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  • One Night Session vol 2

    Event One Night Session vol 2
    Location Ohmori Sports Center (Heiwajima)
    Date 2004.06.27
    Time 19:00 - 22:00
    Cost 3000 yen
    Guests Adusa
    Hoshino Raimu
    Oda Yumiko (emcee)
    many others
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.06.29
    [Oda Yumiko] [Adusa]

    This event was a song event by the cosplay group Cosdoll (and some guests). There were over 15 girls who sang. Most of them sang two songs, but some girls only sang one song.

    The small hall in the Ohmori Sports Center had around 80 seats, but it was full and there were many people standing in the back. I heard that there were 105 people who attended this event.

    Oda Yumiko (although she's not a member of Cosdoll) was the emcee of this event. She wore a Bronze Parrot waitress outfit. Yumiko wasn't planning on singing any songs, but she did sing one song, Sakuranbo, as she had to buy time for Raimu to change clothes for her last song.

    Adusa sang just one song, Cutey Honey. She wore Kisaragi Honey's very skimpy white outfit.

    Hoshino Raimu came out dressed as Lum (Urusei Yatsura) and sang Lum no Love Song to open the event.

    There was a girl dressed as Cure Black, and she sang the ending to Futari ha Pre Cure. Then for her second song, she sang the opening to Pre Cure. For this song, Fuminyanko came out dresssed at Cure White, and they sang together.

    Photos with flash allowed. Audio and video recording not allowed.


    photo notes

    I took 534 photos with my 10D, with only 136 of them worth keeping. I took test shots of just about everyone, but I only kept the pictures of the girls that I thought were cute. (^_^;

    My photo counts per girl was as follows.

    Adusa 59
    Oda Yumiko 34
    Hoshino Raimu 20
    Fuminyanko 17
    Sagiri Shion 6

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