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  • Andou Natsu/Hashimoto Yuu birthday live

    Event Andou Natsu/Hashimoto Yuu birthday live
    Location Asagaya Drum
    Date 2004.10.10
    Time 18:30 - 21:00
    Cost 2500 yen + drink
    GuestsAndou Natsu
    Moriya Hisoka (ë̩)
    Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
    Mizuno Saya ()
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.10.14

    This was a song and talk event to commemorate Andou Natsu and Hashimoto Yuu's birthday (October 2). This event was divided into two parts, Natsu and Yuu. (Of course Natsu and Yuu are the same person.)

    For the Natsu part, she sang some of her recent songs (mostly PC game songs), and the guest was Mizuno Saya (because Saya's birthday was October 15). For the Yuu part, the guests were Moriya Hisoka and a secret guest, Nagasaki Moe.

    Yuu and Hisoka used to be the group Yuuseioujo, so this was a one day resurrection of the group. They sang their old Yuuseioujo songs. Moe also sang her old songs.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • one song by Natsu
    • talk by Natsu
    • three songs by Natsu
    • talk by Natsu
    • one song by Natsu
    • two songs by Saya
      • Umi to Anata no Monogatari (Miku Reika)
      • I Wish (Morning Musume)
    • two songs by Yuuseioujo (Asobi and Hisoka)
    • talk and funny skits by Yuuseioujo
    • one song by Hisoka
    • two songs by Asobi
    • two songs by Moe
      • Kaerimichi
      • Asobi ni Ikouyo
    • talk by Natsu, Hisoka, and Moe
    • two songs by Asobi
    • [encore] two songs by Asobi
    Saya was wearing a white one piece (top part was like a camisole and the skirt part was a double layer frill), a pink scarf, and brown boots.

    Photos, videos, audio recording not allowed.

    After the event, Asobi and Hisoka set up one table on the stage to sell goods (photos), and Moe set up another for her goods. Saya didn't have anything to sell, so she was helping out at Asobi and Hisoka's table. But after I went to give her a present, she came down to the crowd area, and she talked to me for 30 around minutes. (^_^; She also let me take some pictures of her. (I was the only Saya fan at this event.)

    Moe's goods was very unique in that she sold grab bags for an unknown price. People who wanted to buy a bag had to do a drawing to determine the price of the bag. The price ranged from zero to 10,000 yen. A couple of my friends bought the bag, and it had Moe's old (but very cute) clothing inside.

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