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  • Aozora Shoujotai 2nd Series Event

    Aozora Shoujotai 2nd Series Event
    Kudan Kaikan (Kudanshita)
    16:00 - 18:30
    Hisakawa Aya (久川綾)
    Orikasa Ai (折笠愛)
    Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
    Nogami Yukana (野上ゆかな)
    Miki Shinichirou (三木眞一郎)
    Shimizu Toshimitsu (清水としみつ)
    free (need postcard)
    • Report version 0.4 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.01.29
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.10

    On January 28, 1996, the Aozora Shoujotai event for the second Aozora Shoujotai OAV series took place at the Kudan Kaikan. The event was very packed full, with over 1000 people.

    There was even a TV crew (for the late night show Tonight 2) interviewing some of the people who were waiting in line.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • guest talk
    • Yukiguni Shoujotai
    • Aozora Shoujotai mini-concert
    • Shimizu Toshimitsu talk and song
    • Aozora Shoujotai horse race
    • final comments
    • ED song

    introduction of guests

    As the event began, Hisakawa Aya, Orikasa Ai, Inoue Kikuko, Nogami Yukana, and Miki Shin'ichirou came onto the stage wearing the Japanese air self defense force winter uniforms. (They stood in that order on the stage from right to left.)

    Hisakawa Aya's hair was straight.
    Orikasa Ai's hair was tied up.
    Inoue Kikuko's hair was curled, but not tied up.
    Nogami Yukana's hair was up in a pony tail, with a ribbon.
    Miki Shin'ichirou came out in sun glasses, and had a beard.

    Aya said that these uniforms cost 100,000 yen each!
    Ai added that the contents were more costly. (^_^;)

    They started talking about who was the mood maker of the group, and who was the quiet one. But Aya wasn't participating in the discussion much. That was because she was concentrating on the lyrics of her song (that she was going to sing later). Aya said that after her song, she would go all out.

    Ai: Which one is Isurugi going to choose, Mitaka or Haneda?
    Shin'ichirou: He's going to stick with his T4?
    Aya: You avoided the question.
    Ai: I was planning on settling it in the second series.
    Miki: I hear it won't get settled.
    Ai: Then a third series?
    [The crowd cheered!]

    MC: The characters have changed as the story goes on.
    Aya: Miyuki used to be an ojousama type with a strong sense of justice.
    Ai: But now Mitaki is more strict.
    Aya: I wonder what happened.
    Kikuko: It did change, didn't it..
    Shin'ichirou: Aren't you in this story too!?
    everyone: Oi, oi!

    Ai: But Kikko-chan is very nice. Tell them about that bet.
    Kikuko: At the end of the first series, in the special video interview, I said, "I'll bet 3000 yen that there will be a second series." Then when the second series started, Victor gave me a bag with 3000 yen in it.
    Ai: Then Kikkuko said that she would buy us all cakes with that money. Isn't she so nice? Then she brought cake for the next recording.
    Kikuko: But that day we recorded separately, so I was the only young girl there. I thought, "I'm the only one? I bought so much cake.. I'm so lucky!"
    [The crowd laughed.]
    Yukana: You ate it all?
    Kikuko: Yes. I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you. At the end of the second series, I'll make another bet.
    Yukana: But what will you do if you lose?
    Kikuko: I don't have to do anything?
    [The crowd laughed.]

    Then they all decided that they wanted 50,000 yen the next time, 10,000 yen per person.

    They talked about the outfits that they were wearing. It was a custom made outfit that cost 100,000 yen each! Aya kept repeating 100,000 yen over and over.
    Then Ai said, "But the contents cost a lot more."
    Kikuko: We have to work hard enough to make up for this 100,000 yen outfit.

    Then they showed a video of the time when Aya, Ai, and Shin'ichirou went to Iruma Air Force Base to look at the planes and base that the story was based on. Aya and Ai said that it was very cold on the day that they went. Kikuko and Yukana will be going to a different base, Hyakuri Base, later. This video will then be given as a present to those who buy the gaiden and three Aozora Shoujotai II OAVs (total of four OAVs).

    Also a Macintosh CD-ROM called Isurugi-kun no Himitsu just went on sale 1/26. The MAC version came out because many of the Aozora staff members were MAC users, including Nogami Yukana.

    Yukana: Maybe if users of the other computers send in letters, they might make if for another computer.
    Kikuko: For the Internet?
    [The crowd laughed.]
    Yukana: The Internet is a communication mechanism..
    Kikuko: I should have kept my mouth shut. There are other types of computers?
    Yukana: For example, PC..
    Kikuko: Oh, PC Engine.
    [The crowd exploded again.]

