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  • LaLaLu in Comic Market

    Event LaLaLu Luv Campaign
    Location Comic Market 62
    Date 2002.08.10
    Time 14:30 - 15:00 (stage)
    15:30 - 16:00 (CD sale)
    Cost free (stage)
    1470 yen (cost of CD)
    • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.08.15

    LaLaLu made their first appearance at Comic Market, as they held a campaign event for their CDs on August 10, 2002. They had a mini live on the main stage (from 14:30 to 15:00), and then they went to the Movic/Animate booth to sell their CDs (from 15:30 to 16:00).
    [Sara] [Sayaka]

    The LaLaLu girls wore their red and black outfits, and their stage flowed as follows.
    • Real Power
    • Me ha Allergy
    • Jeweleaf
    • Romantic wo Hajimemasho
    • My All
    • You & I
    The emcees for the stage were Mayo and Mae.
    [Mayo] [Mae]

    Since this stage was a little bigger than the stages that they have been performing at recently, they had more room to dance. It was also VERY hot, so the girls were sweating and Sara looked like she just came out of a swimming pool.

    Also this was the first LaLaLu stage where they allowed pictures! They even allowed videos, but I didn't bring my video camera that day because I didn't think videos would be allowed.. (;_;)

    [Noa] [Fuuko]

    After the stage, the girls went to the Movic booth to sell their CDs. The fans were allowed to go up to the girl that they wanted, and buy the CDs. There wasn't any special goods with the CDs.

    Pictures weren't allowed at the Movic booth.

    However, Mayo didn't go to the Movic booth to sell the LaLaLu CDs. She was "working" at a different booth, as she had been chosen to be an image girl for some game (?). Mayo was cosplaying in a white and blue/purple sailor fuku. (^_^;

    photo notes

    I took 402 pictures with my D30, with only 211 of them worth keeping. The stage lighting was pretty bad, and since I didn't bring my flash it was very hard to take good pictures. (;_;) Also I didn't bring my big lenses, so I borrowed a 35-350mm zoom lens from a friend.

    My photo breakdown per girl (for the LaLaLu stage) was as follows. (^_^;

    LaLaLu girl photos %
    Miyanishi Noa 134 69%
    Itou Asuka 33 17%
    Shintani Sayaka 9 5%
    Ohtsuka Mae 9 5%
    Sakurai Sara 4 2%
    Hinano Mayo 4 2%
    Minano Fuuko 2 1%

    These counts only included the photos I kept.

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