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  • Merry Merry LaLaLu Sweetest Christmas

    Event Merry Merry LaLaLu Sweetest Christmas
    Location Ruido (Harajuku)
    Date 2002.12.08
    Time 18:00 - 22:30
    Cost 4800 yen
    GuestsHinano Mayo (ޤ)
    Sakurai Sara ()
    Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
    Itou Asuka (ƣ)
    Shintani Sayaka (ë)
    Ohtsuka Mae ()
    Minano Fuuko (ǵ)
    Kimura Ikue (¼골)
    • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.12.11

    This was a very long three and a half hour event, but it seemed like it went by very quickly. There were group songs, individual songs, a play, a musical, and dance performances. Definitely the best performance ever by LaLaLu.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • opening video clip
    • You & I
    • self introductions
    • Me ha Allergy
    • Session Impossible
    • Risky Nails
    • talk by Sayaka and Sara
    • Chocolate Kiss -Christmas Love Letter- skit
      My All (sung in character voices)
    • Chori Wonton sound musical
      Chori Wonton theme (Chori Wonton)
      Lady Compass song (Minano Fuuko)
      Super Twins theme (Super Twins)
    • talk by Noa and Sara
    • Silk no Tameiki (Ohtsuka Mae) [Sentimental Graffiti 2]
    • Wonderland (Itou Asuka) [Sentimental Journey]
    • Jesus ga Mienai (Kimura Ikue) [KONHANA 2]
    • Moon (Shintani Sayaka) [KONOHANA]
    • talk by Sayaka and Fuuko
    • Door -Kaze ga Fuku Hoshide(Minano Fuuko) [Evolutia]
    • Only Lonely Star (Sakurai Sara) [Sentimental Graffiti]
    • Kimi ga Ireba.. (Miyanishi Noa) [Sentimental Graffiti]
    • Wish (Hinano Mayo) [Shenmue]
    • dance by Kimura Ikue and some guys
    • My All
    • Romantic wo Hajimemasho
    • Try or Cry
    • Kami-sama ni Ichiban Chikai Hi
    • Real Power
    • Jeweleaf
    • dance by Hitotsubashi University students
    • [encore] You & I (long version)
    • [encore] Clap & Jump

    The opening video clip was a new video clip introducing each LaLaLu member. Then the LaLaLu members came onto the stage wearing a mix of their red and white outfits (red tops and white skirts/pants). After singing 4 songs, they did a long skit (play).

    This skit was a follow on to the game Chocolate Kiss, called Christmas Love Letter. The script was written by Hinano Mayo, and this skit was around 30 minutes. All of the girls cosplayed as their characters in Chocolate Kiss! VERY CUTE! At the end of the play, everyone sang My All in their character voices.

    Then they did a musical, called the Chori Wonton sound musical. This musical was totally lip synched, and was around 30 minutes. Chori Wonton transformed into the Super TWINS (T = Tyori, W = Wonton, INS = Instrumental). The Chori Won outfit is a polo shirt (Non white, Sara black) and red training pants. But the Super Twins outfit is a very sexy, tight, flashy mini one piece. Sara said that this was the shortest skirt she ever wore, and will "show everything". (^_^;

    The story of the musical was basically a battle between Chori Wonton (ai no senshi, the fighters for love) and the evil Lady Compass (Minano Fuuko). Ohtsuka Mae played Mary (the girl) and Hinano Mayo played Oscar (the guy).

    Then each girl sang solo songs from various games, that were written by Asada Yumi.

    The version of Only Lonely Star that Sara sang was the original lyrics written by Asada Yumi. (It probably got changed when Nishiguchi Yuka recorded it in 1997.)

    Noa only sang the first verse and the last part of Kimi ga Ireba...

    After the solo songs, the girls sang some more LaLaLu songs to end the event. They were wearing their black outfits.

    For the encore, they sang the long version of You & I and Clap & Jump. They were wearing new black (or dark blue) and white outfits.

    After the event, the LaLaLu girls came to the lobby to sell LaLaLu goods. There were many new goods, made just for this event.

    There were several video cameras taking videos of this event, so I think they will sell a video of this later.

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