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    Event Rock
    Location Club Doctor (Ohkubo/Shinjuku)
    Date 2004.08.08
    Time 18:00 - ??:00
    Cost 2000 yen
    GuestsA La Mode Tai (アラモード隊)
    Yamasaki Maki
    many other bands
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.08.11

    This was a rock band event with many bands. Some of them had girls cosplaying as anime characters.. I went to watch Ala Mode Tai (Minami Chiharu, Mizuno Saya, Mizuki Sanae), and since they were the first band, I only stayed for their stage.

    The stage was fairly high. It was wide enough for the three girls to move around and dance. But with the drums and other instruments, it wasn't that deep.

    This was the first Ala Mode Tai event since Ishii Rena left the group. Their stage flowed as follows.

    • Famires Senshi Purin nano (Ala Mode Tai)
    • Tatakae! Famires Senshi (Ala Mode Tai)
    • Alamode he Youkoso (Ala Mode Tai)
    • Motto Sweets (Yamasaki Maki)
    • Evolution (Mizuno Saya)
    • Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni (Mizuki Sanae)
    • Mayonaka ha Junketsu (Minami Chiharu)
    • Uwaki na Honey Pie (Ala Mode Tai)

    For the first three songs, they wore their Famires Senshi Purin waitress outfits. They only sang the first verse of the songs.

    Then Yamasaki Maki came onto the stage to sing one song. This gave time for the other girls to go change clothes.

    Then Mizuno Saya came back to sing a solo song. Mizuki Sanae and Minami Chiharu also sang one song each. These songs were sung to a live band.

    Then at the end, the three girls sang "Uwaki na Honey Pie" together.

    The Ala Mode Tai stage was a little over 30 minutes long.

    Videos, photos, recording, anything allowed. (^_^; But it was very dark.

    photo notes

    I bought both my 10D and digital video camera. I put the video camera on a tripod, and kept it facing Saya most of the time.

    I took 457 photos, with 202 of them worth keeping.

    The number of photos per girl was as follows.

    Mizuno Saya 122
    Minami Chiharu 34
    Mizuki Sanae 30
    Yamasaki Maki 16


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