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  • That's Entertainment

    Event That's Entertainment
    Location Hitotsubashi Daigaku
    Date 2002.11.03
    Time 16:15 - 17:30
    Cost free
    • Event report by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.11.08

    LaLaLu was a guest (and the emcee) at the "That's Entertainment" stage at the Hitotsubashi University festival, Ikkyousai. This stage was basically a dance and song performance by the students of Hitotsubashi University. LaLaLu acted as the emcess, talking with the students between performances. Then at the end, LaLaLu sang two songs.

    It was around 15 degrees (and getting a lot colder as it got darker), but the LaLaLu girls wore their very skimpy red outfits.

    The stage flowed as follows.

    • Kunitachi Rockers [students]
    • LaLaLu introductions
    • Greyhound [students]
    • talk (Mayo, Asuka, Fuuko)
    • trefoil [students]
    • talk (Sayaka, Sara, Mae)
    • Kocchu [students]
    • talk (Sayaka, Noa, Ikue)
    • Chou Sekimen Bildy [students]
    • Real Power (LaLaLu)
    • You & I (LaLaLu)
    • Yozora no Mukou (everyone)
    The stage was out in the open, and this may have been the largest crowd that LaLaLu has performed in front of. Pictures and videos of the LaLaLu girls weren't allowed.

    At the end, the students passed out a CDR containing the songs sung by the student groups. It didn't include the LaLaLu songs.

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