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  • Very Very Treasure Show

    Very Very Treasure Show
    Irene Hall (Ochanomizu)
    19:00 - 22:30
    3500 yen
    Takahira Jun
    Shintani Sayaka
    Sawai Natsumi
    Matsumoto Chiyomi
    Ohtsuka Mae
    • Event report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.04.16
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.06.19

    This was an event by Takahira Jun, where she invited some of her former Kira Kira Melody Gakuen friends. It was mostly songs by Jun, with a couple songs by each of the guests, and some talk by everyone. Also there was a live band: two guitars, one bass, one piano, one drums.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • showed a video of Jun
    • Jun sang two songs, one of them was "Keep Your Heart"
    • Ohtsuka Mae sang one song, and then did a monologue
    • Jun sang "Hoshi no Love Letter"
    • talk with all guests
    • Shintani Sayaka (black T shirt and jeans) sang "Neverland" and "One Way Love"
    • Sawai Natsumi (black dress) sang two songs, "Ai no Ballad" and "Stay With Me", with Matsumoto Chiyomi as a back dancer
    • Jun sang two songs
    • Jun sang "Tomodachi de Iikara"
    • talk with guests, everyone was wearing a pink outfit
    • everyone sang "Hoshi no Love Letter"
    • birthday cake/presents for Jun
    • everyone sang "Lum no Love Song"
    • everyone sang "Boku Tachi ha"
    Jun wore many different outfits. Her first outfit was a black frilly dress. Her second outfit was a white outfit. Her third outfit was a pink and white idol outfit.

    No photos or recording allowed.

    Shinomiya Rino and Mito Yoko came to watch.

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