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  • Idol Dream Live vol 5

    Event Idol Dream Live vol 5
    Location Live Inn Magic (Ichigaya)
    Date 2004.08.26
    Time 19:00 - 21:30
    Cost 3300 yen
    Guests Oda Yumiko
    Ichii Hiori
    Hoshino Raimu
    Kikouden Misa
    • Event report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 2004.08.28

    This was a monthly live featuring minor seiyuu, minor idols, and cosplayers. Oda Yumiko was the emcee for this event (she was a substitute emcee).

    I went to watch Ichii Hiori and Oda Yumiko.

    The event flowed as follows.
    • Yuzuki Misa (sang two songs)
    • Ichii Hiori
      • Nichiyou ha Dameyo [日曜はダメよ] (Miura Rieko)
      • Onegai Hold Me Tight [お願い Hold Me Tight] (CoCo)
      • Kagayaki Sairyuumu [かがやきサイリューム] (Under 17)
    • Oda Yumiko
      • Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze
      • Kataomoi Dial
      • Power of Love
      • Bon Voyage
    • Hoshino Raimu (sang four songs)
    • Funny Stones (showed a promo video, and sang three songs)
    • Kikouden Misa (sang three songs)
    [Ichii Hiori]

    Kikouden Misa sang the opening of Futari ha Pre Cure, and two of her own songs.

    Photos without flash allowed during the event. No audio or video recording allowed.

    After the event, all of the girls sold various goods. Ichii Hiori sold her self produced audio CD (which went on sale at Comic Market 8/15).

    This was Hiori's sixth singing event.

    [Oda Yumiko]

    photo notes

    I took 845 photos with my 10D, with 274 of them worth keeping. My photo counts per girl was as follows.

    Ichii Hiori 180
    Oda Yumiko 70
    Funny Stones 16
    Kikouden Misa 13

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