    The MC asked everyone about what parts of the Yukiguni Shoujotai OAV they wanted the audience to watch.

    Aya: Aaan.. There are this and those lines in this video.
    Kikuko: It's all very good, but I like the way Isurugi-kun's nose bleeds. It's all very funny. I like it a lot.
    Yukana: Yoko talks more than usual. She also appears on the screen more than usual. But she's always eating or laughing or sleeping. But please watch it.
    Shin'ichirou: The guys will enjoy it.

    Yukiguni Shoujotai

    The OAV that they showed was the side story Yukiguni Shoujotai (雪国少女隊), which was a very funny (and slightly ecchi) story about the 801 TTS members going to a resort hotel in the cold snowy mountains.

    Aozora Shoujotai mini-concert

    After the break, the Aozora Shoujotai concert began.

    Haneda Miyuki (Hisakawa Aya) was first, and she sang 50,000 Feet no Blue Bird (50,000 フィートの Blue Bird). Aya was wearing the orange flight suit and the black jacket over it. Her hair was in a pony tail.

    After her song, she talked with the emcee for a while.

    Mitaka Arisa (Orikasa Ai) was next, and she sang Twilight Flight. Ai was wearing a white dress and long white boots.

    After her song, she talked with the emcee for a while.

    Shimorenjaku Yoko (Nogami Yukana) was next, and she sang Aozora Sentai Shimo Ranger (青空戦隊シモレンジャー). Yukana was wearing a pink, sweater-type, one-piece dress, and white boots.

    After her song, she talked with the emcee for a while.

    Saginomiya Sakura (Inoue Kikuko) was next, and she sang Fuchuu Shigure (府中しぐれ). Kikuko was wearing a bluish kimono.

    After her song, she talked with the emcee for a while.

    author talk and song

    After the Aozora Shoujotai mini-concert, the emcee announced that there was another special guest. It was Shimizu Toshimitsu, the creator and author of the Aozora Shoujotai manga.

    They talked for a while about Aozora Shoujotai.

    [to be filled in later..]

    Then the emcee said that they had brought the karaoke of the song Karaoke no Koibito (カラオケの恋人), which was the coupling song on Saginomiya Sakura's Fuchuu Shigure single. They asked Toshimitsu to sing it with Kikuko, and they sang the song! Kikuko was still wearing her kimono.

    Aozora Shoujotai horse race

    After the duet, they called everyone back onto the stage, and they had the horse race! Everyone who had come was given tickets when they entered, and that ticket had their horse numbers on them (first and second place combination, which had to be in the right order). The ones with the winning tickets were given cels as presents!

    They had a horse race board on the stage, with a cute picture of each character on a horse (I think). The seiyuu all rolled a die to determine how they would go around the track.

    The race went as follows:

    Aya (5)
    Aya jumped out to a big lead, but she landed on a spot that said, skip one turn.
    Shin'ichirou (give one)
    Since this was his first turn, he stayed at the starting gate.
    Yukana (3)
    Yukana went to location 3.
    Ai (3)
    Ai went to location 3.
    Kikuko (skip a turn)
    Kikuko stayed at the starting gate.
    Aya [skipped]
    Aya stayed at location 5.
    Shin'ichirou (3)
    Shin'ichirou went to location 3.
    Yukana (skip a turn)
    Yukana stayed at location 3.
    Ai (steal one)
    Ai took a step from Aya, so Aya got pulled back to location 4, and Ai went ahead to location 4.
    Kikuko [skipped]
    Kikuko stayed at the starting gate.
    Aya (5)
    Aya went to location 9.
    Shin'ichirou (give one)
    Kikuko said, "Thank you," before Shin'ichirou had decided who to give one step to.. so he gave it to Kikuko. So Kikuko went to location 1, and Shin'ichirou went to location 2.
    Yukana [skipped]
    Yukana stayed at location 3.
    Ai (5)
    Ai went to location 9.
    Kikuko (3)
    Kikuko went to location 4.
    Aya (5)
    Aya finished first!
    Shin'ichirou (4)
    Shin'ichirou went to location 6.
    Yukana (give one)
    Kikuko said, "Thank you," again and got another step. So Kikuko went to location 5, and Yukana went to location 2.
    Ai (4)
    Ai finished second!

    So the winning ticket was 1-4.

    final comments

    The seiyuu and Shimizu Toshimitsu said their good-bye messages.

    [to be filled in later..]

    ED song

    To close the event, Nogami Yukana sang Aozora no Love Letter (青空のラブレター), the ED song of the second Aozora Shoujotai series. The other seiyuu and Shimizu Toshimitsu danced in the back! Aya and Ai were very good. The crowd got into it and swayed with them too. Kikuko was in her kimono, so she couldn't dance much.

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