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  • Kome E Jan - 2002.01.13

    Kome 'E' Jan
    Shinjuku Loft Plus One
    14:00 - 15:30
    Miyanishi Noa
    Akimoto Noe
    Hayashi Akari
    1300 yen
    • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.01.16

    The first Kome E Jan event of 2002 took place on January 13, 2002. But this was also the last Kome E Jan that will take place in Shinjuku Loft Plus One. The next Kome E Jan event will be in April, and it will take place at Live Inn Magic. (Kome E Jan takes place on the second Sunday of every month.)

    This Kome E Jan was a "monomane" (an imitation) special, where each of the performers did an imitation of some singer.

    [I'll only write about some of the songs.]

    Miyanishi Noa did an imitation of Mizuno Aoi, and sang Aoi Densetsu. Noa was wearing a very frilly, red checkered dress, like a 1990's idol. When she came onto the stage, she was in a box, as she pretended to be a homeless person. This was also and imitation of Aoi, as Aoi did this on a TV show many years ago. Noa had drawn some windows, and her dog on this box too. (^_^;

    But Noa had caught a cold.

    Later, Nakazato Megumi did an imitation of Iida Kaori (of Morning Musume). She sang the first half of Daite Hold on Me by herself. The for the second half of the song, the other members of Morning Musume came onto the stage. (^_^; The Morning Musume members were Gotou Maki (by Miyanishi Noa), Abe Natsumi (by Akimoto Noe), Yasuda Kei (by Hayashi Akari), Ichii Sayaka (by ?), and Ishiguro Aya (by Tajima Chika). For the Morning Musume song, all of the girls were wearing red outfits.

    The final song was Arigataya by Agarita Aki (her own song). Everyone was on the stage to sing this.

    Before the event, some of the performers were in the lobby, and they were selling tickets for their play on 3/30 and 3/31 (2000 yen each). They allowed fans to take pictures if they bought tickets. So I bought tickets for both (after making sure Noa would appear in them), and took some pictures of Noa.

    photo notes

    I took around 340 pics with my D30, 279 of them worth keeping. There were two problems with the photo taking..

    One was in the lobby. My shortest lens is a 50mm F1.8, and that works out to be around 80mm because of the D30's small CMOS. That means it's very hard to take pictures of Noa when I'm standing right next to her. I need the 35mm F2.0 lens..

    Another problem was that my flash didn't keep up (didn't recharge fast enough), as it was pretty dark. Missed some good shots because the flash didn't fire. (;_;)

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