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  • Voogie's Angel event in Tokyo

    Voogie's Angel
    Yomiuri Hall
    13:30 - 15:30
    Hisakawa Aya ()
    Mitsuishi Kotono (жǵ)
    Tange Sakura (ð)
    Kikuchi Shiho (ӻ)
    Inoue Kikuko (׻)
    • Report version 0.4 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.09.08
    • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.10.10

    The Voogie's Angel event in Tokyo was held on August 31, 1996. (The Osaka event was held earlier, on July 21.)

    The event flowed as follows.

    • Guest talk
    • Making of Voogie's Angel
    • Radio show public recording
    • Special drama corner
    • Inoue Kikuko comes!
    • Present corner

    Guest talk

    The emcee for the event was Shocker Ohno. The first guest to come onto the stage was Hisakawa Aya, the seiyuu who did the voice of Voogie, the self proclaimed leader of Voogie's Angel. Aya was wearing a white based, flower design, one piece dress. The dress was very, very loose.

    Aya did voice impersonations of the other characters in Voogie's Angel. [Aya is very good.] Shocker Ohno joked and said that they can do the entire event with just Aya.. Then Mitsuishi Kotono, Kikuchi Shiho, and Tange Sakura also came onto the stage.

    Kotono was wearing black slacks, a white and black, tank-top-style shirt.

    Sakura was wearing a yellow, short, one-piece, which was above knee level.

    Shiho was wearing a short, red, one-piece, which was above knee level, and gym shoes.

    Even though Kotono and Aya work together often (Sailor Moon, etc) they don't do events together that often. It had been over one year since they did an event together.

    Then Aya and Kotono did voice impersonations of Tange Sakura. The three of them lined up to play, "Who is the real Tange Sakura?" (^_^;) [Aya and Kotono were very good.] The seiyuu commented that many people did impersonations of Sakura recently.

    Making of Voogie's Angel

    After the talk session, they showed the Making of Voogie's Angel video. (around 40 minutes, on sale 9/6, VHS only, 2980 yen) This was a VERY good video. There were interviews with the staff, interviews with the seiyuu, the OP song "Motto Motto Radical Fight!" with clips of the seiyuu singing (and dancing ^_^;), and the OP song with some very nice animation. Maybe this animated OP will be the OP of the Voogie's Angel OAV series. The OP with the live clips of the seiyuu was VERY funny. There was even a little bit of footage from the Osaka event.

    Radio show public recording

    After the video, they had a public recording of the Voogie's Angel SR radio show. (This was broadcast on 9/13.)

    The hosts of the radio show were Shocker Ohno and Kikuchi Shiho. Hisakawa Aya, Mitsuishi Kotono, and Tange Sakura were the guests. When Aya came out and sat down at the table, her mike bumped into the table.. and she tried to hide her mike.

    The public recording was held just like the real radio show, with commercials, the song, and the regular corners.

    At the end, each guest gave some information about what they would be doing in the near future.

    Hisakawa Aya: There will be a book called "Aya Carte" coming out soon, and she will have a picture collection and a 1997 calendar coming out too.

    Mitsuishi Kotono: She will be in an anime called "Elf wo Karu Monotachi". (In the audio drama, it was a role that Aya had done. But Aya won't be in the anime.) She also talked about doing Chibi Chibi in Sailor Stars.

    At the end of the radio show recording, Aya said, "This is a very clean radio show." (Since Aya's show isn't.. ^_^)

    Special drama corner

    After the radio show recording, there was a special drama corner. The first drama was 5 Nin no Midi (The Five Midis). Everyone of the Angels were Midi. Aya, Kotono, and Shiho did their lines in Sakura's voice. (^_^) The story that they used was a part of Voogie's Angel episode 1, the part about wearing kimonos. It was very funny.

    The next drama was a "100 years later" story. Everyone did their lines as if they were 100 years old, except Midi. Kotono's way of speaking was very funny!

    After this drama, everyone started doing impersonations. They all did "Nante sugoi wazanano" which was a line that Shiori (Inoue Kikuko) said a lot in the audio drama. Shiho, Kotono, and Sakura did their impersonations of Kikuko. Then Aya (the expert) went last..

    Aya sounded just like Kikuko. It was too good! Then Aya did it again. It was identical to Kikuko's voice!

    Kotono: That sounds just like someone I know, Sailor Aluminum Siren.
    Aya: Should I say "Hajimemashite, Sailor Aluminum Siren to moushimasu"..

    Then Aya said it. It was perfect.

    Aya: Wasn't that great? I even surprised myself.

    "Kon ni chi ha.." Inoue Kikuko came onto the stage!

    Aya's "impersonations" had been Kikuko saying the lines from behind the stage!

    Inoue Kikuko comes!

    Kikuko was wearing a pink (and white checkered?) one-piece, with flat blue/grey shows. Her hair was not tied up, nor did she have a ribbon in her hair. Kikuko had some other work earlier, so she just got to the event.

    Kikuko did an impersonation of Tange Sakura too... but it wasn't very good. (Kikuko had done a very good impersonation in the "making of" video, so I guess she was too nervous on stage.) But Kikuko said, "Wasn't that so good?"

    Present corner

    At the end of the event, they gave away presents. There were 3 sets of Voogie's Angel sample tapes, 3 telephone cards, 3 sets of clear files, 3 pop up stands, and 3 posters, all signed by the seiyuu.

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