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  • Little Witch Tsukimi Party

    Event Little Witch Tsukimi Party
    Location MKS Doremifa Kan (Kinshichou)
    Date 2004.10.02
    Time 18:30 - 21:00
    Cost 8000 yen
    Guests Urabe Kei
    Oda Yumiko
    Yuuki Haruka
    many others
    • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.10.05

    This was the second event by the new cosplay group Little Witch. There are 10 girls in Little Witch, but only 8 of them appeared in this event. Urabe Kei (うらべけい), Oda Yumiko (おだゆみ子), fuminyanko, Kurapika Mariya (暗光まりや), Junko (じゅんこ。), Ehime Mikan (愛媛みかん), Suzuami Hiiro (鈴羅緋色), Yuuki Haruka (ユウキハルカ).

    There were around 50 people who came to this event.

    The girls sang in the following order.

    • Ehime Mikan
    • Kurapika Mariya
    • fuminyanko
    • Junko
    • Yuuki Haruka
    • Urabe Kei
    • Oda Yumiko
    Suzuami Hiiro didn't sing. Hiiro and Haruka were the emcees of this event.

    After singing 2 or 3 songs, all of the girls had to pick a random character and do an imitation. One person from the crowd was chosen to guess the character, and if the person guessed correctly, the girl would get an odango. But if the person guessed wrong, the girl had to drink a mixed drink (various soft drinks mixed).

    Oda Yumiko dressed up as Hoshino Ruri (Nadesico) and sang the opening to the Nadesico TV series. She also sang two other game related songs.

    photo notes

    I took 462 photos with my 20D, with 236 of them worth keeping. I took test shots of just about everyone, but I only kept the pictures of the girls that I thought were cute. (^_^;

    My photo counts per girl was as follows.

    Yuuki Haruka 116
    Oda Yumiko 93
    Suzuami Hiiro 8
    Fuminyanko 8
    Junko 6
    Kurapika Mariya 5

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