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  • Cos Chara World

    Event Cos Chara World
    Location TFT Hall
    Date 2004.05.05
    Time 11:00 - 19:00
    Cost 1000 yen (cosplayers)
    2000 yen (non-cosplayers)
    500 yen (camera registration)
    GuestsA La Mode Tai (アラモード隊)
    Oda Yumiko
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.05.11

    Cos Chara World was a large cosplay event where amateur cosplayers gather to cosplay, take pictures, and get their pictures taken. There were several thousand people, most of them cosplayers. Non-cosplayers can also participate, but they have to pay a higher admission fee, and have to pay to register their cameras.

    Since it was raining in the morning and early afternoon, everyone was indoors, and it was VERY crowded. The density seemed worse than Comic Market. But after the rain stopped, they let the cosplayers go outside (and take pictures around the building), so it wasn't that bad indoors.

    Even though this was a cosplay event, a few vendors had booths and tried to sell their CDs and such. There were some stores selling cosplay outfits, wigs, and other cosplay accessories too. But for the most part, nobody paid attention to the vendors.

    There was a booth by Milky and they tried to push the Famires Senshi Pudding CDs and goods. Three of the Famires Senshi Pudding seiyuu had a song stage at 12:00. (But I arrived at 13:00 so I missed it.) Also Oda Yumiko worked as a companion at the Milky booth, passing out flyers. Since most people just ignored them, Yumiko and the Pudding seiyuu went around taking pictures and getting their pictures taken.

    There was also a cosplay cafe Cos Doll Cafe, where the waitresses were wearing outfits similar to Famires Senshi Senshi Pudding. Those who bought a drink at the cafe were able to take 5 photos of a waitress of their choice. Adusa was working at the cafe, so I took pictures of her. I wanted to return to the cafe later, but it was always crowded, with a line to get in.

    photo notes

    I used my 10D and took 53 photos, with 49 of them worth keeping. I ended up with 5 photos of Adusa, 19 of Oda Yumiko, 18 of Mizuno Saya, 10 of Minami Chiharu, and 17 of Mizuki Sanae.

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