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  • D-LIVE 2004 Winter

    Event D Live 2004 Winter
    Location Asagaya Drum
    Date 2004.12.29
    Time 18:30 - 21:00
    Cost 2500 yen + drink
    GuestsMizuno Saya ()
    Mizuki Sanae ()
    Minami Chiharu (Ϥ)
    Yamazaki Maki
    Hirata Yukino
    Andou Natsu
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.01.05

    Mizuno Saya was going to sing her first solo song.. but I missed it as I arrived 30 minutes late. (;_;) I was at Comic Market earlier in the day, but it was snowing a lot and the trains weren't running on time. So I had to wait over 30 minutes for the train, and I arrived late for this event.

    Mizuno Saya was the first performer. I heard she sang 5 songs. But when I arrived, Mizuki Sanae (the second performer) was starting to sing. Sanae sang 4 songs.

    Then there was an anime medley by everyone. Mizuno Saya sang "Doraemon" and "Odoru Ponpokorin" (Chibi Maruko-chan).

    After the medley, Sanae sang one more song.

    The final stage was by Minami Chiharu, who sang 8 songs.

    At the end, everyone came back onto the stage to sing "Kokoni Iruze" (Morning Musume).

    Saya, Sanae, and Chiharu were the main three singers for this event. Maki, Yukiko, and Natsu only appeared during the medley parts.

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