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  • D-Live 2004 Summer

    Event D-Live 2004 Summer
    Location Joining Square (Akihabara)
    Date 2004.08.01
    Time 18:00 - 22:00
    Cost 3500 yen
    GuestsA La Mode Tai (アラモード隊)
    Andou Natsu
    Hirata Yukino
    Yamasaki Maki
    Shindou Mayumi
    Niina Mai
    • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.08.05

    This was the second D-Live event (the first one was in April 2004), which was an event by the seiyuu of the production Dream Japan. There were a couple guest seiyuu from other productions too. There were songs, skits, and various acts by the guests, and it was a very long 3.5 hour event.

    This event was also the "graduation" event for Ishii Rena, as she was going to leave the group Alamode Tai.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • 2 songs by Mizuno Saya (Tropical Koi Shiteru, ?)
    • 2 songs by Niina Mai (?, La La La (Fancy Lala))
    • 1 song by Yamasaki Maki
    • 1 song by Renka
    • 1 song by Hirata Yukino
    • 2 songs by Shindou Mayumi (?, Danzen! Futari ha Pre Cure)
    • 2 songs by Minami Chiharu
    • Kakushigei Taikai
    • 3 songs by Andou Natsu
    • 1 song by Minami Chiharu (Famires Senshi Purin nano)
    • 1 song by Mizuno Saya (Tatakae! Famires Senshi)
    • 1 audio skit by Aladomo Tai
      (Hirata Yukino, Shindou Mayumi, Kira Shouko, Yamasaki Maki)
    • 1 song by Yamasaki Maki (Watashi ha Ai Ai Ai Ai, Sudou Ai)
    • 1 song by Mizuno Saya and Ishii Rena (Go Go Heaven)
    • 1 song by Minami Chiharu and Mizuki Sanae
    • 2 songs by Alamode Tai (Egao no mama [new song], Alamode he Youkoso)
    • good-bye message by Ishii Rena
    • 1 song by everyone
    • presents

    The Kakushigei Taikai (showing off hidden talents) was a contest between the red team and the white team. It flowed as follows.

    • [red] Mizuno Saya - drawing a picture of Chibi Maruko-chan and Gotou Serika
    • [white] Niina Mai - singing/dancing a Matsuura Aya song
    • [red] Andou Natsu - card magic
    • [white] Ishii Rena - singing a Matsuda Seiko song
    • [red] Yamasaki Maki - drinking a glass of cola (fast)
    • [white] Minami Chiharu - playing okarina (musical instrument)
    • [red] Mizuki Sanae, Yamasaki Maki, Andou Natsu - scary talk
    • [white] Hirata Yukino, Minami Chiharu - skit
    • [red] Renka - streching
    • [white] Shindou Mayumi - sword play
    • [red] Mizuki Sanae - sing an Onegai Teacher song
    • [white] Hirata Yukino - sing a Gotou Maki song
    The winner of the Kakushigei Taikai was the red team, and the most valuable player was Renka.

    For the first songs, Mizuno Saya wore a pink frilly top, and short shorts. For her duet with Rena, she wore a black T-shirt, mini skirt, black socks, and pink sneakers. For the Famires Senshi Purin songs, Saya wore her orange Famires Senshi outfit.

    After Ishii Rena's good-bye message, everyone came out one by one to give her a flower, and say a short message. Most of the girls were pretty sad, but they didn't cry. Mizuno Saya was crying (a lot) and she couldn't say anything.

    At the end of the event, all of the girls pulled a number out of a box for the presents. The presents were all anime DVDs (adult anime). I got a present from Andou Natsu, and it was the Famires Senshi Purin volume 1 DVD.

    Photos not allowed during the event. They allowed photos after the event, as the girls sold various goods.

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