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  • Cutie Pai Street Live - 2002.11.09

    Event Street Live
    Location Shinjuku
    Date 2002.11.09
    Time 20:00 or so
    Cost free
    GuestsCutie Pai
    • Event report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.11.18

    In the morning of November 9 (at 8:56), Makky posted a message on the Cutie Pai BBS that they will probably be doing a street live in Shinjuku that evening. She wrote that they will probably start around 20:00.

    I went to Shinjuku at around 19:30, and stood around in the open area across from Alta. It was pretty cold out, probably below 10 degrees. I didn't see any sign of Cutie Pai. No fans, no staff, no Cutie Pai. Then before 20:00, I started to see some fans arriving. But still no sign of Cutie Pai.

    Eventually, Makky and Mayu-chan came around 20:30. They were wearing their street clothes, and Makky was carrying her Cutie Pai outfits in a little bag. She would have froze to death if she wore that..

    They said that they wouldn't be able to do the live that evening, as the police were roaming the area. So they stayed to talk to the fans for a while, and then left.

    The open area across from Alta has street pedlers, food stalls, and musicians, all illegal unless one gets permission from the police. As far as I know, none of the musicians are getting permission. It seems Cutie Pai isn't either.. (^_^;

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