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  • One Night Session vol 3

    Event One Night Session vol 3
    Location Ohmori Sports Center (Heiwajima)
    Date 2004.07.25
    Time 19:00 - 22:00
    Cost 3000 yen
    Guests Adusa
    Hoshino Raimu
    many others
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.07.29
    [Adusa] [Adusa and Raimu]

    This event was a song event by the cosplay group Cosdoll (and some guests). There were over 10 girls who sang. Most of them sang two songs, but some girls only sang one song.

    There were probably only around 50 people. This was the smallest crowd that I have seen for the One Night Session events.

    I went mainly to see Adusa and Saaya. This was Saaya's second singing event.

    Hoshino Raimu sang a couple songs to open the event. Then the first guest was Saaya. Saaya was wearing a sailor fuku type outfit from some game (probably an adult PC game), and sang a Matsuura Aya song.

    Then after a couple other girls sang, Adusa came onto the stage. Adusa was wearing a sailor fuku type school uniform, and sang "Motto Motto Tokimeki" (the opening to Tokimeki Memorial). She left the stage after singing just one song. Adusa said she didn't have time to make a Tokimeki Memorial school uniform, so she just wore her own.


    But after all of the other guests sang, Adusa came back onto the stage to sing "Futari no Toki" (the ending to Tokimeki Memorial).

    Raimu sang a couple more songs to end the event.

    While Adusa was saying her final messages, Raimu attacked her from behind and grabbed her breasts.. (^_^;

    At the very end, Raimu called up all of the guests, and they all sang "Romantic Ukare Mode" for the final song.

    Photos (with flash) allowed. Audio and video recording not allowed.

    photo notes

    I took 553 photos with my 10D, with 254 of them worth keeping. I took test shots of just about everyone, but I only kept the pictures of the girls that I thought were cute. (^_^;

    My photo counts per girl was as follows.

    Adusa 141
    Saaya 93
    Konatsu Minato 15
    Hoshino Raimu 5

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