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  • Idol Promnade vol 70

    Event Idol Promnade vol 70
    Location Ohmori Sports Center
    Date 2004.07.19
    Time 19:00 - 22:00
    Cost 3000 yen
    Guests Ichii Hiori (ݫɹ)
    Saaya (Ӱ)
    Morishita Manami
    • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.08.03

    This was a song event by Aswan Promotion featuring minor idols. There were almost 10 girls who sang. I went to see Ichii Hiori and Morishita Manami, but Saaya (a cosplayer) was also VERY cute. Manami sang solo, and also as a member of the new group Survive.

    Ichii Hiori sang Nichiyou ha Dameyo (Miura Rieko) and Minna Daijoubu (CoCo). This was Hiori's fifth singing event.

    Saaya sang Sakuranbo (Ohtsuka Ai) and Kiseki no Kaori Dance (Matsuura Aya). This was Saaya's first singing event.


    Photos with flash allowed. Audio and video recording not allowed.

    photo notes

    I used my 10D, and took 685 photos with only 215 of them worth keeping. I used two 550EX flashes and was pretty far from the stage. Since I had my second 550EX too close to the lens, and the power was set too strong, this caused "red eye" in a lot of the photos.

    The number of photos per girl was as follows.

    Ichii Hiori 112
    Saaya 57
    Morishita Manami 46
    [Morishita Manami] [Morishita Manami]

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