makoto met the beautiful girl of the ruins. She gave Makoto a message, and sent him to El Hazard.

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