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  • Hisakawa Aya Undoukai event

    Hisakawa Aya Undoukai
    Nissan Gymnasium
    17:00 - 20:00
    Hisakawa Aya ()
    Inoue Kikuko (׻)
    • Report version 0.4 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.11.23
      (some information provided by Joe Petrow)

    The Hisakawa Aya Undoukai event was held on November 16, 1996. There is going to be a Hisakawa Aya undoukai CD and video coming out in 1997, and this event was held for the filming of that video. There were around 800 people who got tickets to watch the event.

    The event took place in a gymnasium (Nissan's gym in Shinagawa-ku). All of the participants were on the gym floor, and all of the viewers were on the second floor, looking down at the participants.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • entrance ceremony
    • obstacle course race
    • tug of war
    • tama ire (throwing balls into baskets)
    • Hisakawa Aya CD photo shoot
    • cheerleading dance
    • ping pong
    • relay race
    • exit ceremony

    entrance ceremony

    There were two teams in this undoukai [athletic festival], the Hisakawa Aya team and the Anime Magazine team. Aya was the captain of the Aya team, and the Fukuhen Brothers were the captain of the Magazine team. Each team had 25 members.

    Aya's team entered the gym first, with Aya wearing a kangaroo kigurumi! Everyone else on the team was also wearing a kigurumi too! The team was divided up into 5 sub-groups, with each sub-group members wearing the same kigurumi. Aya's team had the dog group, the kappa group, the cat group, the rabbit group, and the squirrel group.

    The anime magazine team entered next, with the sub groups consisting of the fox group, the cameleon group, the bear group, the sheep group, and the pochi group.

    After an introduction of the members, the two angels (who were going to take care of any injuries) came twirling out onto the gym. The angels were Inoue Kikuko and and her older sister Yayoi, and they were dressed in a white robe with a halo over their heads!

    the various athletic events

    Since this was run as an ordinary undoukai, there were many athletic event competitions. The team obstacle course race was first, and each team selected three groups to run in the race. They accumulated a certain number of points for the winners, which they tallied up to determine which team wins at the end of the undoukai.

    Hisakawa Aya CD photo shoot

    In the middle of this event, they took the photos that were going to be used for the jacket and the booklet of the Hisakawa Aya CD. The main pictures were of Aya standing in the middle, with everyone else around her in the background (everyone = all 50 participants on both teams, dressed in the kigurumi).

    Aya had gone off to get dressed for the pictures, but when she came back, she was still wearing the same kigurumi as before. They took a lot of pictures with Aya in the kigurumi. Then Aya started to take her kigurumi off! Underneath the kigurumi, Aya was wearing a white T-shirt and yellow shorts (short short shorts). Then they took many more pictures of Aya in this outfit.

    [Too bad Aya didn't run around in the athletic events in this outfit.]

    cheerleading dance

    The highlight of the day! They played Girls Coup D'etat, and many of the female participants grabbed pompoms and danced!

    [I was watching one of the angels the whole time! - H.Doi]

    ping pong tournament

    relay race

    exit ceremony

    [Hisakawa Aya event reports]

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